Gaming is about more than just looking good while playing certain games. It’s about having the right gear and looking great while playing. This guide will help you in finding the best tuck outfits in Sea Of Thieves.

In Sea Of Thieves, you can wear your armour to show your allegiance, but you have plenty of options to show everyone you are a friend of the golden outlaws of the seven seas. Below, I’ve listed some of the most popular and tasteful outfits you can unlock in the game so far.

We all love to get a tuck on the weekends whether you are playing Sea Of Thieves, Fortnite, or another game. When we get dressed up, we want to look good, and these outfits are just perfect. So, we are going to show you the best outfits in Sea Of Thieves (and Fortnite) so you can feel like a pirate yourself.

Tucking is the technique of concealing aboard another crew’s ship without being discovered in Sea of Thieves.

It’s dangerous and may be an adventure in and of itself!

Let’s be honest: most tucks will result in you being murdered or, at most, escaping with a smidgeon of wealth.

But if you’re still intrigued and the glory is more valuable than money, you’d best dress the part!

Here are our recommendations for the best tucking clothes to look out for this season.


10. Emote of a Barrel

source of image

On a tucking list, is it an emote?

The Barrel Emote is extremely powerful against a crew that does not have every barrel on their ship memorized.

And if you’re tucked on a tropical island, virtually no one will notice.

The Barrel Emote was a Season 2 Plunder Pass perk that allows you to wear your own barrel.

It’s also extremely convincing. Until the ship you’re aboard begins to move, that is.

Every barrel on a ship sways in response to the waves. This one, on the other hand, remains there – and it’s simple to identify.

Still, it works well on a moored ship.

When the coast is clear, you can always locate a better hiding spot.


9. Executive Admiral Gloves of the Blackcoats

Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves / Sea of Thieves

If you’re planning on crossing your hands with another crew’s money (or some Athena treasure), you’ll need a good pair of gloves.

The Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves, which cost 12,150 Gold, are among the darkest gloves in the game.

These, when coupled with just much anything else on this list, will make your pirate disappear into thin air.

Who says pirates can’t be cunning?


Hat for a grimy bilge rat (number 8)

Grimy Bilge Rat Hat / Sea of Thieves

If your pirate has lovely golden hair (or anything like), you’ll have to hide them if you wish to tuck.

The Grimy Bilge Rat Hat is ideal for the task since it’s nearly all black, except for the dull blue accent.

This shabby hat will set you back 61,200 Gold (I know, seriously?). What’s the material of this thing?!)

This is one of the best tucking hats you can purchase if you don’t have dark hair.


7. Seadog Ruffian Trousers

Ruffian Seadog Trousers / Sea of Thieves

You should conceal your pirate’s pale, thin legs if he or she has them.

Everyone can wear these Ruffian Seadog Trousers, and they’re cheap, too, at just 2700 Gold.

You receive a pair of jet black pants with no ornamentation or patterns for that amount. That’s basically all there is to say about them.

Are they uninteresting? Sure!

When tucking, though, you want to attract the least amount of attention to yourself as possible. And no other pair of pants does it better.


6. The Midshipman’s Coat

Midshipman's Jacket / Sea of Thieves

Jackets have a tendency to draw attention. That’s why they’re generally not great for tucking.

This item on our list, however, is an exception to the norm.

Nothing sticks out of the Midshipman’s Jacket, which fits your character model closely.

On some of the bigger pirates, this garment seems odd, but on the smaller ones, it resembles a spy’s jacket.

It’s very inexpensive, costing just 13,575 Gold.

The Midshipman’s Jacket is a great option if you want something that isn’t overly fancy but yet meets all of your Tucking requirements.


5. Boots for Dark Adventurers

Dark Adventurers Boots / Sea of Thieves

These boots are sleek, elegant, and seem to be costly (which they are!). They also disappear at night.

The Dark Adventurers Boots are over 500,000 gold and can only be purchased by a Pirate Legend.

These boots, on the other hand, are jet black and simple to conceal. Those sections aren’t glossy, even if they contain red accents.

These are fantastic for tucking, but they’re also among of the best-looking boots on the market.

Nobody cares about the antics you engaged in the night before.


4. Walking barefoot

Bare Foot Preview / Sea of Thievessource of image

Although it is still under the ‘shoes’ category, this isn’t actually an item of apparel.

Going barefoot, on the other hand, is ideal for tucking.

This is especially true if you’re boarding during the day.

If you don’t have boots on, believe it or not, you move considerably more quietly in Sea Of Thieves.

You can make as much noise as you like during a fight or a storm. If the waters are calm and someone hears your boots pounding about, the crew will punish you much more severely than walking the plank.


3. The Sovereign’s Majestic Dress

Majestic Sovereign Dress / Sea of Thieves

If you want to tuck, don’t believe you have to wear a shirt or jacket.

There are several fantastic gowns to choose from, like the Majestic Sovereign Dress.

This black dress, which costs 5400 gold and has no visible frills, flashy components, or trim, is accessible to everyone.

The dress has a few lighter fabric belts, but they blend in remarkably nicely in low light.

This outfit is described as being “gloriously impractical” in the game. However, whomever penned it obviously never stowed away on another crew’s ship.


2. Sovereign Majestic Shirt

Majestic Sovereign Shirt / Sea of Thieves

When tucking, you can get away with virtually any black garment.

However, many players connect this garment with ‘Sweaty Tryhards’ and Tuckers.

The Majestic Sovereign Shirt is glossy black and forms a snug fit around your character, leaving nothing exposed.

The only distinguishing feature is the front frill, which is also jet black.

It’s also extremely inexpensive, costing just 2700 Gold.

This shirt is well-known for being linked with PvP.

People may think anything they want, if you ask me, since it doesn’t matter if they can’t locate you!


1. Emote of Sleep

Sleep Emote Preview / Sea of Thievessource of image

This is what ties everything together – and what you can utilize to blend in.

The Sleep Emote does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows you to sleep.

It establishes your character as a real person.

You’ll never be spotted, much alone caught, if you wear the clothing on this list while it’s dark or rainy.

This emote also allows you to shift the camera around so you can see everything. There are also a few places where you may half-immerse yourself in the landscape, effectively disappearing.

The Barrel Emote is entertaining, but this is what you use when you need to get the job done and have a successful tucking experience.

Oh, a pirate’s life for the true, they do not have to follow the rules, but that doesn’t mean that we have to dress like the rag-tag crew of a pirate ship, right?. Read more about sea of thieves tuck outfit reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the Tuck outfit in Sea of Thieves?

In order to obtain the Tuck Outfit in Sea of Thieves, players must complete the “A Fine Expedition” quest given by Ned the Skipper. The quest requires the player to go to Tucked Cove and find a map piece. The player must return the map piece to Ned the Sk

How do you get cool clothes in Sea of Thieves?

There isn’t any real way to get cool clothes in Sea of Thieves. The only ways you can get cool clothes are by entering into the Sea of Thieves Shop or by purchasing them with real money. Q: How do you get to a safe spot in Fortnite? There

Can you still hide in Sea of Thieves?

Yes, you can still hide in Sea of Thieves. All you have to do is hold down on the left thumbstick, select the item you wish to hide behind, and then press the right trigger. Q: How much did the GameCube cost? The Nintendo GameCube (

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