Long after the release of Final Fantasy XV, fans are still playing the game, even 4 years after its release. This is not a surprise for a series as popular as FF, as long as there is some kind of new expansion or DLC, such as Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood, or the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. But what is the best machinery weapon in the game?

With the prospect of Final Fantasy XV being one of the biggest game releases of the year, I’m going to start a review series on the game’s weaponry. In this first article, I’m going to cover the best of the best.

We’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV since its release last year, and we have been loving every minute of it. Though the game lacks the mainstays of the franchise such as magic, summons, and the summons are admittedly disappointing, there are amazing machines in Final Fantasy XV we need to talk about.

Final Fantasy XV draws much from the series’ prior installments. And when you look at the machine lineup, it’s easy to see why.

The majority of them are based on Edgar Figaro’s armament from Final Fantasy VI, and they’re all just as effective.

Prompto is the machinery boy in XV, and he uses his skills to great use with them. But Noctis can use them equally as well — and many creatures are vulnerable to their assaults.

However, there are a variety of machines to select from. So let’s have a look at the finest ones so you can decide what to buy.


Cannon of Flamebreath

While there are several machine guns that specialize on assaulting a large area, none look (or feel) as amazing as the Flamebreath Cannon.

What you receive is very much what you anticipate from the name:

A huge cannon that fires a torrent of fire for the duration of your MP.

If you keep pressing that button, everything in your path will be burnt.

It is, of course, fundamental. That is to say, everything vulnerable to magic (or fire) will be completely destroyed by the continuous harm dealt to it.

The Flamebreath Cannon is effective against physical-resistant enemies like as Flans and Iron Giants.

It’s also great for getting rid of low-level fodder in an area or those annoying add opponents that show up during boss battles.

How to get it: This weapon may be found at the Kingsglaive Base Camp late in the game.


Circular Saw No. 4

Circular Saw Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

The Circular Saw is a weapon with a shorter range.

Its modest AOE strike travels a long distance, and while swinging it around, Noctis is typically just a few feet away.

However, this does not negate its potency!

The Circular Saw is excellent for fending off attackers and creating a safe zone around whomever is wielding it.

Prompto can make great use of the saw, particularly when combined with a couple of his skills.

Noctis may utilize it to do great single-target damage, and the saw is best used against large adversaries like imperial mechs or behemoths in both instances.

Even better, the Circular Saw’s attack strength may be almost tripled by upgrading it.

How to get it: The MA-X Cuirass monster will drop it at the conclusion of Chapter 2.


3. Crossbow auto

Auto Crossbow Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

The Auto Crossbow is for you if you’re constantly plagued by low-level groups of Sabertusks, goblins, or scorpions.

The Crossbow, being a dedicated area-of-effect weapon, can quickly kill tiny fry and make short work of groups of opponents.

When touring the fields of Eos, this comes in useful since it keeps the trip rhythm running without too much disruption.

For the same reason, the Auto Crossbow is ideal for dungeons.

In their cramped confines, a hail of arrows will almost certainly not only strike, but also do considerable damage.

And what about when you improve the Crossbow?

You’ll have a weapon that you’ll be able to use indefinitely.

The Keycatrich Trench is where you’ll find it.


Bioblaster is number two.

Bioblaster Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

You may stumble into a group of creatures that are difficult to kill when on a hunt (or while fighting harder bosses).

In these circumstances, weapons like the Auto Crossbow and Flamebreath Cannon are useful, but the Bioblaster stands out the most.

This device shoots a mist of poison throughout the area, poisoning any opponents caught in it.

Applying the poison as early as possible in the fight is the ideal way to utilize the Bioblaster.

When you use a poison, you’ll have a constant supply of harm that you won’t have to worry about. It’s completely free harm!

It’s also simple to re-apply with only a few taps.

It’s also simple to update, allowing you to more than double the output.

How to Get It: Just south of the Keycatrich Trench’s entrance, outside the Keycatrich Trench.


Drillbreaker No. 1

Drillbreaker Machinery Weapon / Final Fantasy XV

Getting up up and personal with enemies and inflicting a lot of damage isn’t a new element in Final Fantasy XV.

The Drillbreaker, on the other hand, is perhaps the finest illustration of it.

You may use this machine to sneak up on an opponent and penetrate their hide with your spinning bit, doing a lot of damage.

This is a fantastic method to balance the odds and one of the simplest ways to break opponents.

It may also be used to break pieces off of monsters that are on the ground.

The improved Drillbreaker is the game’s most powerful machine weapon!

It’s a fantastic combat opening, and a nightmare for opponents who are vulnerable to machines – or, come to think of it, any adversary.

How to Get It: Infiltrate the Formouth Garrison option in Chapter 8 and look for the weapon.

When the time comes to decide what kinds of weapons you want your characters to use in Final Fantasy XV, you’ll need to know the various types of weapons available to you, and what their stats are. There are many different types of weapons in Final Fantasy XV, and each type has its own unique bonus or drawback.. Read more about ffxv best machinery and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 15?

The strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 15 is the Ultima Blade. It is obtained by completing the game. This can be found in the post game at the top of the Rock of Ravatogh mountain. Q: What are some good beginner PS4 games? Some great PS4

What is Noctis best weapon?

I would have to say that Noctis best weapons are the Engine Blade and the Brotherhood. The engine blade is a long sword that Noctis uses to cut through his enemies. It is an extremely powerful weapon. The brotherhood is a katana that Noctis uses to attack his enemies in a flurry

What is Noctis signature weapon?

His signature weapon is the Engine Blade. It is an ancient sword that naturally absorbs the element of earth, which can be used to attack enemies with. During the game, Noctis can upgrade the Engine Blade to different forms, each with a unique ability. Q: How to get more damage in

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