Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Such Bad Battery Life?

A gaming laptop is a beautiful blend of power, portability, and performance. They may seem a bit more expensive up front, but they often pay for themselves in a few years in saved money spent on a desktop. For those of you that own gaming laptops, how do you find that battery life is so bad?

Gamers are notorious for their love of portable gaming. We love the ability to take our games everywhere because we can play when and where we want. But when you’re on the go, don’t you wish you could use a gaming laptop as your main computer? While some laptops are indeed a decent gaming rig and can handle the latest games, others simply cannot.

When the laptop you use is similar to your desktop, the gaming battery life should be the same. However, this is not always the case. One thing that is particularly noticeable is how bad battery life can be in many laptops with gaming-grade specs. The reason is that these laptops are often fitted with lower-quality processors and GPUs, which don’t give out the same amount of power.

Dedicated Graphics Processor

The standard laptop has a built-in graphics card that can perform basic tasks and simple games. It’s essentially a small chip, and gaming laptops install dedicated graphics cards that are more powerful than their built-in counterparts. These graphics cards allow for smooth gaming at a high frame rate, and even virtual reality or 4K gaming. The price to pay for this, however, is that more powerful cards put more strain on the battery and generate a huge amount of heat.

High-speed fans

The heat demands of the GPU require the use of high-speed fans, often in multiple instances, to combat the heat. Larger, more powerful fans can handle heat better, but you want your laptop to be small and portable, so this is often an issue for low-end gaming laptops. The need for these fans results in additional power consumption that is not needed for conventional laptops.

Powerful processors

A standard laptop does not need powerful processors, many use a simple Intel Core i5 6300U and older versions of the Intel chipset. These older processors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, not performance, making them ideal for use in standard laptops.

Gaming laptops use processors like the Intel Core i7 4700HQ, which are still efficient but have a high maximum clock speed, making them much faster and consuming much more power. These more functional processors also typically have more cores than their conventional counterparts to handle multitasking.

Since most high-end processors use at least six cores, the average battery life of gaming laptops will inevitably decrease.

Other causes

While these are the three main factors that affect battery life, there are a few other things to consider. Many gaming laptops have backlit RGB keyboards, which is cool and helps you hit the right keys, but hurts battery life.

Another aspect of the immersive gaming laptop experience is the presence of powerful speakers that allow for a better sound spectrum. They are great for gaming, but you may want to add headphones to reduce battery consumption.

Finally, lowering the resolution or reducing the number of additional devices can also have a significant impact on battery life.

Gaming laptops are designed to offer a superior gaming experience. It’s a well-known fact that laptops give you a lot of power when you’re gaming, but would you expect the power to be equally distributed across your laptop’s battery?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gaming laptops have less battery life?

Gaming laptops are an interesting and unique niche. They’re expensive, they have lots of power, and they usually don’t last. We’ve all been there: you get a laptop for Christmas or a new job, but it only lasts half a day before it dies. How is this possible?
The reality is that gaming laptops have tremendous power draw. This is because the processing power needed by games is much higher than anything else. You don’t need a laptop that can play movies or edit photos. You need one that can handle all the heavy-duty graphics performance that games require.

How long do gaming laptop batteries last?

Gaming laptops are becoming increasingly popular for gamers. For many gamers, the ideal gaming laptop is the one that lasts the longest possible while still being able to play the latest and greatest games on the market . Here we will examine the battery life of gaming laptops to see what kind of an impact it has on the length of the gaming laptop’s battery life. As gaming laptops become more powerful, the life cycle of their batteries is becoming shorter and shorter. We are now to where gaming laptops are starting to run out of battery while gaming. Laptops that come with dedicated GPUs and have long battery life are becoming a rare find. One of the main reasons why is because as laptops get faster, they need more power.

Does playing games damage laptop battery?

Laptop battery life is a serious problem. Sure, we can all laugh at the “my laptop lasts for 7 hours” meme, but this time it’s not a joke. Most laptops use built-in batteries that are designed to keep the machine running for a certain number of hours, but they never seem to last as long as we would like. The truth about Laptop Battery Life It’s pretty common knowledge that laptops and smartphones can have terrible battery life, but what about laptops specifically? It’s true that a number of manufacturers use low-cost batteries, which leads to shorter battery life, but the main culprit is most likely the laptops themselves. It’s well known that laptops (and smartphone batteries) are made to last about three hours, but for most gamers that is not enough.

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