RuneScape is an old school MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that has been around for over 14 years and has over 142 million registered players worldwide. While the game has seen a lot of changes and updates over the years and with the recent release of RuneScape 3, it hasn’t been quite as popular as it used to be.

The drop system in RuneScape is one of the most popular systems on the market for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). When something valuable is dropped, the wait time is usually long enough to make players reckless. Thefts and losses of valuable items are very common in RuneScape, causing players to want to get something back for their loss. In this article, we are going to focus on the most valuable and rarest drops in the game.

With over 10 million accounts created, it is hard to believe that there are still players out there that have never seen a drop of the Old School RuneScape online game. Yes, even in 2013 there are still players that are not familiar with the game which originally launched back in 2001. The game is still going strong all these years later, and new in-game additions are always keeping players coming back.

The greatest treasure in OSRS is typically the rarest, and it may be trapped behind some ridiculous drop rates.

The rarest drops in the game have the greatest street value, as you would expect. Getting your hands on one of them might be your ticket to the Richie Rich lifestyle.

But not everything is done for the sake of wealth. Rare drops may demonstrate your dedication to a particular grind, as well as your toughness and perseverance in the game.

So, which drops are so uncommon that you’ll virtually never see them in nature?

Let’s get started.


Draconic Visage is number ten.

The famous Draconic Visage is first on our list.

The Dragonfire Shield is made using the visage, which was only dropped by a few dragons in the early days of OSRS. Its drop range has subsequently been extended to include a few additional monsters.

This has a 1/10k chance of dropping from regular dragons, and it’s on our list since it’s grown much more frequent in recent years.

It’s more frequent today, owing to the fact that there are so many more dragons that drop it – certain boss dragons, such as Vorkath and KBD, drop the visage at a 1/5k rate.

The face is currently only worth about 2.5 million dollars, although it was formerly worth considerably more.

Nonetheless, the drop rate is very high. And many gamers will spend their whole OSRS career without seeing a single face on the ground to capture!

From blue up, King Black Dragon, Vorkath, Black Dragons, Metal Dragons, Skeletal Dragons, Lava Dragons, and Brutal Dragons will drop this item.


Warhammer of the Dragon

Dragon Warhammer Weapon in OSRS

The Dragon Warhammer is highly sought after and valuable, with a 1/5k drop rate.

Because this weapon is valued 39 million dollars, it’s often farmed by gamers expecting to strike it rich.

Lizardman Shamans are the only ones that drop these, and killing them requires 100 percent Shayzien House favor.

Ironmen would frequently grind for weeks for this weapon since it is so essential in PvM and raids.

The easiest method to acquire this is to use a cannon to kill Lizardman shamans in Lizardman Canyon to maximize your DPS. The Lizardman caverns, on the other hand, are an excellent single-player alternative.


Scrolls of the Champion

Vampire Champion’s Scroll Item in OSRS

Before you may start receiving Champions’ scrolls, you must have 32 quest points and be on a member world.

There are a total of ten champion’s scrolls available, each with a 1/5k drop rate.

If you get a scroll, you will be able to challenge that champion.

You’ll receive the Champion’s Cape if you defeat all 11 champions after acquiring the 10 available scrolls.

This cape is perhaps the rarest in OSRS, since you’d have to reach the 1/5k drop rate over ten times to get it.

Getting this takes an absurd amount of time and effort.

When it comes to the champion scroll dropping races, you’ll have to be fortunate. The scroll has a 1/5k chance of being dropped by any of them.


Pet Bloodhound No. 7

Bloodhound Pet Render from OSRS

The chance of finding this adorable doggo in a master clue coffin is one in a thousand.

While the drop rate may seem to be acceptable, the actual problem is that farming several master hints is very tough.

The only options for getting them are all difficult, and obtaining them in quantity would take a long time.

Completing 100 master clues alone may take months for most gamers.

The Bloodhound is one of the most difficult pets to get because to its lengthy and arduous grind.

The Blood Hound is obtained through opening master clue caskets.


6. Weapons of the Wilderness

Viggora Chain Mace Wilderness Weapon / OSRS

The drop rate for these three weapons is insane!

Only Revenants in the Revenant Cave, deep in the Wilderness, drop these.

Assume you’re trying to get this drop while battling the highest level Revenant, the Revenant Dragon.

While skulled, the drop rate would be extremely high at 1/11,000.

It’s 1/40,000 when it’s not skulled!

In comparison, the imp, the lowest level revenant, has a 1/121k skulled drop rate and a 1/220k un-skulled drop rate.

As you can see, rates are very improbable to occur. Add in the fact that they’re in the most hazardous area of the forest, and it’s easy to understand why grinding them out seems to be impossible.

This is definitely not a grind for the faint of heart.

How to Get It: Revenants drop it as an ultra-rare drop.


5. Pets from the God War Dungeon

K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. God War Pet from OSRS

There are four God War Dungeon pets in all. And they’re all being dumped at a 1/5k pace.

This may seem feasible…

Until you discover that God War Dungeon monsters are difficult to solo and take a long time to complete.

A maxed main may only get 3 kills on a solo Bandos excursion. It takes nearly 20 minutes to prepare for this, and you get three kills each trip, or maybe nine per hour.

A drop rate of 1/5,000 looks virtually unattainable at 9 kills per hour unless you have some extremely fortunate RNG.

The easiest way to get these boss pets is to team up with a buddy or form a trio.

Regrettably, you now run the danger of your pals catching the flu instead of you!

How to Get It: This item is an extremely rare drop from all four God War dungeon bosses.


4. Skilling Animals

Rock Golem Skilling Pet Render from OSRS

Each of the eight skilling pets is very uncommon.

In order to get these pets, many gamers go over and beyond the maximum level of 99 in terms of experience.

The chances of getting them vary from location to location, depending only on activity. As a result, I’ve already done the calculation and will give you a roundabout drop rate!

If you train from level 1 to 99, you’ll have a 30 percent chance of getting a skilling pet in that particular skill.

Given how long it takes to get 99 in most abilities, this is pretty remarkable!

Even so, the chances are still stacked against you. And it doesn’t seem like obtaining a skilling pet is even a 50/50 shot!

When we consider that the majority of players won’t even aim for 99 on their accounts, the little amount of skilling pets we see in the game makes sense.

How to Get It: This item can only be obtained as an extremely uncommon chance when learning specific abilities.


3. Armour of the Third Age

Third Age Armour Set Equipped / OSRS

The ultimate mega-rare drop, obtained from hard clue scrolls and above, is third age, which is well-known in the community.

There are many possibilities and things at play here as well. As a result, I’ve standardized the drop rate and performed some calculations for you:

For hard hints, you may anticipate a drop rate of 1/42,120 for a third-age armour piece.

And it’s closer to 1/52,800 for elite clue scrolls!

The reason for this is because the hard drop table has more items, which raises the chance. The drops on the elite table, on the other hand, are more costly.

The Third Age set’s extremely high drop rates are what make it so appealing.

How to Get It: Mega-rare drops from hard clue scrolls and above are the only way to get it.


2. Armadyl Helmet & Bandos Boots from Guards

Armadyl Helmet on character from OSRS

This is when things start to get a little… ridiculous.

From Kree’arra and General Graardor, the Armadyl helm and Bandos Boots are both 1/128 drops. So, why are they on this list in the first place?

Well, my friends, you may come across a Bandosian or Armadylean Guard during an elite clue, and both of them can drop the helmet or boots at a rate of… 1/1,000,000!

Yes, you read it correctly: a one-in-a-million chance.

I would never advise grinding this out.

The logistics would be absurd; you’d devote years of your life to this aim and yet be unable to get the drop.

Normally, I would advise you to go out and do your best. However, you may just go to the God Wars Dungeon and purchase this at the 1/128 cost. In the end, it’ll make for a better narrative.

How to Get: If you go for the Armadylean or Bandosian guards directly, this drops at a near-impossible 1/ 1 million drop rate.


1. Onyx from a Bag of Gems, uncut

Uncut Onyx Item Render from OSRS

You haven’t seen anything yet if you thought the last item was crazy.

An Uncut Onyx from a bag full of Gems is the rarest drop in the game.

An individual gem’s chance of being onyx is 1/100,000,000, with a bag’s chance of being onyx being 1/2,500,000.

1 in every 2.5 million people.

While the previous item on our list may take years to complete, this one may take decades.

If you desire an onyx, Zulrah drops them at a rate of around 1/128.

You may also purchase them for tokkul from the TzHaar gem store.

How to Get: Bags full of Gems may be purchased at Motherload Mine and the Star Shop. But simply get them for the regular set of diamonds! This method of onyx hunting seems harsh.

Old school RuneScape isn’t just a game. It’s a great way to socialize with friends, meet new people, and reminisce. I can only think of plus five hundred or more people who have been on this site in the past, and probably many of them are reading this post right now. The best part about old school RuneScape is that you never have to pay a cent to play. All you have to do is log in and play the game.. Read more about rarest things in osrs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive item in Osrs?

The most expensive item in RuneScape is the dragon pickaxe.

What monsters drop the best loot Osrs?

The best loot in Old School RuneScape is dropped by the bosses.

What is very rare drop rate rs3?

The rarest item in RuneScape 3 is the dragon pickaxe. It has a drop rate of 1/1,000,000.

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