Sony has announced that it will be hosting the FIFA 22 Global Series The tournament, which consists of 20 matches played in various countries across the world. The games will be broadcasted exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PS4 players can watch live online or through a second screen app.

The “fifa 22 global series register” is a football tournament that will be played exclusively on PlayStation 5. The tournament will feature the best players in the world and give them a chance to win $1 million.

As we approach the first anniversary of the release of the next-gen console, the long-running pitch battle for online supremacy in the football gaming world between EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s PES – rebranded for its 2021 PS5 release as E-Football – is reaching fever pitch, with both heavyweight titans strengthening their armour when it comes to online gameplay.

It is widely believed that PES has always had an advantage over their illustrious bigger name rivals because of its more realistic, authentic gameplay, which has elevated its status to become the premier choice for the traditional football gaming connoisseur, whereas FIFA could always boast about having the bells and whistles of fully-licensed teams, players, and strips, a top tracklist of worldwide sounds, and a far easier ‘pick up and play’ arcade style of gameplay.

The FIFA Global Series is back, bigger and better than ever, and it’s only available on PlayStation 5.

FIFA has taken the multi-player network format to a whole new level, not only with their Online Co-op Friendlies, Seasons, and ProClubs, but also with the highly successful FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, which has revolutionised the genre, leaving their rivals playing catch-up with their own version, known as myClub and its slightly more simple format, in recent times and certainly since the PS4 came onto the scene.

This year, Konami ditched their ‘PES’ moniker in favor of E-Football, a definite hint that the creators are putting their weight behind a fully-immersive online experience… and it’s completely free to play. They said in a statement that they wanted to create the “ideal” virtual soccer atmosphere by employing a new game engine, new animations, and redesigned instructions.

The transition to free-to-play was anticipated by the developers a few years ago, as producer Seirato Kimura told when the announcement was made earlier this summer, but the launch has been marred by a slew of issues and delays, including a delay in the update patch intended to address many of the issues. A disastrous start for E-Football, which is already on the back foot and has given EA Sports and FIFA 22 an early lead.

The big guns in Canada, the home of “It’s In The Game,” appear to be aiming to make that advantage count by racing into an unassailable lead – and they’re looking to the PS5 console to help them continue their massive online multiplayer football dominance, which began all the way back in 2004 with the release of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) on the PS3 – a full two years ago.

The FIWC competition began as an interactive online Global Cup with millions of gamers fighting for the title of world champion, before altering its name to the more simplified FIFA eWorld Cup (FeWC) in 2018 and then to the slightly revised FIFAe World Cup two years later. The backspacing of the single letter “e” reflects the series’ renaming to “FIFAe” as they released a completely new ball game with four online events – the Club Series, the Nations Series, the eWorld Cup, and the Continental Cup.

With the release of the PS5, EA Sports has significantly improved their game with the FIFA 22 Global Series, which is unique to Sony’s flagship next-gen console. The FIFA Global Series (FGS) is EA Sports’ official top-level event, with the world’s best FIFA ballers playing in regional tournaments in online and eSports contests to become the FGS’ ultimate champion.


The close link between PlayStation platforms and FIFA releases is still very strong.

Some of the aforementioned ballers are becoming household names in the online gaming community – Mohammed Harkous (under the handle “MoAuba”) is the current FIFAe World Cup champion – to the point where we could see eSports like this transcend into sports betting sites offering odds on such outcomes – hey, if they can do it for the Eurovision Song Contest, they can do it for ESports and eSports betting sites.

The move to PS5 brings the most advanced FIFA yet, with FUT Division Rivals – the premier game mode for those looking to prove their skills and qualify for FIFA Global Series competitions; team-based play as both FUT Champions Cups will feature 2v2 competition with four players at once; and 16 new countries joining the play.

The best performers in FIFA Global Series regional tournaments and local leagues qualify for the Regional Playoffs at the conclusion of the season to determine the FIFA 22 Global Series Regional Champion. FIFA 22 players must register, become FUT Champions validated, participate in online regional cups, and qualify for regional playoffs contests in order to compete in a FGS competition round – a really conclusive manner of identifying the best of the best FIFA 22 players in the globe.

In addition, registered players must show that they are a top contender by achieving the Elite 1 rating in FUT Champions in order to qualify for the Global Series. By winning 27 games in a single Weekend League, registered players may become FUT Champions Verified. Players that have reached Verified status are able to compete in Online Regional Cups for the remainder of the season. Weekend Leagues are a great way for players to become certified.

Throughout the season, FUT Champions Verified players compete in Online Regional Cups. Players compete for Global Series Points based on their rankings in these double elimination knockout events that take place three to five times in each area. The top rated players at the conclusion of the season will advance to the Regional Playoffs, where they will compete for the title of greatest FIFA 22 player in their respective area.

Registration is already open, and the events will continue from December through far into summer 2022, providing a wonderful alternative to the “real” World Cup in Qatar, which has been moved to the winter.

Following the cancellation of the 2021 FIFAe World Cup and FIFAe Nations Cup earlier this year due to the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, anticipation is building for the return of top level online gaming in the shape of FIFA 22 Global Series. It’s also a showcase of the console’s vast, limitless possibilities, with the top tournaments, teams, and players in the competitive FIFA globe going head-to-head only on PS5. We can’t wait for the game to begin.

The “fifa global series sign up” is a tournament that will be played exclusively on the Playstation 5. The tournament will have a total of $5 million in prize money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FIFA 22 will be on PS4?

A: No, FIFA 22 is not coming to PS4.

How do I participate in FIFA global series?

A: There are two ways to do this. The first is by playing online matches with FIFA global series, or the second option is to use your favorite social media platform and connect to an event that they have set up for their games release day.

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