Monomyth, Spiritual Successor to Arx Fatalis/Ultima Underworld Going Live on Kickstarter Today

A few days ago I received a message in my inbox from the publisher of Arx Fatalis, the spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld series, asking if I would like to write about the game. My initial reaction was to respond with a polite no, but then I thought my readers might want to know about this unheard of–and very exciting–project. So, here I am, writing about a game that hasn’t even been released yet, at least in the eyes of the gaming world.

Monomyth is a spiritual successor to the classic role-playing game series Arx Fatalis, and it’s going to be an open-world fantasy game that takes inspiration from the best of Ultima Underworld and Arx Fatalis. As the name implies, Monomyth is intended to be a spiritual successor to Arx Fatalis, and fans of the classic series will find much to love here. Monomyth promises a world filled with magic, adventure and danger, and it promises to be one of the finest fantasy RPGs in years.

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Home Indie Spotlight Monomyth, the Spiritual Successor to Arx Fatalis/Ultima Underworld, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Monomyth, Spiritual Successor to Arx Fatalis/Ultima Underworld Going Live on Kickstarter Today

Rat Tower Software, an indie developer and publisher, has announced that the dungeon-crawler Monomyth’s Kickstarter campaign will launch later today. Monomyth brings dungeon crawling back to life by allowing you to battle your way through an immersive, linked, and highly interactive underworld.

Monomyth has been in production for a few years, according to the creator, but in order to finish it, the game will need extra money, which will be raised via a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, the game is in its last stages of production. The complete edition includes about 20+ hours of major narrative content as well as additional hours for completionists.

Monomyth Kickstarter

Monomyth will also have character growth and an open-world concept with towers, caves, secret places, and dungeons to explore. As you explore and discover the mysteries of Lysandria, the universe of Monomyth blends magic and technology in a unique environment. Check out the new Kickstarter video below to see the game in action:

Monomyth’s key characteristics include:

  • Swing your sword, cast spells, dodge, parry, and block in this action-packed first-person RPG. You may freely roam about the battlefield in MONOMYTH, utilizing a diverse array of lethal weapons and strong spells.
  • A live, breathing world — The ruins of Lysandria include a dynamically interactive environment, complete with objects, riddles, monsters, and a variety of benign residents. Use a sophisticated keyword-based conversation system to communicate with people, and mix objects to interact with your environment in fascinating and exploratory ways. Picking locks, breaking doors, disarming traps, and throwing things are all options! Even bread can be baked!
  • Free character growth — In MONOMYTH, you have complete freedom over how you create your character. Invest in eight distinct character traits to unlock a variety of playstyles. Will you be a stealthy assassin, a terrifying battlemage, or something else different? It’s all up to you!
  • Lysandria is a large, linked world with an open-ended level design. Explore a variety of various themed locations, from the tallest towers to the lowest caves, discover secret chambers, uncover hidden passages, and wander from the highest towers to the lowest caverns.
  • Exceptional location – MONOMYTH is a fresh, unique scenario that blends magic and technology in an apocalyptic fantasy universe. Discover the mysteries of the stronghold city of Lysandria by opening the gates to a dark, enigmatic world plagued by terrible monstrosities.

You may help the game’s development by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign, which will launch later today at 7 p.m. CET/1 p.m. EST. A demo for the game will also be released to allow people to check it out before committing to a pledge. You may also track the game’s progress by adding it to your Steam wishlist.

Let us know if you’ll be interested in playing Monomyth in the comments section below.

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