When the Waylanders was initially announced with a planned release date of April 1st, 2019, people were excited. After all, it had been 4 years since we last played an open-world RPG in the style of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 3. With such long time frames between releases for computer games these days that just isn’t acceptable anymore. However by announcing that they would be delayed for three months – leaving players without another game to play until September 20th – fans have started to worry about whether this is going to become yet another disappointing Bethesda title

The “injustice e3” is the upcoming video game that will be released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on May 16, 2017. The game was originally set to release in October 2016 but was delayed by three months. In addition, classes have been detailed for the game as well as a new trailer has been released.

Gato Salvaje Studio has revealed that its planned RPG The Waylanders will be delayed for a third time, this time by three months, and will now be released in February. The developer had previously postponed the game’s release date to Fall 2021, but the game has now been delayed once again, this time by three months, and the new release date for The Waylanders is February 2, 2022.

In an official news announcement, Fernando Prieto, co-founder of Gato Salvaje Studio, stated:

We wouldn’t be able to give our fans with the quality experience they deserve if we released this month. We’ve done an internal review pass on The Waylanders and our team needs more time to polish the game. While we’ve been working hard to get all of our backers and Early Access players the RPG they’ve been waiting for before the holidays, we’ve done an internal review pass on The Waylanders and our team needs more time to polish the game.

Many teams, including ours, have struggled to grow under Covid, and pushing The Waylanders out the door after almost four years of development would not make anybody pleased. We aim to provide the community the finest possible day one release version of The Waylanders, which will contain over two hours of cinematics and over thirty hours of gameplay.

The game will get Early Access and Games in Development updates, which will enhance various already accessible regions of the game, such as The Cave and the Fomorian World in The Corrupted Cove, in order to make people wait even longer for the complete release of the title. Based on community input, the upgrades will provide the remaining text translation for several Celtic period missions as well as solve a slew of issues.

Aside from the revised release date, the company has also revealed fresh information about the game’s Advances Classes. With the complete release of the game, you’ll be able to travel to the Medieval age, unlocking three Advanced Classes for each of the six basic classes now accessible in the Early Access version of the game. Below is a sneak peek at the advanced classes:


Each of the new Advanced Classes is described in full below, and you can learn more about them here:

Warrior Classes include:

  • Berserker – A fighter with boundless endurance who fights with inward wrath as fuel. Berserkers deal damage to grappled adversaries, instill dread, and utilize Fury created by skills to deliver deadly attacks.
  • Gladiator – A nimble warrior who glides over the battlefield, killing adversaries with each strike. Gladiators have a broad range of sweeping and targeted strikes, as well as a number of evading skills.
  • Mana Warlord – A warrior who is linked to the world’s mana flow and wields it as a powerful weapon. The Mana Warlord uses earth magic to imprison adversaries in stone, in addition to deadly physical strikes.

Classes for Guardians:

  • Vanguard – A frontline guardian who directs the battle’s flow. Vanguards acquire damage reduction benefits as well as abilities to stun and knock adversaries to the ground.
  • Blacksmith – A watchful guardian capable of skillfully placing and detonating odd items. Explosive strikes inflict damage and weaken adversaries, allowing you to win the fight.
  • Chieftain – A supernatural guardian who guides friends and serves as a source of faith, healing, and protection from enemies. A well-balanced frontline class that does damage while also providing buffs.

Classes that are outlawed:

  • A brawler is a rogue who packs a punch that is more powerful than anticipated. This agile class excels in dirty combat. Brawlers slice, blind, and punch their opponents, getting advantages from enemy who have unfavorable status conditions.
  • Assassin – A cunning rogue who excels in crafty planning and quick executions. An Assassin is agile and fast to strike, making rapid work of opponents with bleeding blows and immobilizing thorned root assaults.
  • A mana-enhanced rogue that employs wind magic to misdirect and mislead their foes. Chaotic storm magic is particularly good at inflicting harm to large groups of opponents. Rabbit of Caerbannog is a Storm Druid ability that traps an opponent in a thorny bundle and turns it into a rabbit.

Ranger Classes include:

  • Hunter – An irrational ranger who shoots powerful missiles at close range. This class, masters of the bow, may exploit vulnerabilities to deliver devastating critical blows. Both the Dog and Bear pets may be tamed by hunters.
  • Saboteur – A tactical ranger who builds traps and snares in order to set up the ideal shot. A skilled Saboteur employs hit-and-run techniques, maximizing invisibility and fright effects. Both the Magpie and the Crow are Saboteur-only pets.
  • Draconic Master – A magical ranger who can tame and become one with draconic monsters thanks to their connection to them. A Draconic Master can cure draconic pets while in battle since he is both a shapeshifter and a spellcaster. This class is the only one who can tame dragon and drake pets.

The Waylanders Delayed

Classes for Sorcerers:

  • Frost Druid — An ice-cold sorcerer who treads over their petrified adversaries’ frozen figures. The Frost Druid’s skills allow them to do damage over time and set traps around the frozen battlefield.
  • Pyromancer – A crazed sorcerer who wishes for the world to burn. Enemies are hesitant to approach a Pyromancer because of fire barriers, exploding runes, and waves of fire.
  • An abnormal sorcerer who summons monstrosities and specters is known as a necromancer. Necromancers are experts in life-sucking magic and summoning, as well as a wide range of spells that damage their foes.

Classes for Healers:

Blood Shaman – A nefarious healer who exploits the suffering of others to keep their comrades alive. Blood magic uses the life force of adversaries to energise friends, summon allies, and change foes.

Jester – A deranged healer with obscenely wonderful fortune. Roll the dice to confuse your opponents, strengthen your allies, and alter the battle’s outcome.

Tidal Druid – A calm healer that uses spells that may both heal and hurt to change the tides of combat. Tidal Druids’ spells linger, delivering healing and mana boosts to friends and doing damage to opponents over time.

The Waylanders is presently accessible in early access on Steam and under development on GoG Games, with frequent updates and content releases planned. We also gave you a sneak peek at the Early Access version of the game, so be sure to check it out. The Waylanders is currently set for a February 2, 2021 release date.

Are you excited to play The Waylanders when it releases next year, and how do you feel about the game being delayed even again? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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