Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Second Season

Update June 2021: This article was top 10 anime, but now more anime has made to the cut and we have the list to top 15 anime that deserves a second season.

When you’re watching an anime, you might have a favourite character that you truly love. This may be because they’re mysterious, witty, clever, show some growth over the course of the series, or because they’re just your type. There might be a few others, but these are the ones that stick out. Normally, we think that characters may not return for a second season, because they’re not good enough or they’re not popular enough. However, there are some series that do just that. Though a lot of people would have you believe these second seasons weren’t so good, you’d be wrong. They are actually very good, and they deserve to have a second season.

It’s an anime review column where I review anime that have been officially announced for next season and got a lot of attention at the current season. The anime that I’ll be reviewing are the following: Space Brothers (Seasons 1-2); Yuu Yuu Hakusho (Seasons 1-3); Shugo Chara (Seasons 1-2); One Piece (Seasons 1-5); Hunter X Hunter (Seasons 1-37); and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Seasons 1-8).

The best anime are those that leave you enraptured and craving for more. It’s not the series that you like, but the ones that make you think about it long after you’ve finished. For me, the best anime are the few that make me want to go back and rewatch them because they have that rare quality that makes them unforgettable.

How many times have you started watching a series only to realize there won’t be a second season? It also doesn’t help that this usually happens when a season ends on a cliffhanger or is so good that you’re willing to spend all your time on it.

And that applies to anime as much as any other major TV series.

Top 10 Anime

In this article, we’ll look at some shows that never got the chance to tell their full story (at least at the time of writing), but these are shows that absolutely should get that chance.

15. The Vinland Saga

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Second Season
Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Second Season 16

I want to start with the Vinland saga, since there’s still a slim chance we’ll get the illusory second season.

I was shocked when the show first aired. And it quickly became one of my favorite series of all time.

You can imagine my surprise when my manga snob friend said the obligatory manga snob friend sentence: It can only get better from here.

I was bored, but at the same time incredibly intrigued.

So I hope to see what happens to my little king before he dies of old age.

14. Re:Creators

word image 19987

This is one of the few instances where I wish a company ran a dry franchise.

It’s just that I fell in love with the concept of Re: Call the makers.

The idea of Back-Iskai, where fictional characters invade the real world, and a Wyfu-raid boss that can knock you out of your metagame, is just fun.

Even if they completely overhaul the characters and just keep the concept of the main world, I’d be fine with it.

13. Trouble Free Granny

word image 19988

This series is relatively new, it ended in 2020, so I hope there will be a second season.

Especially since the first season left us with a huge cliffhanger that made me throw a pillow in frustration.

The series is very intense and takes its time to reveal some key elements, so the idea of not getting any answers is just oppressive.

By the way, if all goes according to plan, Parmi Nous could come back.

12. Tower of God

word image 19989

Take everything I’ve said about Tireless Nana, add in the best steroids available, and you have my opinion on God’s Tower.

The story ended at the most abrupt point. And I’m surprised the entire animation community didn’t revolt over that final scene.

There have been many rumors of a second season, and I think there’s a good chance the show will return.

But I’ve been abused in this way too many times to really believe it. But let’s keep our fingers crossed!

11. Big Blue

word image 19990

Big Blue is one of my favorite comedy series of all time.

The movie is set in college, so it’s a little closer to home. And alcoholism is so widespread that I wish it would get far.

While I have no pressing questions after the end of the first season, I’m still upset that they decided to leave it at that.

The show was so consistently hilarious and the characters so engaging that I just need more positive energy in my life.

So, Zero-G Studios, tell us what you need and I’m sure we can find a solution.

10. Dead Man’s Wonderland

word image 19991

Now back to the shows that made me cry inside because they never finished their plot.

Deadman Wonderland is pretty famous in this regard, as the series had its twist in the season finale ten years ago – and made us all suffer at the time.

I always love an unexpected bad guy.

But the fact that we don’t get to see the final confrontation and Gunta returns to the real world, free from the leaden title of mass murderer, is unpleasant to say the least.

9. School of the Dead

word image 19992

It’s rarer to find a good show about the zombie apocalypse than a Fortnite fan old enough to vote.

So you can imagine the anger when the only good series about the apocalypse decided to stop after the first season!

Where else can you find bullet-defying turns and camera angles so low it’s like walking on them?

Although rumors of a second season have surfaced from time to time, we have gradually resigned ourselves to the fact that this gem will never be resurrected.

8. The Hunter and the Huntress (2011)

word image 19993

Okay, this might seem a little strange, considering the first season is 148 episodes long.

But I just need some air.

Hunter x Hunter has long been known as the king of hiatuses. But that still doesn’t explain why we haven’t had a new adjustment in over 7 years!

There are too many good scenes and storylines that didn’t make it to our screens.

Hisoka’s lack of animation against Chrollo should be considered a war crime.

And for the love of God, I want to see what Ging can do. Apart from the fact that he let the family down.

7. A sister is all you need

word image 19994

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason this series only has one season is because the title raises some red flags in your brain when it comes to the content.

Still, the story is actually pretty solid and exciting!

A scrambler obsessed with his sister is still on the air, but the art of writing a novel is at the heart of the story.

I can’t say the first season left me with a gaping hole in my brain looking for answers, but I definitely wanted to see more of this strange series in the writers’ room.

6. Asobi Asobase

word image 19995

Asobi Asobase falls into the same category as the aforementioned anime, in that it’s a lighthearted series about life.

What sets Asobi Asobase apart, however, is that it is absolutely insane.

I love absurdist humor when it’s done well. And this series has it in abundance.

I don’t think we’ll ever see enough pushy butlers shooting lasers out of their asses. So I pray to the angel Jesus that this series is approved for another season.

5. Grimgar: Ashes and illusions

word image 19996

This is probably the slowest isekai you’ll find in your life, and I love it.

Unlike the usual instant-activated God modes, this series doesn’t rush the action and makes the heroes work for every victory.

And just when they’re cool enough, the show stops. And my power fantasy was left to rot in a corner.

I know the isekai genre is already oversaturated. But please, give us more Grimgar.

4. Baccano!

word image 19997

Bacchano has a few special films, but I don’t think those count.

I want to see more of this world!

The first season brought together so many engaging characters and varied storylines that it could easily become the next Shonen Titan!

I mean, there are literally immortal characters on this show. So the possibilities of a second season and/or a time jump are very high.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing Miria and Isaac again.

Of course, they passed through Durarara. But it’s not the same!

3. Dororo

word image 19998

Of course, the first season of this series was near perfect and concluded all the plot points that were set out in the series.

But that doesn’t quench my thirst for more impressive fights and a great Hyakkimaru.

Imagine if this series had a second season with a time jump.

I’m sure some of you wished me dead for this suggestion, but I’m willing to accept the consequences if it gives a great show more deserved airtime.

2. Barakamon

word image 19999

It’s funny, but I also think the first season of Barakamon is perfect on its own.

It completed an entire epic in which Sei found love in her art and appreciated the people around her.

But damn, I wanted to see where he went next!

I want a second season where we see the new and improved Sey come back to the top of the calligraphy world and see us cry with every new piece he creates.

And maybe this time he won’t hit the referee. No guarantee.

1. No game, no life

word image 20000

I’m sure you guys saw this coming, because it’s Half-Life 3 from the anime.

Of course, we have the film. But that’s not enough.

I can say with certainty that everyone wanted to see Sora and Shiro pull the rug out from under the world to help humanity get back on its feet.

And don’t get me started on her fight with Too, because I’m already drooling.

The first season ended on such a high note that you can’t blame the entire hosting community for wanting a second season.This week we’re going to look at some of the most popular anime from the last couple years. Why should they get another season? Is there a second season? Will they be getting another season? Well let’s find out, shall we?. Read more about best anime with second season and let us know what you think.

Life can be very cruel sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime needs a second season?

The anime that needs a second season the most is “Death Note.”

What is the second best anime?

The second best anime is “Attack on Titan”

Why do so many anime not get a second season?

Many anime series have a limited number of episodes, and a lot of them end up with a cliffhanger. If the anime doesn’t get a second season, then the cliffhanger is never resolved, and the show is left at a standstill.

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