Over the weekend, Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer took to Twitter to announce that he’s been playing some games on Valve’s Steam platform. He then specifically pointed out that the Xbox One X and the Windows 10 version of Steam are well-suited for gaming. The move also proved that the Xbox One X can play games on PC.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, recently gave his first interview to Eurogamer where he said that “Games are better on Xbox because we can push them out the way they are” and that “I think they’re great on Steam because they can be used on PC and Xbox”.

After the Xbox One was released, Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Gaming at Microsoft, said in an interview with Gamasutra that the Xbox One was “not really designed to work with” the PC gaming platform Steam, citing issues such as “the look and feel”. Now, in a recent interview, Phil says the Xbox One has “worked really well” with the Steam service.

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Valve’s dedication to an open environment for its portable PC is one of the Steam Deck’s most appealing features. Users who wish to try anything other than the Steam Deck’s default Arch-based SteamOS 3.0 software may easily install another operating system. Of course, this includes the ever-present Windows.

Because of this amazing degree of versatility, Xbox gamers have been wondering how well the Steam Deck would play Xbox games. While it’s unclear how compatible the gadget is with the Windows 10 Xbox app, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer is pleased to announce that the device is a fantastic choice for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members who have access to certain games through xCloud. (To access Xbox Cloud Gaming on a Steam Deck, just open its web browser and go to Xbox.com.)

In a tweet last week, Spencer acknowledged, “After having mine for most of the week, I can say it’s a very wonderful gadget.” “I can play games on the move, and the screen size and controls are all excellent. Halo and Age are enjoyable to play, and xCloud performs well. “Congratulations, SD team.”

In an interview with IGN, Valve designer Lawrence Yang stated, “We don’t believe users should be tied into a particular path or a limited collection of applications that they can install.” “When you purchase a Steam Deck, you’re getting a PC. You can put anything you want on it and connect it to whichever peripherals you choose. Perhaps a better analogy is that it’s a tiny PC with a controller connected, rather than a game console.”

The Steam Deck is now available for pre-order in certain areas, with delivery set for December 2021. However, none of the existing reservations will be sent until until Q2 2022.

I was at @valvesoftware this week, talking about Steam Deck with Scott, Erik, and Gabe. I’ve had mine for a week and can say it’s a fantastic gadget. Games that I can take with me on the move, screen size, and controls are all excellent. Halo and Age are enjoyable to play, and xCloud performs well. Congratulations to the SD team. pic.twitter.com/q4hWBvkk85

— August 13, 2021, Phil Spencer (@XboxP3)

Will users be able to put Windows or other third-party software on their computers? Yes. Because the Steam Deck is a computer, users will be able to install anything they want, including different operating systems. – FAQs about the Steam Deck

Phil Spencer is the source for this information.

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