There are many types of bosses in video games. There are the ones that are scripted encounters, the random enemies that appear out of nowhere, the ones that only show up when you get close to your goal, and the bosses that spawn waves of enemies to keep you engaged. The most obnoxious, of course, are the bosses that are non-bosses that you have to defeat before you can complete an obstacle, such as a set of gates.

Here at Think of Games, we love video games and we love lists. We also love ranking things—so much so that we gave it its own sub-site. Some of the things we rank, like video games, are things we like, other things we love. Still, though, we occasionally get tired of ranking something and think that a new set of rankings would be more fun. With that in mind, we decided to take another crack at ranking non-boss enemies and came up with a list of our 10 favorite non-boss enemies in video games.

A lot of people have busy lives, which means they don’t have a lot of time to spend with their video game friends from the office. So, when co-workers want to get together to go through a tough level or have a friendly game of foosball, it’s hard to find the time to play.. Read more about hardest dark souls enemies and let us know what you think.

Bosses in Final Fantasy games are well-known.

They’re usually story-driven, difficult opponents that test the party’s resolve. Devious bosses abound in Final Fantasy VIII, so why should they get all the attention?

The game also includes a large number of common, daily world map opponents that will provide a challenge to the group on par with a boss battle.

What adversaries should you be on the watch for while you do your SeeD responsibilities throughout the planet?

There are a number of game-ending monsters in the game, but today we’ll look at the top six that may truly put a damper on your adventure.

The following are the most difficult non-boss opponents you’ll encounter in Final Fantasy VIII.


T-Rexaur is the sixth dinosaur.

Balamb Garden spares no cost when it comes to the monsters they keep in their training rooms.

The fearsome T-Rexaurs, gigantic Jurassic sharpteeth that seek for and devour SeeD hopefuls, walk among the numerous Grats.

Most players will almost certainly run across a T-Rexaur within the first hour of gameplay, and will rapidly learn either how to battle in Final Fantasy VIII or how to navigate the game over screen.

T-Rexaurs have a very high level of strength.

It like to open the fight with a vicious Tail Whip that either badly cripples or totally knocks out a party member.

The T-Rexaur will counter assaults with a ferocious bite that always delivers critical damage at higher levels.

The T-Rexaur is the most powerful opponent on the Balamb Continent, and the player and their team must constantly be mindful of its havoc.


Blue Dragon, No. 5

Blue Dragon FF8 enemy

Blue Dragons are constantly on the lookout for unsuspecting prey, which typically takes the shape of low-leveled SeeD groups, roaming the woods of the Galbadia Continent.

During your time traveling about Galbadia, these dragons will be a constant danger, ready to spray the squad with their high-damage breath strike and subsequently inflict status ailments like break, poison, and blindness.

They also have a Grab Claw attack that delivers critical damage 100% of the time, which is frequently enough to one-hit KO a party member.

When a Blue Dragon joins the conversation, be prepared for a battle.


Ruby Dragon is number four.

Ruby Dragon enemy in Final Fantasy VIII

The Ruby Dragons, the second main hue dragon to be wary of, are much more dangerous than their cerulean counterparts.

The Great Plains of Esthar, as well as the bulk of the southern Centra Continent, are dominated by Ruby Dragons.

If you dare to visit the Deep Sea Research Center, you’ll discover a few very deadly species.

Breath is another strike that Ruby Dragons have, and it is very devastating.

They typically follow up with a ferocious Firaga or, if you’re unfortunate, a Meteor.

You only get a claw swipe and a Flare if they’re feeling playful, but when combined, it’s more than likely enough to knock down a party member.

Ruby Dragons are the heaviest non-boss dragons, and their best defense is to put them to sleep and/or blind them.


Chimera, number three

Chimeras FFVIII enemy

You’ll find yourself in a vast desert after your daring escape from the Galbadian desert jail.

The majority of your encounters will be with Abyss Worms.

On rare occasions, though, a Chimera may appear, and oh boy.

Chimeras are most often found on the very high-level Island Closest to Hell, an endgame region brimming with difficult monsters.

As a result, having one arrive so early may be very difficult.

The Chimera will blast the party with Aqua Breath, as is customary, and unprotected parties will most likely be wiped off.

If you don’t, expect to be perplexed or turned into stone. Never mind the ferocious physical assaults!

They believe that prudence is preferable to bravery.

While fleeing fights may go against the RPG’s fundamental principles, I’d argue it’s the better option if you’re up against Chimeras and haven’t prepared.


2. The colossus

Behemoth enemy in FF8

Final Fantasy VIII’s Behemoths live up to their reputation as the poster boys for difficult monster engagements.

Until later in the game, you won’t encounter many Behemoths (Behemii?). They do, however, come up when they say they will.

Behemoths prowl the plains of Esthar, as well as the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell, wreaking havoc on anybody who dares to stand in their way.

A Behemoth may have a minimum of 35,000 hit points and can have as much as twice that.

They’ve got the strength to match!

A single assault horn is enough to send you to the yellow (or worse) zone!

Heavy-duty magics like Meteor, Flare, and Tornado are also available to Behemoths. They also use Mighty Guard to boost their defense, making them even more difficult to defeat.

If you come across a Behemoth on your trip, it is a real challenge and something to be afraid of.


Malboro is number one.

Malboro FF8 enemy

The Malboro is the most terrifying of all the monsters you’ll face while exploring the overworld.

They wander the Esthar Continent, only thinking about who they may eat next.

There are numerous aspects of the Malboro to be concerned about, but the most concerning aspect is their foul breath.

Malboro’s Bad Breath is well-known for being a sign of impending death. Not because of the damage it does, but because of the massive number of status effects it may produce.

The chances are that any Malboro you come across will start (and very certainly finish) the fight with Bad Breath.

It’s terrible to be confused, berserk, blinded, poisoned, silenced, and condemned all at once.

The best thing you can do is either try to avoid some of those unpleasant consequences as much as possible, or hope that you get a turn in beforehand (or can run away before dying).

No, none of those options are ideal.

When dealing with Malboros, though, it’s the best you’ve got.

The concept of boss fights in video games is relatively new. Back in the day, if someone was a regular enemy, you’d see them in every level. Then game programmers would add a boss and the game would become difficult. But as time went on, programmers kept adding bosses. Some even added the bosses into the levels. The concept of bosses eventually got so complicated that you’d see them in every level and not just at the end. Thus, boss fights were created.. Read more about ff3 hardest boss and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest enemy in Bloodborne?

I would say the Cleric Beast is the hardest enemy in the game. It is very hard to dodge its attacks and the fight takes a long time to finish. Q: What is the longest song in the game? The longest song in the game is The Tea Party

What is the hardest enemy in Dark Souls?

That would be the dragon in Ash Lake. Hes pretty tough. If youre asking about which boss is the hardest, I would have to say the second boss, The Four Kings. Just two of them are incredibly hard on their own, but when they come together its a lot

What is the strongest enemy in Dark Souls 3?

While I admit that the answer to this question may be subjective, depending on the player, I believe that the boss called Nameless King is one of the strongest bosses in Dark Souls 3. He has an attack that does a lot of damage, and he can summon other enemies to fight for him. He

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