In the updated title Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a new playable hero has been added to the roster, and it isn’t one you’d expect.

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Robin is one of the most carefully designed character classes in the Hood game: Outlaws & Legends. He’s clearly based on the Robin Hood we know from fairy tales, and as a character he’s just as brash and annoying as the sheriff should find him. In this guide you’ll find some tips on how to play the most legendary outlaws, and we hope you’ll master it much faster than we did.

Discretion is essential


Robin is not an action hero. He’s a distance fighter who relies on the element of surprise. If you take it in the heat of the moment, it won’t last long. Indeed, this character’s skills are tied to his bow. From the beginning of the game, you have to stay in the shadows, sneak up on your enemies and destroy them from a distance with your bow. Of course, assassinations work just as well as long-range shots, but make sure there’s no chance of being seen. In this case, it is better to fall back on another teammate.

Although Robin’s sneakiness makes him a good candidate to steal the key from the sheriff, it’s better to leave it to Hunter. They have a gift that makes them invisible, specially designed for pickpockets.

Long-range fire only


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As we said before, Robin is designed to be used with a bow and nothing else. At close range, he can only hit an opponent with his bow, and that’s not very powerful. So it’s best to find a good vantage point and destroy the enemies by shooting them in the head. For every kill, you’ll gain a hefty dose of experience that you can use to pave the way for the rest of your team. Often this means staying behind. You also don’t get an experience bonus for carrying the chest, but it’s worth it to help your team win.

Support your team


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We can’t stress enough that Robin is a secondary character. It was meant to kill enemies of the state, such as. B., and also for occasionally firing explosives at the sheriff, dropping ropes, and giving cover to everyone else. If the log falls on the winch, one or two of your teammates are out of action. This leaves them open to attack by the enemy of the state and the adversary. When you see enemies coming, mark them for your team and shoot them. If you support another teammate when they attack the enemy brawler, you will destroy them before they ruin your efforts to win gold.

You don’t have to drop the ropes, but it opens up new ways for all players to move through the level. If you see a rope you can throw, take it off. It’s best to have an escape route or path back to the winch in case you need it later.

Finally, Robin’s special ability is an explosive arrow that can kill enemy players and briefly disable the sheriff. Save this image until you need it. If the opposing team has two Brawlers chasing your teammates on the winch, shoot one of them with this shot and they will likely both be eliminated. The same goes for the sheriff, although it’s usually best to keep him around to protect him from naysayers.

Let someone else do the heavy lifting


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No matter who takes the key and opens the safe, Robin should not be the one carrying it. If enemies hit him while he was wielding the heavy object, he could die in one hit. Knights can destroy it with a sword strike to the back, and all opponents can wait until you are almost at the winch and attack you with a heavy attack. Robin should cover the chest carrier with his long range shots and explosive arrows. Once the vault is open, step aside and let the rest of the team do the heavy lifting.

Always seek shelter


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Hood’s strategic coverage is ubiquitous: Outlaws & Legends. Brawler doesn’t need it, Hunter can become invisible, and Mystique is too scary to hide. Robin is the only one who can really take cover, whether it’s the cart on the road, as pictured above, or the tall grass around each level. Government enemies and other players will have a hard time seeing you if you’re actively hiding, which is exactly what you want.

When you’re in cover, you can mark enemies when you see them to alert your team. As they storm in to take out the enemies, you can fire a few well-aimed shots to get an experience bonus. Even better: If you find cover near the winch, you can keep an eye out for enemy players looking to stop your attempts long before they get close. By fighting the enemy from a distance when you are already far from the winch but almost there, you give your teammates enough time to move to the next stage and get the guaranteed loot.

Use the covers throughout the level, don’t wait for tense situations to occur. If you’re constantly moving from one cover to another, you’re less likely to be noticed and can support your team more effectively. You can always earn points and upgrade your special skills to take out the sheriff when he finally shows up.

Attracting the enemy


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Our final tip to play for Robin is a risky one. While you shouldn’t try to attack enemy players in a direct melee, there’s nothing wrong with distracting them from the winch when no one is around. Robin can do a lot of damage with a loaded shot. So stand in a spot where you can see the enemy players with the winch and unleash a rain of fire on their frail bodies. This will make them stop and seek shelter, chase you or, if they are stubborn, kill them. Your team will win either way, and you have a good chance of getting more loot.

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