Grind is the word when it comes to leveling up in World of Warcraft (WoW). You grind, that means you play a lot of the same content over and over and over again. You go to the same spots in battlegrounds, battlegrounds, you quest in the same areas, you level up in the same dungeons, dungeons, you go to the same places in world of warcraft, world of warcraft, you kill the same mobs, mobs, you use the same tactics, tactics, and you put the same skills, skills, you level up the same way, the same way, and you repeat the same thing over and over again.

When it comes to grinding and leveling in online games, there are few places that can rival the quality of Pokemon GO’s Raid Battles as a place to do so.

The grind to level-up in video games is a universal phenomenon. But how can one determine the best spots to grind and level-up? At thinkofgames, we’ve found some of the best places to grind and level-up. Some of these places are as exciting as they are unexpected.

What good is an RPG if it doesn’t include a few hours of sheer level grinding?

Getting enough experience points to take on strong monsters, travel through difficult regions, or hunt for rare resources is a traditional RPG experience.

Kingdom Hearts III is no exception.

Sure, the main game can be completed without much grinding. You’ll need to be at the top of your game if you want to stand a chance against the Data Organization or other secret bosses.

Follow us as we discover some of the finest locations in Kingdom Hearts 3 to buff, level up, and prepare Sora for any challenge.


12. Natural Retracement of Steps

Let’s start with something a bit out of the ordinary.

Rather than discussing a particular location, we’ll discuss a solid method to “grind” experience without needing to grind in one place.

This technique is for you if you’re the kind that simply wants to go to a higher level for the following part without spending the next hour doing the same thing.

You’re likely to have overlooked some fortunate symbols, synthesis tools, treasure boxes, or anything else in your Gummiphone throughout your trip.

That is the ideal moment to return to those planets and finish them.

It’s likely that after you’ve completed your quest, you’ll automatically level up as you kill opponents along the route. It won’t be a big increase, but it should be plenty to get you through the following section.


11. Olympus’ shadow region

Shadows in Olympus World / KH3 Screenshot

In Olympus, there is an area where Shadows and Neoshadows are constantly produced.

After The Final World, this region may or may not be accessible, although information is limited.

In any case, this is a good place to grind from about Level 40+, since Shadows give you around 83 Exp and Neoshadows give you 266 Exp.

There are lots of alternative ways available at this point in the game, but it sticks out due to the endless opponents.


10. Segments of Boo’s Laughter

Grinding in Monstropolis in KH3

To make Boo laugh out loud early in the Monstropolis narrative, you’ll need to use all of your finest comedic tricks.

Boo will have a tiny laugh gauge throughout these parts that fills up over time and stops when you perform the response command.

If you never click the response command, however, the process continues and an endless number of Heartless and Unversed are spawned for you to battle.

You are free to hack and slash demons in front of a kid for as long as you like.

However, this is a one-time event for the whole globe. So, if you’ve already gone through the regions, you’re out of luck and laughs.


9. Gigas on the Floors of Toy Stores

Sora getting into a Gigas Robot in KH3

Causing enormous mayhem in the gigantic Gigas mech toys in the Toybox Toy Store is one of the most interesting (and enjoyable) ways of early level grinding.

The mechs are massive and strong, capable of annihilating hordes of Heartless with ease.

And although dying in the mech will cause the machine to explode, it will not kill you.

This means you may easily resume the battle by hijacking another bot.

In a mech, you can travel three levels in one go, which means there are a lot more heartless to shoot.

This is an excellent grinding technique if you like mech-style fighting.

Each color mech has its unique set of attacks and mobility patterns. So, if you’re bored, try out some other weapons and rockets.


8. Battles at Sea

Sea Ship battle grind in KH3

Yo-Ho Yo-ho, a life as a pirate awaits you!

As you set sail and fire cannons on unsuspecting enemy ships, this technique of grinding is a fun.

Not only do the enemy ships provide a lot of experience for mid-leveling, but you also get trophies and other rewards along the route.

If you’re a stickler for details, this technique will come in handy.

You may level up your pirate ship and your party, and strive to sink 200 ships for a prize. That, as well as the fact that sailing over the oceans is a fantastic experience.

Make a point of visiting any islands you haven’t seen yet. They may contain riches, opponents, and other items that you might otherwise overlook.


7. The Isle of Good Fortune

Sora gliding towards Isle of Luck in KH3

Why not pitch anchor at a neighboring island if you grow weary of sailing the seven seas?

The Isle of Luck is a little island at the bottom of your map’s center.

This island is home to some tough heartless, especially the Anchor Raiders, who will reward you with a lot of EXP if you beat them.

Traveling to this island a few times will raise your level quicker than a pirate’s flag post.

That isn’t all, however. Since you’re a pirate, there’s plenty of loot to be had on this island as well.

The Heartless in this area are likely to drop a large number of uncommon and valuable synthesis items.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for Wellspring or Lucid ingredients.


6. Corona Forest Kingdom

Kingdom of Corona Forest Path in KH3

If you want to get over-leveled fast, this is a great place to grind in the early game.

We get a lengthy, exp-filled route in Corona Woodland that begins at Rapunzel’s Tower and snakes its way through the whole forest region, earning you about 2000 exp each run.

This trekking route is recommended if you grow bored quickly with grinding the same opponents in the same region over and over again.

At least for the first couple of runs, there’s enough variation to keep things interesting.

Once you’ve finished a run through, just return to the Tower and repeat the process!

There’s also a similar grinding route in Arendelle later in the game that you may use to grind mid-to-late game levels.


5. The Graveyard of the Keyblade

Keyblade Graveyard Screenshot from KH3

Swarms upon swarms of innumerable foes await you at the Keyblade Graveyard, ranging from Heartless to Nobodies to Unversed.

You may usually use the Mountain Coaster response command to resume the narrative and sequence after you’ve defeated enough of these monsters.

If you don’t utilize it, though, the sequence will continue to generate additional opponents until you click it.

As with the locations in Monstropolis described before, this may be exploited and utilized to grind a lot of experience.

It will require a great deal of patience. However, you may spend hours bashing opponents about in just one region until you achieve your target level.

This is definitely one of the best locations to grind if you want to be ready for the ultimate battle against the Real Organization XIII.


4. The Gods’ Realm (Battle Gate #1)

Battle Gate #1 Fight in KH3

Battlegates will be our next destination on this grinding train.

These unique challenge locations become available towards the conclusion of the game, so they’re your best bet for preparation for the final fight or leveling up thereafter.

The Secret Reports may also be discovered in these tasks if you’re looking for some additional backstory.

The first Battlegate we have is one that may be discovered in the Realm of the Gods’ large open courtyard.

This one doesn’t give you as much experience as the others, but it’s one of the easiest ones to take on if you don’t want to put too much effort into it and simply spam AOE moves.

With Thundaga and some XP increase food, you should be able to get around 1 new level each run.


3. Severance Skein (Battle Gate #0)

Battlegate #0 Heartless Fight in KH3

Each Battlegatee is a bit better than the last when it comes to grinding.

Which opponents you want to fight and what rewards/materials you want to acquire when grinding are usually a matter of personal choice.

You may battle in a dark tunnel for this Battlegate (found in The Keyblade Graveyard), which is simply amazing.

That is the major distinction between this and the prior one. Both are fantastic.


2. The Battle Gate of Arendelle (Battle Gate #9)

Arendelle Battlegate #9 in KH3

Now we’ll go on to the game’s two most important suggested grinding locations.

First, there’s the Battlegate, which is located in Arendelle’s icy tundra.

This gate is excellent for gaining a lot of experience in a short amount of time. You’ll reach level 99 in no time if you have the patience, earning approximately 45,000 exp every minute… or some time. You get my drift.

If you’re in need of an Evanescent Crystal, you may get one here as well.


1. Battle Gate #12 in San Francisco’s North District

Location of Battle Gate #12 in KH3

And here’s where everyone recommends leveling in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Battlegate in San Fransokyo is very likely the most powerful leveling location in the whole game.

With proper drive, you can get from level 50 to 99 in around 30 minutes.

That’s a lot better than the other options on this list.

This is a no-brainer if you need levels for the Data Organization Boss battles, the level 99 accomplishment, or anything else that requires higher levels.

Not only can you grind a lot of important synthesis materials here, but you can also build the Ultima Weapon if you haven’t previously done so.

Nowadays, leveling up in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Overwatch has become much more exciting to players than grinding. There’s no longer a need to wait around for hours in-game, hoping to be killed by another player in order to level up. Instead, you can log into the game, run a few laps, and be back to grinding level 30 before you know it.. Read more about bdo silver grinding spots 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I grind at 200 ap?

The best place to grind at 200 ap is in the arena.

Where should I grind BDO?

You should grind in the following locations: 1. The Marni area of the Western Guard Camp 2. The fields near the Western Guard Camp 3. The fields near the Eastern Guard Camp

Where is the best place to grind in eso?

The best place to grind in ESO is the zone called The Rift located in the Imperial City.

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