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20 Anime With The Best Worldbuilding (Our Top Recommendations)


As anime and manga fans, we want anime and manga to have a serious purpose, and the best way to do that is to build a world that is rich, detailed and believable. Here, we’ll give you ten anime and manga that show off the best world building, as well as some tips on how to do it.

Worldbuilding is the art of creating convincing, realistic worlds where the story can unfold. If you think about it, it’s the first thing that draws you into a story. If it’s well done, the readers will be able to imagine themselves as part of the world. Some of the best examples of worldbuilding are in anime and manga (Japanese comics and cartoons). Here are the top picks for the best examples of worldbuilding in anime and manga.

We have all seen the anime that has all the perfect worldbuilding and we know that they are the best and are always a must watch but what are the ones that we all haven’t seen and we should watch it.

We’ve looked at a lot of rankings in our rankings, which you should check out.

But the characters alone can’t always elevate a show to that illusory S level.

Because even the best characters can’t thrive if the story has a boring, uninteresting world that you don’t care about.

So let’s look at some more subtle examples and see which anime has managed to create a world so interesting (or believable) that our own reality pales in comparison.

If you like strong world building, you’ll definitely find at least one great series here.

20. Naruto

best worldbuilding anime - naruto

If the anime hadn’t been such a failure at the end of the series, this series would have been rated much higher.

However, one cannot deny that the universe of Naruto is extremely interesting and detailed.

The chakra system, although not very original, gave the series its distinctive look. And the many factions scattered throughout the story give the impression of a realistic world.

The series explores multiple villages and peoples, their leaders and warriors, and the history woven between them, and there’s no shortage of world-building.

In fact, if Shippuden hadn’t gone to shit by the end of the series, it would have easily been at the top of my list.

19. Baccano!

word image 29224

Dr. Stone is another good example of this principle, as there are no supernatural elements in it.

Okay, except for the green light, but we don’t know that yet.

What I like about Dr. Stone is that nothing is done behind the scenes. Their world is essentially infantile in terms of technology, and we get to see every step of the creative process.

The things they made in episode five will come in handy in episode ten, which gives a great sense of continuity.

Every touching detail of the story is explained in such detail that you really feel like you understand the whole world at every moment of the story. It’s definitely worth checking out.

17. Kill la Kill

word image 29225

This may seem a little strange since the show is completely absurd and doesn’t take itself too seriously….. but I still think it’s worth mentioning.

That’s because Kill la Kill is always very consistent.

The class system around Honnoji Academy exists throughout the city. And we can easily see how it took root.

The series also explores other regions of Japan and their own school systems, while giving us a great story that explains both the forces at work in the series and the motivations of each of the main characters.

We see who is pulling the strings, who is resisting the status quo, and how the common man survives in this world.

So, breasts and butts aside, there’s an interesting world to explore.

16. Animal bears

word image 29226

Although the characters are just animals, Beasts is completely based on reality.

At least as far as a realistic world for humanoid animals is concerned.

The series beautifully explores the social structures and tensions that exist between predators and herbivores. You can immediately see the two sides condemning each other, and little things like black market meat make the world believable.

Nothing is exaggerated, and everything seems logical given his situation.

When it comes to dissecting society and the many concepts that exist in a civilization, I think few series (animated or otherwise) can match Beasts.

15. Monogatari series

word image 29227

To fully understand the world building of the Monogatari series, you need to watch the seasons one at a time – not in an omnibus chronology.

That way, you can really feel the impeccable care that has gone into this world; as you gradually discover elements, you get a great picture that you can’t ignore.

There are so many moving parts in the show, and some of the characters have such a deep history that they seem like legends.

And the many supernatural elements present in the series make the world very mystical and at the same time more than believable.

14. Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

word image 29228

First of all, you have to love the aesthetics of this series.

While most anime stick to the usual Japanese or even American setting, Magi has opted for a more Middle Eastern setting, making it feel like a breath of fresh air.

The choice of feeding systems is also very interesting.

Dungeons appear all over the world, and those who have the strength to defeat countless enemies and make it all the way through are rewarded with great powers.

This makes each main character interesting and complex, as they are not born omnipotent.

Add to that the story of the Djinns themselves and the prequel Sinbad, which is more about the origins of Earth, and you have a pretty memorable world on your hands.

13. Re: Creator

word image 29229

Re : Creators was just brilliant in its concept.

He took our ordinary modern world and added a twist: the concept that fantasy worlds can now coexist with our own.

The way the anime characters come to Japan and meet their writers was both very metaphorical and very funny.

And the series set strict rules for how these two had to work together, resulting in a very unique but down-to-earth world that anyone can understand at a glance.

Maybe it just tickled my fancy, because I love meta-content.

But the brilliantly simple way the world was built impressed me.

12. Mushoku Tensei : Reincarnation of the unemployed

word image 29230

I’ll be honest:

In many ways, Reincarnation Without a Job is a typical Isekai style series.

However, many subtle changes have been made that place his worldview above that of others.

How the magic system works is explained in detail, as is why the main character is a head taller than the others. He’s not a reincarnated god or anything.

But because of his adult mind in the body of a child, he could learn much faster than anyone else.

The fact that the god who brought him into this world was a real character was also a nice touch that added a sense of reality.

In addition, all the characters are drawn in a very realistic way, giving the whole world a natural and realistic feel.

11. Promised Never-Never Land

word image 29231

There’s no denying that the second season was disappointing in terms of plot.

In terms of world building though, it was just as brilliant as the first season.

By getting away from a specific farm and showing the rich history of the world, how it was divided in two and why farms came into existence in the first place, it helped give the world a sense of legitimacy.

Not to mention the various other people who lived in the outside world, as well as the demons who were against eating people.

The world was so complex and well fleshed out that it’s really a shame that the second season couldn’t convey it in its entirety.

10. Overlord

word image 29232

Overlord did a great job with the exhibit.

Since the main character knows absolutely nothing about the world around him and is supposed to lead his army, the series allowed for a lot of detailed explanation without fear of coming across as forced.

With Momonga as a villain and a heroic traveler, we got to see representatives from all walks of life.

And with plenty of screen time dedicated to the series’ many factions, the world seems vast and prosperous.

This shows that there is a way to manage exposure even in the OP-MC-Isekai series.

9. No game, no life

word image 29233

No Game No Life had a similar approach where we learned directly from the characters.

The fact that everything in the various games is based on your skills has made for a surprisingly consistent power and class system, as well as a clear division between the many races.

If you’ve been watching anime for a while, you’ve probably heard the calls from No Game No Life fans for a second season.

And I think that says a lot about the passion with which this series was made.

Everyone wanted to see how the battle between the races would go, and what this living world had to offer.

8. Ball Horizon

word image 29234

This series is not afraid to tackle the most banal and boring aspects of civilization.

Of course, there are also many struggles and beautiful moments in life. But you know what the essence of the show is?


Deciding which guild does what and which people hold which positions was the most important part of the series.

We saw how each decision affected people, and the relationship between Isekaid’s adventures and the previous NPCs brought the whole story to life.

So if you’re looking for a very confusing world where politics is as important as your power level, you should definitely try this game out.

7. The time I turned into slime

word image 29235

I swear, this is the last isekai on this list.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has many similarities to Log Horizon, as we see how a nation is built from the ground up.

What started as a lonely snail soon became a commercial mecca, bankrupting its neighbours.

And we see every step of the way.

With so many unique monsters in the series, and several other nations and factions, Rimuru is far from the only notable character.

We see lone criminals become ministers, powerful demon lords become allies, and religious sects become warmongers.

Everything fits together perfectly.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

word image 29236

FMA Brotherhood took a fairly standard world and added a key element to make it completely unique: Alchemy.

The power system of alchemy is masterfully developed in the series, making every fight and plot point meaningful.

There are also power-ups that appear out of nowhere and deus ex machinas running around, which makes the story very compelling.

Also, the story surrounding the Philosopher’s Stone and Edward’s encounter with a certain man gives the series the boost it needed to feel completely unique and magical, but also believable and down-to-earth.

5. The Hunter and the Huntress (2011)

word image 29237

Although Hunter x Hunter seems like a rather boring shonen anime, there is one thing that really sets it apart from the rest:

His energy system, Nen.

I think Nen has one of the most complete and well explained power systems in the anime, so any sudden increase in power is completely justified and logical.

Adding a single change to a world that was huge and interesting in its own right puts Hunter x Hunter in the S range in terms of world building.

Everything happens for a reason.

Every battle is fought according to the rules of the world.

And each character has an overriding motivation.

Not to mention the manga is a completely different monster.

4. Made in the Abyss

word image 29238

Made in Abyss has perhaps one of the most interesting and vivid fantasy worlds in all of anime.

The heart of the show is a huge hole in the ground with countless levels and a variety of different creatures and plants living in it.

And above the Earth, we see a company created solely for the exploration of the abyss. Since the school focuses on what is known about the giant hole, and research is the main interest of all supernaturals, it is easy to imagine this world as real.

Even small details like the mysterious writing system or the fact that the orphanage is funded by orphan research add a lot to an already incredible fictional world.

3. From the New World

word image 29239

When it comes to worldbuilding effectiveness, no series comes close.

From the New World has managed to paint the most compelling and realistic picture of society you’ve ever seen, in just 25 episodes.

The story follows the main character Saki through her childhood and adulthood, giving us a very clear picture of the society she lived in, while making us fall in love with each character.

I’m purposely not giving details, because learning about the world in this anime is an experience I don’t want to deprive you of.

It’s a masterpiece. And it’s only inferior to the next two because it has far fewer episodes.

2. Attack on Titan

word image 29240

I can safely say that only the #1 on this list comes close to the world building of Attack on Titan.

Even in the first season, we see a very detailed world that leaves nothing to the imagination.

We are constantly given fact sheets about all facets of life within these walls and how it all works in the real world.

But it only gets better, as each successive season delves deeper and deeper into the rich history surrounding the walls – and everything beyond.

We see the politics that make the wheel turn, the tactics that make armies thrive, the science that made the Titans possible, and the history behind it all.

A true masterpiece.

1. Monobloc

word image 29241

One Piece is just a titan of anime.

It’s been on the air for so long that true fans know this pirate world inside out.

Because when it comes to shaping the world, nothing is left out. Not only is the world huge, with dozens of unique islands, but it’s also extremely detailed.

No two islands are alike. And yet each has such a rich history, culture and approach to life, as well as different power structures and technological advances.

Even an island from One Piece would have easily made this list.

The fact that there are dozens of islands in the anime, each as uniquely designed as the world itself, is reason enough for One Piece to earn the highest praise.I am a big fan of a lot of anime series that deal with supernatural creatures, in particular “The Tatami Galaxy”. Here is a list of my top anime recommendations with the best worldbuilding.. Read more about best magic fantasy anime and let us know what you think.