Screenshots of all 21 Soul Shard Effects

Soul shards can be used to alter the appearance of your character’s avatar, giving them access to a wide variety of cool effects. We’ve got screenshotted all 21 effects below for you!

Screenshots of all 21 Soul Shard Effects

Here’s a look at the seven Soul Shards in the PTR, as well as the three impacts they may have. I hope it proves useful in your theorycrafting endeavors!

Diablo 3 Season 25 PTR Soul Shards

For those who are unable to access Imgur:

Liars’ Dregs (Weapon Soul Shard)

  • For 5 seconds, reduce the damage dealt to foes by 33%. The amount of damage you inflict is lowered by 50%.
  • 1 of:
    • When you critically hit an enemy, you get double the damage reduction.
    • This soul decreases your active cooldown by 5 seconds for each elite opponent defeated using the damage reduction effect.
    • When you take fatal damage, generate a shadow that saves you from dying, restores your health to 35 percent, and gives all party members +225 All Resist while it’s active. The shadow is barely 15 seconds long.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Anguish’s Essence (Weapon Soul Shard)

  • For 10 seconds, every time you inflict poison damage to an adversary, your cooldown reduction, movement speed, and damage taken increase by 5%. There is a limit of 10 stacking.
  • 1 of:
    • When you kill an opponent, the death blow inflicts the same amount of damage on all foes within 25 yards.
    • Dealing poison damage to an adversary might enhance your movement speed and cooldown reduction by up to 15 times.
    • For 10 seconds, when you give poison damage to an opponent, they take 50 percent more poison damage from all sources.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Pain’s Remainder (Weapon Soul Shard)

  • Your Critical Hit Chance has been lowered by 15%. Critical strikes are automatically awarded to attacks against incapacitated foes.
  • 1 of:
    • When you critically strike an adversary, all players’ attack speed is increased by 5% for 5 seconds. There is a limit of 10 stacking.
    • When you do cold damage to an enemy, you have a 50% chance of freezing them. The damage done by the cold skill to frozen enemies has been boosted by 20%.
    • You get passability when your movement speed is 50 percent quicker than usual. You knock foes back and stun them for 2 seconds as you go through them.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Sin’s Stain (Weapon Soul Shard)

  • You have a 25% reduction in damage. When you kill an Elite adversary, a pool of blood appears, increasing the damage dealt to non-elite adversaries by 250 percent for 7 seconds.
  • 1 of:
    • Non-elite foes are now likewise frozen by the pool of blood.
    • Within its region, the pool of blood now eliminates Elite affixes.
    • Rift Progress Orbs are now collected in the pool of blood.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Destruction Fragment (Helm Soul Shard)

  • You may travel freely through adversaries. For 7 seconds, each opponent you travel through will be noted as destroyed. Each marked opponent you kill takes 1 second off the cooldown of one of your talents. You take damage equal to 2% of your maximum health if the Mark of Destruction expires before the adversary dies. If your health is less than 35 percent, no marks are given.
  • 1 of:
    • Increase the Mark of Destruction’s duration to 10 seconds.
    • When an opponent dies while Mark of Destruction is active, you have a 25% chance of regaining 5% health.
    • You now leave a trail of fire in your wake, killing foes with the Mark of Destruction who have less than 10% health.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Hatred’s shard (Helm Soul Shard)

  • When there are three or fewer adversaries within 25 yards, you inflict 15% less damage. If more than three foes are within 10 yards of each other, you deliver 10% greater damage each enemy (to a maximum of 100 percent ).
  • 1 of:
    • Instead of doing 10% damage to each adversary, you now deal 15%. (to a maximum of 150 percent ).
    • Your movement speed has been enhanced by 50%. Each adversary within 25 yards slows you down by ten percent to seventy percent.
    • When an elite adversary is killed, all foes within 40 yards are dragged to the spot where the elite died.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

Terrorist Sliver (Helm Soul Shard)

  • Your cooldowns have been raised by 25%. You take 12.5 percent less damage and do 75 percent more damage for each skill on cooldown.
  • 1 of:
    • For each skill on cooldown, your attack speed and critical hit probability are raised by 7%.
    • After defeating 50 adversaries, you unleash a deadly Ring of Fire.
    • Your lightning and fire skill damage is raised by 50% if three or more abilities are on cooldown.
  • Flawless Royal’s five effects
  • a random fact

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