Madden 22 Controls Guide for Xbox and PlayStation

The Madden 22 Controls Guide is a comprehensive guide that will help you get up to speed with the new controls in the Madden 22 game. It will cover the Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but will also include a detailed view of all the new buttons, such as the in-game hot routes, that will be found in Madden 22.

EA Sports released Madden NFL 22, the latest installment in the Madden series, earlier this year to much fanfare. The latest installment of the series introduces a new game engine, but retains a lot of the fundamental gameplay and mechanics that fans of the series have come to love. One of the biggest changes in the game is the inclusion of a new NFL Rookie Draft class. These new players, drafted between the first and second rounds, are treated as rookies for the entirety of the game.

Madden NFL 22 is a football video game released by EA Sports for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Wii U. It is the 22nd installment in the Madden NFL series. It features several new features, including a revamped control scheme, a revamped player creation mode, and a new 3D animation engine.

Madden 22 Controls Guide for Xbox and PlayStation
Madden 22 Controls Guide for Xbox and PlayStation 3

EA Sports’ Madden 22 will be available on platforms on August 20, 2021. There are hundreds of controls to remember, but if you’ve played prior Madden games, it shouldn’t be too difficult. In any event, having a guide available to refer to in case you need to know what button to press may be useful. We’ve put up a comprehensive list of Madden 22 controls for every element of the game.

The list of Madden 22 Xbox and PlayStation controls for ballcarrier, catching, offensive, defense, blocking, and special teams can be found below. Feel free to save this page as a bookmark and return to it if you ever lose track of a button.

The Madden 22 controls are shown below.


Stiff ArmAX
SpinB or RS rotationRS should be circled or rotated.
Ball must be protected.RBR1
Dead LegRS DownRS Down
Juke LeftRS LeftRS Left
Right JukeRS RightRS Right
TruckRS UpRS Up
Give UpXSquare
QB SlideXSquare
Jurdle*Y+LS+LS +Triangle


Low PassHold LT + Receiver ButtonHold L2 + Receiver Button
High PassHold LB + Receiver ButtonHold L1 + Receiver Button
Passing the BulletKeep the Receiver Button pressedKeep the Receiver Button pressed
Pass with a touchPush the Receiver Button.Push the Receiver Button.
Lob PassPress the Receiver Button.Press the Receiver Button.
ScrambleLS + RTLS + R2
Pump FakeReceiver Button (Double Tap)Receiver Button (Double Tap)
Dispose ofR3R3
Toss out (Receiver 1)AX
Toss out (Receiver 2)BCircle
Toss out (Receiver 3)XSquare
Toss out (Receiver 4)YTriangle
Toss out (Receiver 5)RBR1


Aggressive GrabbingYTriangle
Catch PossessionAX
After catching the ball, run.XSquare
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Pursuit of the Defensive

Dive Tackle / Aggressive TackleXSquare
Blocker for Blow-UpsRS FlickRS Flick
Tackle for BreakdownAX
Cut StickRS DownRS Down
Assist on the DefensiveLBL1
Hit StickRS UpRS Up
Ball with StripesRBR1
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Offense with the Ball in the Air

Aggressive GrabbingYTriangle
Assist on the Defensive / Auto PlayLBL1
Catch PossessionAX
RAC CatchXSquare
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Defense of the ball in the air

Ball HawkYTriangle
Assist on the DefensiveRBL1
Play the role of receiverAX
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Offense before the game

Zoom in on the cameraDown on the D-PadDown on the D-Pad
Zooming in on the cameraD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Fake SnapRBR1
Hot RouteYTriangle
Factors that influence the rate of changeRTR2
Player in MotionLS (Left/Right Side) (Hold)LS (Left/Right Side) (Hold)
Password SecurityLBL1
Locked PlayerL3 is pressed twice.L3 is pressed twice.
Pre-Show MenuR3R3
Show-and-tell artLTL2
Snap BallAX
Alternate PlayerBCircle
Vision of the X-FactorRTR2

Defense in advance of the game

Zoom in on the cameraD-Pad (down)D-Pad (down)
Zooming in on the cameraUp D-PadUp D-Pad
Audible CoverageTriangleY
Hot Defensive RouteXA
Keys to Self-DefenseR1RB
Audible Defensive LineD-Pad on the leftD-Pad on the left
Audible linebackerD-Pad on the rightD-Pad on the right
Factors that influence the rate of changeR2RT
Pre-Show MenuR3R3
Activate the AudienceRS UpRS Up
Assignment / Show / Weak Side GapR2 + X + Circle = R2 + X + Circle = R2 + XA + B + RT
Show-and-tell artL2 (Hold)LT (Hold)
Alternate PlayerCircleB
Vision of the X-FactorR2RT

Engaged on the defensive

Bull RushRS DownRS Down
Swim/Club MoveLeft or Right RSLeft or Right RS
Tackle ReachLS + X (Left or Right)LS + Square (Left or Right)
Rip MoveRS UpRS Up
The Thrill of SpeedRTR2
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Coverage on the defensive side

Defensive AssistLBL1
Movement of the PlayersLSLS
Receiver (Press / Chuck)A + LSX + LS
Alternate PlayerBCircle


Cut Block with AggressivenessRS DownRS Down
Blocks Aggressive ImpactRS UpRS Up
When you collide with anything, you get a block.LSLS
Movement of the PlayersLSLS
Alternate PlayerBCircle

Receiver has been locked by the player.

Switch things up (on the line)Flick RSFlick RS
Change-up Release with CautionAX
Fire on the Ground (on the line)Hold RSHold RS
Play Art by IndividualsLTL2
Release in a HurryRTR2
Locked PlayerL3 is pressed twice.L3 is pressed twice.
Player who runs/moves on a routeLSLS

Offense of Special Teams

Fake SnapR1RB
Flip PlayR2 + SquareX + RT
Power / Accuracy of Snap / KickXA
Alternate PlayerCircleB

Defense of Special Teams

Attempt at a Diving BlockXSquare
Flip PlayX + RTR2 + Square
Attempt at a Jumping BlockYTriangle
Jump Snap / Show Play ArtRTR2
Alternate PlayerBCircle

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