Video games are increasingly becoming the new IQ tests. We’re seeing a broad range of industries merging video game-like mechanisms into their business models. What implications does this have for how the workforce is evaluated?

Video games have been a popular pastime for a long time. People have been playing video games to keep their minds sharp and improve their IQ. Video game companies have taken notice of this trend, and are releasing new games that not only test your skills but also your mental abilities.

When it comes to getting a break from our stressful schedules, video games are the finest option. However, some kids get so hooked to playing video games that their parents are forced to intervene.

We wish to emphasize in this post that playing video games is not as horrible as most elders depict it to be, and that it may really be utilized to measure a person’s IQ level.

Video gaming’s advantages

Video games provide a number of advantages. Improving mental wellness is one of them.

Because video games are such a great way to escape the actual world, they let us forget about our troubles and let go of our anxiety. Do you know that numerous therapists all around the world utilize video games as a kind of therapy?

The impact of video games on our minds

Another advantage of video games is that they reveal a lot about a person’s intellect level, which is the article’s major point. So, let’s have a look at how video games may be used to assess a person’s IQ.

  • Playing video games is a kind of mental workout in and of itself. When we play a video game, the portions of our brain responsible for memory, spatial orientation, and information organization become actively engaged.
  • While playing a video game, we encounter a variety of in-game issues and must solve them as rapidly as feasible. As a result, our critical thinking and decision-making ability increase. 
  • Time management abilities are improved by playing a video game with time limits. 
  • We strengthen our problem-solving abilities by planning plans and methods to win the game.
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Traditional IQ testing techniques have flaws.

Traditional IQ tests have a fairly strict structure and do not evaluate a person’s intellect level in all areas, which often leads to inaccurate findings. The exams do not take into account the multifaceted character of intellect.

There’s no denying that our brains work differently in various situations, which these tests disregard once again. Intelligence does not have a clear definition. According to psychologists, there are at least seven distinct forms of intelligence.

But are these IQ tests taking it into account? Not all of the time. That is why we need a whole new method of determining a person’s IQ level. 

As an IQ test, video games are used.

The simple answer to all of the difficulties listed above is to utilize video games as an IQ test. Why? Because, unlike a typical IQ test, it entails putting a person’s intellect to the test in a variety of situations. Because everyone thinks differently, they will almost certainly play the same game in various ways.

Their approach to completing a job in a video game will reveal a lot about how their brain functions in a given environment. Playing video games is considered to engage both sides of your brain. We feel that all of these considerations are sufficient to convince us to use video games to assess IQ.

There are many games on the internet that enable you to put all of the talents stated above to the test. There are brain games that demand you to accomplish a series of activities in a certain amount of time, as well as MCQ tests that determine your IQ level based on the alternatives you choose.

Why are IQ test games superior than standard ways of assessing IQ?


We can today depend on computers and machines for exact and error-free output for nearly everything thanks to substantial technological advancements. We can account for all of the elements that are typically overlooked in conventional approaches for assessing a person’s IQ level by using games.

We may now expect even more exact findings thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. 

When a person is playing a video game, they are at their most genuine; they have no mental filters. All of their cognitive processes are quite fluid and spontaneous, which adds to the test’s quality.

Choosing the appropriate games

We feel that there isn’t a single ideal game that can be used to assess IQ. You may select one or more games that you believe are excellent for your mental activity based on how much time you are willing to devote. Because, as you may recall, we discussed several sorts of intelligence.

Is it possible to assess several types of intellect with a single game? Isn’t that correct? The video game combinations must vary from person to person in order to provide a high-quality test result.

Video games are now becoming the new IQ tests. The average iq of gamers has been on the rise for years, and some experts believe that video games can be more beneficial than traditional methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can playing video games increase IQ?

A: Playing video games does not directly increase IQ. However, it can be a stress reliever and help to improve focus and concentration skills which indirectly improves overall intelligence levels.

Why do gamers have higher IQ?


Do gamers have good IQ?

A: Yes, people who play video games have been proven to have a high IQ.

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