State of Play recently announced their surprise release, Star Ocean: The Divine Force. With this announcement they also revealed the game’s development team and that it is to be part of an upcoming trilogy.

The “star ocean: integrity and faithlessness romance” is a video from State Of Play that shows the announcement of a new Star Ocean game.

PREVIEW – State of Play has made a big announcement about Star Ocean: The Divine Force, which is a collaboration between Tri-Ace and Square Enix.


“Developed by tri-Ace Inc., Star Ocean: The Divine Force will transport players to a huge sci-fi fantasy universe and take them on an amazing trip with fast-paced action combat, rich exploration, and a creative narrative,” reads the publisher’s description.





Star Ocean: The Divine Force, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, expands on that rich heritage with new features that will please fans for years to come.

The first clip shows off a variety of new and returning components to the Star Ocean brand, including super-fast action bouts. There will be no random encounters; instead, players will engage combat with adversaries that fill the globe. Players may fly about, dive at adversaries, and float in the air. Richer exploration — scale towering peaks, go into dark, enormous valleys, and examine the world’s castles and villages.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will have a wide cast of playable characters and will present a captivating tale that effortlessly blends science fiction and fantasy themes, making it suitable for both newbies and veterans to the franchise. Raymond, the captain of the interstellar commerce ship Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of a kingdom on an underprivileged planet, are the game’s two protagonists, each offering a unique narrative viewpoint and gaming experience. Raymond, Laeticia, and numerous other allied characters will be brought together by Fate, all of whom will be created by famous artist Akiman (Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Street Fighter series),” Square Enix added.


Star Ocean The Divine Force featured 3


World of science fiction and fantasy


The PlayStation Blog has further information, which is a nice surprise for a fresh new game’s announcement: “[…] The first game in the series was launched in 1996, and the series has since grown to include five mainline titles, one spin-off game, and one smartphone game. […] When our two heroes join paths at the end of Infinite Space… the destiny of the universe wakes. You may freely fly throughout places in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Characters in this game may move freely in 360 degrees and even soar in the air. In three dimensions, you may freely move and explore: everything you see is a part of the field! While flying over the most important sites in history, you may maneuver in three dimensions. You’ll have greater flexibility in terms of both adventuring and combat, whether you’re soaring over the city and exploring the rockfaces and tops of buildings, or jumping down cliffs to join conflicts effortlessly.

The action in this Star Ocean game is the quickest and most intense of any in the series. This free-form play experience has also aided in the evolution of the fights. Characters can conquer a vast number of adversaries with super-fast movement strikes, a talent that allows you to disappear for a short duration in front of your enemies’ eyes, and a skill that can kill in one hit! This game will provide a hard but exhilarating fighting experience that may be enjoyed while flying over the air.”


Star Ocean The Divine Force featured 4




A prologue was also included to the story: “The Pangalactic Federation.” This organization has worked to provide peace and tranquility to the galactic masses since its inception in the Sol System. Many heroes have served under their banner as their reach has grown across the cosmos; saviours to worlds in need. Things have altered by the year 583 SD. The Pangalactic Federation, which was formerly famed for its peace, is now infamous for integrating planets without their consent. They were once symbols of justice, but today they are shrouded in darkness.

On a common transit voyage, Raymond, captain of the merchant vessel Ydas, leaves from the nonfederated planet of Verguld. The mission is straightforward, and the path is well-known, but things go bad when the Astoria assaults the Ydas. It’s a warship carrying a member of the illustrious Kenny family of the Pangalactic Federation. In the middle of the mayhem, Raymond and his crewmate Chloe are forced to escape the ship and go to the lonely, impoverished planet of Aster IV. A flash of energy like an EMP from the planet’s surface wipes out their systems and takes them plummeting down before their escape pods can even dock. They are separated and stuck in an unknown environment.

Raymond gets assaulted by some of the less-than-friendly local fauna as soon as he lands. But, just when everything appears lost, the crown princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius, Laeticia, saves his life. Laeticia is awestruck by the unexpected apparition of this guy who arrived in her life on a “shooting star,” and she begs Raymond to assist her in saving her country from the menace of the Vey’l Empire. He agrees in return for assistance in locating Chloe. So their trip aboard Aster IV starts. Raymond, on the other hand, would soon learn that he has yet to escape the Pangalactic Federation’s shadow. “Ray, from whence do you hail?” “I’m from another world—one that exists in the sky far, far away.” This meeting, as well as the subsequent struggle against overwhelming strength, ushers in a new era in galactic history.


Star Ocean The Divine Force featured 5


Protagonists from two separate civilizations are pitted against one other.


In a narrative told from each character’s viewpoint, science fiction and fantasy protagonists from two separate civilizations converge. The system of “dual protagonists” has made a resurgence. The narrative of this majestic ocean of stars is told through the perspective of two protagonists, one from an advanced civilisation (science fiction) and the other from an underdeveloped world (fantasy). The events of the plot, as well as who will be your companions at the conclusion of the game, may vary based on the protagonist you choose!”

The principal characters were also given a rundown: “Raymond (voiced in Japanese by Subaru Kimura); weapon: greatsword. A young guy from the planet Verguld, which is not part of the Federation. He is the captain of the commercial vessel Ydas, which is owned by Lawrence Logistics, a family business. His self-assurance causes him to act rashly in circumstances involving his friends and business, much to the chagrin of the Ydas staff. Raymond is a man with a huge heart, a giving personality, and a keen business sense. Because he is not a member of the Pangalactic Federation, he is not bound by the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact. Laeticia is won over by this honest willingness to meet people where they are, regardless of technical sophistication, but Albaird is suspicious.

Laeticia (voiced in Japanese by Inori Minase); weapon: twin blades Princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius is a large region on Aster IV, a poorly developed planet. Her dazzling and steadfast nature is adored across the realm, yet her chaste demeanor conceals her passion for armour and exceptional talent with the twin swords. To counter an impending danger from a neighboring nation, Laeticia embarks on a covert mission to track down a certain man. Along the journey, she encounters Raymond, who has lately been stuck on Aster IV. They agree to aid one another and set off on their journey together.

Albaird (voiced in Japanese by Natsuki Hanae); weapon: chakrams He was Laeticia’s childhood buddy and now serves her as a knight of the Kingdom of Aucerius. He is a master of semiomancy and chakram wielding. He is seldom far from Laeticia’s side because of his tremendous sense of devotion. Albaird’s left arm is wrapped all the way down to his fingers, and he makes protective motions every now and again. When he meets Raymond while accompanying Laeticia on her secret voyage, he doesn’t trust him. Despite his reluctance to go against her desires, he grudgingly permits Raymond to join them.

Elena (voiced in Japanese by Atsumi Tanezaki); weapon: hybrid weapons Ydas, a merchant’s vessel crew man, and Raymond’s first mate. She is in charge of almost the whole ship’s operations, and her enormous expertise and calm demeanor have gained her Raymond’s and the crew’s total confidence. Elena is frequently astonished by Raymond’s recklessness, yet she still admires his leadership skills.”




Information detonation


Character design by Akiman, music by Motoi Sakuraba, and a narrative by Yoshiharu Gotanda, Satoshi Wagahara, and Shunsuke Sarai make up Star Ocean: The Divine Force. In Spring 2022, further information on the game will be released, and it will be released next year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This knowledge bomb was powerful as a fresh disclosure…

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A surprise announcement from State of Play revealed the game’s release date. State of Play also revealed that the game will be available in a collector’s edition. Reference: star ocean: integrity and faithlessness collector’s edition.

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