In this post we are going to look at some of the best Angry Birds skins, mods, and packs that you can install for free on your Android device.

The Angry Birds franchise is one of the most loved and most profitable games on the market. As of late, they’ve made a few big changes to the game. Instead of just one type of bird to use, you can now have up to sixteen different birds in the game. The new power ups are also completely different, with the usual power ups being replaced with new ones. The latest Angry Birds game also has some new features that have drawn a lot of attention. The game now has a Multiplayer mode, where you can play online with your friends as well as other people that also have Angry Birds. The multiplayer games have different difficulty levels, which can be suited to your needs.

Angry Birds has taken the gaming world by storm over the past few years, and there are a lot of fun ways to tweak your game experience. Some players may enjoy playing the original Angry Birds, while others will want to get more out of every game they play. The Angry Birds mod scene is an excellent way to increase the fun factor. Mods are user-created content that add new content to the game. Mods can range from brand new content that completely changes the game experience, to minor tweaks to existing content that only slightly changes things. Mods can be found all over the Internet, but some of the best mods are free. Here are the best free Angry Birds skins, mods, and packs on the Internet.

Are you a bird lover? Do you have a tendency to get enraged quickly? (Perhaps you should get it checked…)

In any case, you already know where I’m heading, right?

Angry Birds, Angry Birds, Angry Birds!

Everyone is familiar with the famous puzzle/physics game in which you shoot birds; some of us may even recall the wonderful variations… What would we do if we didn’t mention Angry Birds Epic? (May you rest in peace.)

But I’m not here to share my sadness about cancelled/deleted games (for no apparent reason!)

I’m here to share some of the best Angry Birds-related addons & skins for Minecraft, so let’s take a peek at what’s out there:


10. Skin Color: Red

Take a Look At This Skin

Red is the enraged one, as we all know.

And you’d think this skin wouldn’t show that feeling, but just look at him for a while and tell me what you think.

His expression is one of apathy, which might be the next step after being furious for so long.

Apart from the jokes, this is the most detailed Red skin I could find.

If you want to play this character, this is probably the best option!


Angry Birds Resource Pack (nine)

Angry Birds Resource Pack Preview

Take a Look At This Pack

Okay, I’ll confess that this isn’t the most helpful resource bundle available.

It also doesn’t help that it isn’t compatible with the most current versions of Minecraft.

But, hey, 1.8 is still pretty amazing, isn’t it?

You could even employ this monstrosity for legacy PvP if you’re up for a challenge.

Isn’t it true that the pack is animated?

All of the characters, even the pigs, have animated faces that correspond to their normal emotions. This is a real cutting-edge item.


Bomb Skin (nine)

Bomb Skin / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

This man is laid-back, but don’t mess with him!

When you’re close to him, you don’t want him to wander off.

If you enjoy Angry Birds and Minecraft pyrotechnics, you should have this skin by now (or at least be ready to give it a try).

Put this skin on, get the TNT kit, and go crazy! You know what to do when someone irritates you.


Chuck Skin (number 7)

Chuck Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Chuck’s regular form makes it difficult to create a Minecraft skin that looks like him.

However, this one’s cartoonish style makes it very believable.

It reminds me of Chuck from the movies!

Chuck is quick, so prepare your speed potions.

You may not be able to reach 100 mph as quickly as he does, but give it your all!


6. Green Pig Skin in Minecraft

Minecraft Green Pig Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Pigs may also be found in Minecraft.

Well, I believe this designer knew, since they developed a skin that turned a pig green…

And now you have a fully functional Angry Birds skin!

Even if they aren’t identical, the similarity is impressive, and it’s a great way to mix the two games.


5. Angry Birds Angry Birds Angry Birds Angry Birds

Angry Birds Mod For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

Although this mod is very ancient, some players still use 1.5.X for modifying.

Also, if you’re putting up a modpack for a multiplayer survival game, this might be a great addition.

Pigs may be placed throughout the area and exploded with the birds.

It’s easy, but you may play with your buddies or just blow up the scenery. In Minecraft, you can do anything you want.

You may also test the mod with more current versions, since the changes aren’t as significant. To be honest, that may just work!

Upward compatibility isn’t a new concept, and these kind of modifications may be effective at times.


Stella Skin (#4)

Angry Birds Stella Skin For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Skin

You may not be familiar with this character, since it featured in the film and some of the older video games.

Stella, on the other hand, is a character you may desire as an Angry Birds skin.

Her characteristics include “optimistic” and “bright.”

So if you connect with that (or simply enjoy the adorable feeling this skin gives off), this is an excellent option.


3. Skin of Silver

Silver Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Chuck’s younger sister!

She isn’t physically quick, but her mind is.

You’ll only like this skin if you have as many accolades as she has.

This is a basic and adorable skin, similar to Stella’s. If Stella’s pink isn’t enough to persuade you, this grey/silver version may.


2. Pig Worker’s Skin

Worker Pig Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Birds are constantly breaking into people’s homes.

Isn’t it true that someone has to work on it?

So there you have it: the one and lone unfortunate pig that has to repair everything whenever the birds come to visit.

He also carries a pickaxe on his belt, as you can see.

Maybe he’s interested in mining as well?


1. The Skin of the Blues

The Blues Birds / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

What do you think would be nice? To find a skin with the blues’ three heads piled on top of each other…

Although this may not be the skin you were searching for, I was able to locate one for you!

When I began this list, I was hoping to discover something similar. I’m amazed it hasn’t become more widespread.

Oh, and you’ll note they’re also dressed in a pig costume with this skin. Perhaps to hide from their foes?

I suppose you’ll have to experiment with the skin to find out.

There is no shortage of Angry Birds content around the internet, but there are still many, many skins, mods and packs that are free to download and use. If you’re after some free Angry Birds skins, mods and packs, then keep on reading. We have the best collection of Angry Birds skin packs, Angry Birds mods and Angry Birds Angry Birds mods free skin download links on this page. We also have Angry Birds skins, Angry Birds mods, Angry Birds skins for Android, Angry Birds skins for iOS, Angry Birds mods for Android, Angry Birds mods for iOS, Angry Birds skins for Mac, Angry Birds skins for Windows, Angry Birds skins for PC, Angry Birds skins for Facebook, Angry Birds skins for iPad, Angry Birds mods for Windows,. Read more about white angry bird and let us know what you think.

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