BitLife is a new game, which challenges players to play through the game and earn as much Diamonds as possible, and then go to the next level by taking on a Double-Platinum challenge. These are one in the same–ultimately they are the same game and just a different way to do the same thing. The main focus is to earn as many Diamonds as possible in the game, but the Double-Platinum challenge is just a way to obtain extra currency and help you earn more Diamonds as you play the game.

BitLife is a new mobile strategy game whereyou are a team of players competing to be the first to earn 1,000 Diamonds! Players will be able to purchase Coins with real cash, or receive a monthly subscription to get extra coins. Even if you don’t buy any coins, you can still play the game to earn Diamonds! What’s more, you can invite your friends to play the game with you by sharing your Diamonds with them!

BitLife is a game which is based on a new game-based economy. Your task is to get the most points possible over a period of 28 days. In order to do this, you need to complete tasks. For example, you can get a Diamond by completing a set of tasks, and then you can move onto Platinum. More information and a full walkthrough can be found at

How to get a Diamond and Double-Platinum Single in BitLife

You may be anybody in BitLife’s life simulation game, and one of the most sought-after professions is that of a renowned singer. It is not simple to become a renowned musician, but it is possible if you take the proper measures. Here’s how to earn a diamond or double-platinum single in BitLife, whether you want to be a renowned pop singer or rapper. In the tutorial below, we’ll take you through the steps.

Bitizens may now become renowned artists thanks to the Pop Star upgrade. It’s a simple procedure, and you can find the major career options by going to the special careers menu. If you want to take things to the next level, here’s everything you need to know.

In BitLife, how can you obtain a Double-Platinum Single?

In BitLife, releasing a diamond or double-platinum single requires a little of luck and the proper stat combination. Having a unique musical skill is essential and will improve your chances of releasing a successful song or album.

  1. Have a special talent for music

    It’s advantageous if you have a musical Special Talent. If you have god mode, you may choose this automatically at the start of a new life by searching under Special Talent, or you can attempt to roll for it by creating fresh lives. When you go to practice an instrument, you can tell whether you have it. You have the talent if it improves substantially every time you take an instrument lesson.

  2. Take voice lessons and practice your instrument.

    Beginning at the age of six, learn to play an instrument. Continue to practice at least three times each year to reach your maximum potential as quickly as possible. You will have the opportunity to take voice lessons when you are between the ages of eight and eleven. This is something you should include into your routine, as well as maximizing your vocal ability.

  3. Begin your career as a musician.

    At the age of thirteen, you may begin a career as a musician if you have the necessary skill set. Select musician from the list of unique professions. Choose a solo artist and a genre for your music, as well as a record label. The majority of individuals would most likely choose singer since it may help them become the most renowned and earn the most money. You’re good to go after you’ve signed the contract. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, restart BitLife and try again.

  4. Singles and albums are released.

    By going into your profession and selecting the Single or Album option, you may start publishing singles or albums. You may also do additional tasks from this menu, such as putting on a concert or going on tour. These factors will increase your popularity, increasing your chances of producing a diamond or double-platinum smash.

  5. Good luck!

    It takes a lot of luck to release a diamond or double-platinum hit song or album. You may release one and have it become diamond right away. After a few years on the market, an album may also become platinum. Continue to develop your brand, maximizing your renown and appeal while spreading your name. Sometimes in BitLife, you receive a wonderful life and are really destined for greatness.

All of the aforementioned factors may improve your chances of getting diamond and double platinum albums or singles. You may, however, achieve it just by being fortunate. Some gamers take on the role of Pop Stars who will unleash the excellent stuff right away. If you want to improve your chances even further, do this in one of the nations where royalty BitLife exists. Being royal can help you acquire a large number of followers straight away!

You may also go through a list of all previous BitLife tasks to get an idea of the particular abilities you’ll need to accomplish them fast.

BitLife is a mobile game that allows players to create their own music and release it to the world. In order to get a diamond or a double-platinum single, you have to complete a number of unique and often audacious tasks. If you want to create an epic song, you have to get a lot of likes, you have to share it a lot, and you have to wait a long time. After all, this is the real world.. Read more about how to go diamond in bitlife and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get double platinum BitLife?

In order to make sure you get double platinum in BitLife, you have to do the following: You need to have a single platinum, which is reached by completing the game. You need to have a gold medal in every game. You need to have completed the game on

How do I make a successful single on BitLife?

In BitLife, you need to have the following: A good career – Choose the job you are going to do. If you do not like any of the jobs, go to college and study a new skill. A good salary – You need to make enough money to live a decent life.

Can you be a rapper in BitLife?

No but you can own a Rap Battle Club and hire people to work there and look professional, you can also hire rappers to travel with you and help you with your music. Q: Can you be a crime lord in BitLife? Yes, but you can also become a CEO

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