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May’s monthly HITMAN update is now available to download. It’s a nice big one, too, with a number of welcome bug fixes and improvements. IO Interactive has detailed the patch notes in full, but here’s a quick rundown:

IO Interactive has given us a detailed look at what to expect from the first major patch for HITMAN 3. The content update will be available to players who own the game on May 30, and will include new in-game content, improvements and fixes, as well as a host of changes to the live content and online modes.

HITMAN 3 – May Patch (3.30)

The May patch for HITMAN 3 will be released on Monday the 10th. May 2021 will be released and will mark the beginning of Pride season.

The second act of Seven Deadly Sins, Season of Pride includes new premium content and up to five weeks of new and refreshable content, including themed contracts created by the Hitman community.

Before that happens, we need to prepare the game for the new patch, which will bring fixes and improvements on all fronts: Fixes for challenges and trophies/rewards, lighting updates, and a 60fps performance mode on Nintendo Switch will be available in a few days…..

https://preview.redd.it/yw9wr0pgupx61.png?width=1248&format=png&auto=webp&s=ad576ce7435ebf5a58ad0b 3d4d623f809848e

HITMAN 3 – Details of the May patch

HITMAN 3 has been updated to version 3.30 on all platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Stages and Switch.

Press Release: Monday, 10. 2021 May, 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST / 6:00 PT

Interview: Starts an hour before the patch is released on all platforms. The game servers on each platform will reconnect to the network after verification and validation, so there is no end time set for the maintenance. Updates will be published on the official website

Twitter account @IOInteractive.

Patch size: Approx. 3.5 GB on all platforms.

Cloud: Stages and Switch players will not need to download or install the patch. You will have access to the latest version if you start the game after the above patch release date.

HITMAN 3 – May patch notes (version 3.30)

New Content

The Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Proudly

The seven deadly sins in HITMAN 3 began in late March

Act 1: Greed. HITMAN 3 players are invited to dive deeper into the mind of Agent 47 to explore the Pride Profusion Escalation and earn new items and a stunning costume! The announcement trailer for Pride gives you a taste of what to expect on the 10th. May be expected!

Pride season / May calendar

Also on the 10th. In May, we’ll unveil a new trailer revealing all the content that will be available in HITMAN 3 during the Pride season. We’ll see him on the 10th. first on
Hitman’s official YouTube channel.

Social artist: Cartoon

https://preview.redd.it/i318vc42tpx61.jpg?width=360&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=df09b 06f105adbcc2e3df72c1970a6c718f27

We are pleased to announce that a new illustration by community artist Cartoonishly, aka V1deost, has appeared in the May patch notes for HITMAN 3.

We asked them to create five new pieces of art for this month’s patch notes, and we’re excited to showcase the creativity and talent of the Hitman community in a new way. You can find more Hitman fan art from Cartoonishly on Twitter and YouTube.

General updates

Calls, fixed line

We have fixed the issues that were preventing players from unlocking the following challenges: Cleaning Up (Colorado), Electric Boogie (Marrakech, HBoS), Urine For It (Sapienza, Landslide), Estate Wines (Mendoza) and Got My Boomstick (Carpathian Mountains).

We also fixed an issue that was preventing the Bullet Train (Carpathian) trophy/achievement from being released.

Tasks for the notebook

We have fixed an issue that was causing completed tasks to display as locked when viewed via the game’s notepad. Previously, players had to save/load or restart a mission to see the exact tasks displayed during the mission, even if the completion status was tracked correctly.

Passport for heirloom lighting

We have adapted and corrected several lighting problems on locations of HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2. Only the ICA building and the City of New York did not change their lighting.

We focused on adjusting very bright reflections or glow, transitioning between dark and light areas, navigating/viewing textures in dark areas, and getting the expected look of reflections in screen space with these changes.

load error due to inheritance

We have made changes to fix an issue that was preventing players from saving/loading when using items from HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2. Essentially with an error message Load Failed asking you to verify that you have access to certain content.

NPCs ignore the toilet

Toilets have become more attractive to barfers. In other words: We solved the problem of NPCs preferring to use the trash can instead of the toilet to vomit. They will make more logical choices now.

Illustration: Cartoon

Percentage of managers

We have implemented a new feature in the detailed score screen that allows you to instantly see how your score compares to the selected ranking. You can also see the ranking of the most players in each mission.

Mini overlay card

We fixed a minor visual issue where the minimap icons and tooltips could overlap when displaying inventory.

Siege 1 is out.

We modified the properties of the Sieker 1 crushing gun to solve a problem that made offline selection impossible.

Taunton Sicker.

We fixed an issue where the images in the Sieker 1 and Taunton Dart Gun inventory were changing places depending on what was unlocked and in what order.

Identical explosives

We’ve reworked the inventory footage for the explosive IFA footage to better reflect the versions in the game.

Help for PS5 games

We’ve fixed an issue that was causing some PS5 guides to display text without anything entered. It had nothing to do with our cat.

Caught bald

Agent 47’s bald head no longer protrudes from the top of his Arkian tuxedo suit.

Illustration: Cartoon

Contractual services

We’ve changed the way we track rewards for highlighted contract orders to fix a few issues. A little background: At launch, the idea was that players would be able to enter into special one-time contracts to earn rewards for different stages (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.). However, it was possible to reach these milestones by repeating the same mission. This resulted in several interruptions in the progress of the task after returning to the intended structure, depending on the player’s level of progress.

Here’s what will happen with the release of patch 3.30:

– Players who have reached these milestones at the time of the 3.30 release will receive the corresponding unlockables. (Example: If you currently have 32/30 tasks completed but have no way to earn an unlock, in version 3.30 you will get that unlock and mark the task as completed).

– Incomplete Star Contract Award tasks will accurately reflect the number of Star Contracts achieved. (Example: If you played the same contract 29/30 times at startup, then in version 3.30 the job progression will be changed to 1/30).

The idea is that we want to keep the planned structure of these exams in the future, but not punish the players who followed the rules at the beginning of the game.

Contract Counter

We have fixed an issue where the first completed Star Contract was not recorded in the Star Contracts – Tracking Counter, which could lead to irregularities in progress.

Stopping the frequency inverter

We solved a problem where players could be disconnected at the end of their contract. The signing of the contract was correctly recorded in the Featured Contract Tracker call log, but clearances that should have been granted were not granted.

More signals

We have made some changes to ensure that the correct beeps are sent out when new items are unlocked by unlocking skills, or when new climbing challenges appear.

Already registered

We have updated the error message that players get when they try to log into their IOI account and are told that they are already registered but cannot log in. Players are now invited to visit the IOI account website and register through their preferred platform. (This happened mainly to PC players who already had an IOI account, but were playing HITMAN 3 for the first time on Epic).

Xbox One render quality

We’ve added a render quality button in Settings>Graphics on Xbox One X and Xbox One S, so gamers can choose between high quality and high frame rate modes.

A short moment

We fixed an issue that could cause in-game dialogue to continue after you activated the inventory wheel and selected an item to keep in your briefcase. It is assumed that the entire game pauses when players are in all inventory menus.

Call filter

We’ve added a new option to the Calls menu that makes it easier to filter calls based on what you want to see.

https://preview.redd.it/ix kgvspx61.jpg?width=1024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7bb9aaa84be314f2999c39b1454dee7bc65ede99

Colour blind security staff

We changed the dialogue of the guards going off when they shot 47 to more accurately describe what suit he was wearing. In some cases, the costumes evoke a dialogue that describes 47 in a Requiem costume.

Accuracy of aiming.

If you’re playing with a controller, you can now press the L1/LB button to activate the Sniper skill, which improves aiming and slows down time. This was implemented as part of a major change for Nintendo Switch players, but it will also work for other controllers and platforms. The in-game UI and controller mapping will still show R2/RT as the default option for players not using Switch, but we’ve noted it here because the option will be available.

A typo thief

We have corrected a typo in the description of the Taunton dart gun. From theft to steel.

Tactical support

We have updated the description of the tactical turtleneck suit in the inventory to remove the blank text.

Poison pen.

We have updated the Italian description of the Siringa Emetica a Forma di Penna ICA to better reflect that it is a device for eating and not for killing.

Improved stability

We fixed the issues that could prevent the game from working as expected.

Where it should be… 3.30

We’ve updated the credits with the work we’ve done since the last patch was released.

Change of location : Dubai, UAE


7DS: Departure from Dubai

We fixed an issue where The Greed Enumeration’s unique exit music was going off when leaving the Dubai location in non-DLC content.

7DS: The voice of greed

We made changes so that the greed enumeration dialogue no longer plays when players skip the last scene.

The sound of the carpet

We fixed the issue that the carpet sound effects were not playing in Dubai. There was nothing wrong with the carpet itself, but 47 did not touch the carpet properly.

Change of location : Dartmoor, England


The best intentions

We corrected a typo in the title at the end of the story about the mission Resources, Motives and Possibilities. We won’t give too much away, because these are spoilers.

Left handed

We fixed an issue where Agent 47 was getting stuck jumping over walls in Dartmoor, particularly near the trophy room.Getting stuckWe fixed an issue where the phone in the lawyer’s office was always hanging up.

Illustration: Cartoon

My room.

We fixed the problem when 47 showed through the wall in Alexa’s room.

Change of location : Berlin, Germany


Change of location : Chongqing,China

https://preview.redd.it/egdy16ucypx61.jpg?width=1536&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9e66d9be5532caf0a2f3b84b0fb7a3db b5ff5

Very thoughtful lady.

We reinforced some walls of the restaurant so that NPCs can’t see through certain walls.

City of paper

We solved a problem that made some buildings in the background of Chongqing look like they were made of paper or not connected to each other.

Diving suit(s)

We removed the waterproof coating from the Raver suit, Futo suit, Freedom Phantom suit and Lynch suit so they would look wet in the rain in Chongqing. The same goes for the head of the 47.

Illustration: Cartoon

Stalker apartment

We repaired a few small holes in the walls of the apartment’s stairwell, which allowed sharp-eyed NPCs to see that 47 was performing illegal acts. They could probably see him doing legal acts as well, but no one reported it as a problem.

Inside Outside It’s raining

We have changed a few things so that players can no longer hear the sounds of rain and traffic in some parts of Chongqing.

Change of location : Mendoza, Argentina


The villa? Up here.

We changed the gutters on the roof of the villa so they are visible from all sides.


Carrying sniper rifles is now considered illegal in Mendoza, as in all other places.

Illustration: Cartoon

Change of location : Carpathians, Romania


Incredible Proloff.

We changed some settings in Prolof Parable so that players can get a silent killer rating on all three levels.

Winner 300 Arctic

We have updated the inventory photo of the Sieger 300 Arctic to better reflect the weapon’s silencer.

Location changes: HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2

Marrakech: The prisoner of Zaydan.

The bag is put back on the prisoner’s head.

Sapienza: One person allowed

We placed the inscription on the door of the cave tunnel, which was only visible when the door was open.

Sgail Island: Tons of laundry

We have updated the description of the Janus Past Ghost Challenge to include the correct spelling of Sophia Washington.

Virtual reality (PS VR)


Corresponding fonts

We have changed the colors of the fonts to make them more readable in relation to the background color.


We have fixed several issues that led to missing textures, visual issues, and other graphical issues in the environment when playing in PS VR.

Platform-dependent changes: Switch

Performance mode

We’ve added a button to switch the performance mode to 720p/60fps instead of the default 1080p/30fps.

Precision light

We’ve added constant aiming to the L button on the Nintendo Switch. This improves aiming and slows down the time it takes to fire a sniper rifle with the Marksman perk, which is especially useful for Sniper Assassin game mode and some story missions. The game’s user interface and control maps will certainly show this.

A useful tip: You can switch, hold down the button or press ZL to aim the weapon. Look for the Toggle Target option under Options>Game>Weapon Target. Note that this does not affect the 47’s aiming when he throws; the game must keep the button pressed to move the arc of the 47’s throw.

Projection in Dubai

We’ve added a new 10-minute trial for all Nintendo Switch players to experience the new achievement mode in the game’s first level, Dubai.

Platform-dependent changes: Stadium

Muted sound

We fixed an issue that could cause dialogue and gunfire to fade significantly when the default start location, Dubai, was selected.

State Share where

We added an in-game place name (Dubai, Dartmoor, etc.) to the state handles.

Saving the sequence

We’ve made changes to ensure the game handles storage files consistently, which include elements unique to each game in the trilogy.

Known problems and error messages

We always listen to feedback and follow up on problems reported to us. If you encounter a problem in HITMAN 3 and wish to report it to us, please first check the official list of known issues in the HITMAN 3 Player Support Center, where you can also submit a bug report.

In 2020, there will be something for both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to wait for release this year. Therefore, games that have just been announced and do not yet have an exact release date are not included.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020 in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.

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