Julie Allison is the CEO of Microgaming, one of the world’s most prolific online gaming companies with over 200 million active players. She has spent her entire career at Microgaming and when she announced in January that she was retiring to focus on philanthropic work, industry insiders were shocked – but not surprised. Her decision will likely affect how other developers hire for their teams.

Julie Allison’s Hiring Will Affect Microgaming is a blog post about the changes that will be happening in the gaming industry. Julie Allison, who is the CEO of Microgaming, says that she wants to make “transmission jobs” more accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Julie Allison joined the senior leadership team of Microgaming casinos, one of the most well-known online live casino software providers, in mid-July 2021. As Director of Markets, Ms. Allison has joined the team.

Microgaming/ Julie Allison https://www.microgaming.co.uk/ is a good place to start.

What is Ms. Julie’s contribution to the table?

Ms. Allison is already a famous name in the gaming business, so her hiring was a wise move for the already high-flying Microgaming casinos to increase their worldwide reach. She is a tremendous grab for the gaming giant, with over 10 years of iGaming expertise (the majority of which she held top positions at worldwide big-names like NetEnt and Red Tiger). She has extensive B2B and B2C marketing expertise. Julie Allison was formerly in charge of coordinating partnership acquisition, retention, and customer experience development in the sector.

Ms. Allison is the new Director of Markets, and she has a lot riding on her shoulders. Ms. Allison, according to Andrew Clucas, the COO of Microgaming casinos, “brings a distinctive and strong vision as well as tremendous commercial gaming skills that she has developed over the years.” Andrew expresses his excitement at having her on board and anticipates a fruitful cooperation as the firm expands into the worldwide market.

A direct quote from COO at Microgaming, Andrew Clucas

Andrew Clucas, Microgaming’s COO, said it best. 

Julie Allison’s Contribution to the Company’s Vision

Julie Allison’s major purpose in the post will be to give a strategic strategy and direction for Microgaming casinos’ expansion in new areas by finding and seizing any opportunities that arise, as well as navigating the evolving gaming regulatory environment.

Ms. Allison takes over the marketing department of the largest content aggregator Microgaming casinos at a critical time. Despite this, she is not at all scared by the task. The new marketing boss expressed excitement about her new position and said that she is eager to get started. She’s also pleased to be able to expand on the strong foundation that Microgaming casinos have already established in the industry. She is up to the task of steering the gaming software provider’s future market vision, negotiating new laws, and providing customer assistance while the company undergoes changes.

A direct quote from Director of Markets at Microgaming, Julie Allison

Julie Allison, Director of Markets at Microgaming, said it best.

What impact will this new appointment have on Microgaming casinos?

Ensure that the company’s top management is in good shape.

The fundamental goal of Microgaming casinos is to grow their tentacles and enter more regulated areas throughout the world. As a result, Julie Allison’s selection at this time is a smart business decision. It provides a significant boost to the company’s senior executives, particularly the marketing department.

Ms. Allison has a decade of expertise in the sector and has what it takes to take leadership of the company’s sophisticated marketing operations and effectively guide it towards new vistas. She has led new Microgaming casino acquisitions and collaborations with a variety of popular brands throughout the world, as well as navigating regulatory hurdles in new and current territories.

Better Prepares the Company for Changing Gaming Regulatory Requirements

Julie Allison, with her extensive knowledge in the sector, puts Microgaming casinos in a strong position. Her 10 years in the business position her as a crucial pillar in the company’s growth plan and all regulatory demands as she takes over the marketing department. The corporation is in a better position to navigate the gaming market’s continuing and ever-changing laws, particularly in the;

She will be at the helm of the company’s efforts to expand into new and current markets.

New Market Penetration Strategic Plan

Ms. Allison was in charge of user acquisition, retention, and experience enhancement at Red Tiger Gaming and NetEnt (when it purchased Red Tiger). Julie Allison gives clarity to Microgaming casinos as it grows into new and regulated regions, thanks to her extensive expertise. Ms. Allison is the new Director of Markets at the software company, and she is in charge of exploring and seizing new possibilities all around the world.

Microgaming casinos now have the power team required to expand into new countries and broaden their worldwide reach in 2021, with roots in more than 20 markets.

New Microgaming Casino partnerships

Microgaming Casinos has recently begun to form new alliances in order to expand their worldwide reach in accordance with their aim. The software provider had previously announced a new agreement with Doggo Casino in mid-July (the new baby of DoubleUp Group).

DoubleUp Group is a relatively young firm that was started in late 2020 in the Netherlands, but it has already made a name for itself in the gaming industry. This cooperation demonstrates that Microgaming Casinos has made significant success in entering the Dutch market.

Microgaming casinos declared their aim to expand their impact and product distribution in the Italian market in early May, after an agreement with the Italian gaming behemoth BLOX. Over 50 Microgaming games were added to the BLOX gaming catalog as a result of this transaction.

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