NXT Takeover 36: Geeks + Gamers results! NXT Takeover 36 was a night full of rivalry and emotion as two of the best NXT Superstars in the world, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, clashed for the NXT Championship in the main event, in what could be the last ever NXT Takeover. The match was fantastic with a lot of intensity, and plenty of crazy moments.

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Results from NXT Takeover 36

Results from NXT Takeover 36


The results of NXT Takeover 36 have been released! Who won the follow-up to SummerSlam for WWE’s third brand? Let’s have a look!

Trey Baxter vs. Ridge Holland

For the pre-show collision, a good, simple, large, powerful man takes against a quick tiny guy. Holland grabbed Baxter and crushed him with a powerslam after just a few minutes.

NXT Takeover, wrestling, WWE

Ridge Holland is the winner (pinfall)

L.A. Knight vs. Cameron Grimes – Million Dollar Championship

Due to a bet loss, Grimes is now serving as Knight’s butler. Ted DiBiase, or “The Million Dollar Man,” has attempted to assist Grimes out by arranging him a championship fight, but if Grimes loses, DiBiase will have to go about and butler for Knight instead. Grimes has a strong Daniel Bryan feel with the audience, particularly after turning face, and this is amplified by Knight’s status as a pro heel. Apart than that, it was an excellent first battle, with Grimes caving in Knight’s chest to win. My sole complaint is directed at the obnoxious standing Spanish Fly. Sure, it looks amazing, but it’s not really useful in a battle.

NXT Takeover, wrestling, WWE

Cameron Grimes is the winner (pinfall)

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole – Kyle O’Reilly falls two out of three times.

These guys have a lengthy history together. I remember when these two were in Ring of Honor and they beat the crap out of each other in a worked-shoot match. That’s correct, after having his nose changed from 3d to 2d, Cole “got his stripes.” These two guys fought tonight in a two-out-of-three-falls battle, and they didn’t disappoint. When O’Reilly rolled over Cole, who was rushing to finish, he won the first fall. Cole won the second round by using street fight rules to destroy Kyle’s ribs before tossing him spine-first onto steel chairs. When Cole tied Kyle to the ropes in the steel cage third round, he believed he’d won, but O’Reilly was able to trip him and force him to tap to a heel hook.

NXT Takeover, Wrestling, WWE

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly (pinfall & submission)

Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez – NXT Women’s Championship

Kai does an excellent job of persuading me she’s on her medications and off her rocker, all without coming off as a maker of unfunny humor in the vein of Dextor Lumis. Kai set out to exhaust Gonzalez right away, causing the larger lady to pursue her down and make a mistake. Early in the bout, Kai took advantage and kicked Gonzalez’s head off, but she slid to the outside and couldn’t be pinned in time. Kai stunned Gonzalez on the top rope and attempted another Yakuza kick, but Gonzalez grabbed her and blasted her with a one-armed powerbomb off the second rope. Kay Lee Ray, the former NXT UK Women’s champion, came out afterward to stare at the winner from the ramp.

NXT Takeover, Wrestling, WWE

Raquel Gonzalez was the winner (pinfall)

Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER – NXT UK Championship

To say the least, neither guy was kind in this fight. WALTER was taken to the mat early on by an aggressive Dragunov, who remained on top of the big guy throughout the bout. Dragunov had clearly learnt a lot from his previous fight with WALTER, as he had counters for a lot of his attack. Dragunov, on the other hand, fell off the top turnbuckle like a bag of shite as soon as one of WALTER’S chops connected, and the monster made him pay. WALTER would swat Dragunov down after he went on the offensive a couple more times. WALTER was lifted up off the ground in a sleeper hold by Dragunov, who used the big Austrian’s body weight against him. Although there were a few too many instances of no-selling for my liking, I still liked the match. It aches in my chest!

NXT Takeover, Wrestling, WWE

Ilja Dragunov was the winner (submission)

NXT Championship – Karrion Kross vs. Samoa Joe

During Kross’ arrival, the audience was starving for Scarlett. I’m not sure why they assumed she’d show up simply because she’s on the poster… Joe KO’d Kross with the Muscle Buster after the two huge fellas hurled bombs back and forth! Joe has become the first-ever three-time NXT champion, and Kross is looking forward to continuing his rivalry with Jeff Hardy on Smackdown. Kross’ momentum and career may seem to be in jeopardy at the moment, but as long as he doesn’t take a Sable Power Bomb from his Mrs. anytime soon, I’m certain he’ll be OK.

Wresting, WWE, NXT Takeover

Samoa Joe is the winner (pinfall)

Everyone involved put up a fantastic performance tonight. NXT may not have the most interesting storylines from the mid-card on down, but the bouts, particularly those on the Takeover PPVs, are of a high level.

Even with the WWE’s terrible advert-heavy format infiltrating the previously near-perfect NXT, NXT Takeover 36 was still better than SummerSlam from yesterday night and the six hours of AEW TV this week.

The title being given to veteran Samoa Joe, in my view, is another indication that WWE is making sure they aren’t caught off guard if AEW gains up speed with CM Punk at the helm.

Hold your horses; everyone is pulling their socks and sleeves up. This is going to be fantastic!

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