Every month, we invite the folks at Roberts Space Industries to nominate a creature or idea for inclusion in Star Citizen’s lore. The winner is then featured in the Star Citizen newsletter, where you can read it in all its glorious, game-changing glory. This month, we’ve got a story about the first sign of life in the universe, as well as an interview with the man who created it.

Star Citizen is a truly ambitious video game project that aims to revolutionize first person shooter games. The universal playground allows players to explore the vast cosmos and meet a whole host of other players and creatures. Join us each week in the hunt for new alien species and technology, and keep an eye out for future blog posts on location and in-game content.

It’s Alien Week, and if you haven’t been following the latest news on Star Citizen, I suggest you do so now, as it’s going to be a long one. First off, the game is now in a public Alpha testing phase, with lots of official and unofficial sites providing news and details about the game, and the official Star Citizen website now providing news and details about the game as well.

Welcome to Star Citizen news for the week ending the 13th. June 2021. There are many things to do! Alpha 3.14 Evocati expected next week…. and I hope the first wave of PTU’s will follow next week if testing goes well. Alien week started Friday – several spaceships can be seen at ….. Almost all alien ships, except Scythe and Glaive, are for sale. As we anticipated, Banu Merchantman is at 500…. $. And I expect it to be even more expensive when it’s built and ready to fly. There are several contests you can participate in, you can view them here. But it’s mostly based on income….. Hopefully we’ll get some updates on the alien ships next week as well. Xi’An’s new cargo ship is also available from $200. Gatac is a Xi’an-based manufacturer that builds hybrid ships for the people of Xi’an. Their first ship we’ve seen in the Star Citizen universe is the new Railen multi-crew concept ship, designed for a group of 4. The ship is a medium-sized solid cargo ship with a powerful arsenal that the crew can use to attack targets. 2 turrets with 2 S4 cannons each and 16 S1 missiles and 4 S2 missiles. 320 SCUs of cargo were stored outside the ship. It is equipped with a drawbar for moving and lifting loads. And 3 decks with a gravity lift that takes you through the ship and lets you go in or out of the belly. It has a spacious cabin with 4 crew beds, a large bathroom, a galley, a dining room, access to the gun turrets and parts, and room for all crew members on deck if they want (although in combat there must be 2 crew members on the gun turrets). The Xian technology is very cool, with lots of gravity and assembled consoles that seem to build themselves up before your eyes. There’s no release date for Railen yet, but you’ll get a Caterpillar and a Karthual on loan for the duration of the build. Inside Star Citizen reviewed Gatac Rails this week, and they said that designing and crafting is much faster, even with the more unique alien ships. He also discussed the various alien races in the Star Citizen universe with a brief look at the Banu, Xian, Tevarin and Vanduul… Nothing we haven’t heard already. In Star Citizen Live, concept artist JLee created a fictional alien race to show some of the processes they might go through and to get clues from viewers about what the environment and features of that race would look like. When I say fictional aliens… Sure, they’re all fictional, but I mean fictional for the story of SC, so for example the xenomorphs from Alien… In the SC universe, they could exist on television. DiscoLando, a curious sloth living in a watery environment, served as the aliens’ base and muse. It was a funny, stupid show… and J.L. said asshole and then said: Can I just say that. and that’s the only time I’ve heard anyone from the IGC swear (simple as that is), other than Chris or Sandy. The RSI subsidies were as high as 1. Access in July to Carrack flights. This week a new SC gadget was unveiled with the tagline I took my shovel, pick and pan to try a piece of dirt. This is a line from The Prospector’s Dream in the People’s Book of Words….. The progress list mentions a mining gadget that appears to have finished its currently scheduled work. The mining equipment allows you to modify the rock and help the player to exploit the deposit. In FPSs, the player can physically attach a device to a mine to change its properties and make mining either easier and safer, or faster and riskier. Maybe that’s it? Although some speculate it was a hacking device or an explosive charge. And that’s it for this week’s news ….. There’s a lot to look forward to next week…. more alien posts, a roadmap update, 3.14 Evocati is expected, and more.The latest Star Citizen news is right around the corner and it looks like the team has a lot in store for us over the next few weeks. First, check out the new alien concept art that was unveiled in the hangar this week. It’s a look at the new alien race that will be introduced to Star Citizen and it’s looking pretty cool.. Read more about star citizen alien ships and let us know what you think.

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