The latest Warhammer 40,000 rules have been released and include changes to the game mechanics across all races. Faction balance will no longer be a thing as this update is so broad in scope that it’s possible to create new builds for any faction now.

The “warhammer 40k: 9th edition points changes 2021” is a breaking news announcement for the upcoming release of the new edition of Warhammer 40k. The announcement includes details about the balance update and new rules that will be coming with this release.

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The purpose of this new Warhammer Balance Update and New Rules is to improve the balance of competitive play. You’ll note that the top lists have a common theme week after week if you’ve been following our Winning Lists website and articles.

Games Workshop has published a substantial new balancing update that attempts to make matched play fair for all players by returning the scales to neutral. In their most recent update, they said,

Warhammer 40,000 is a difficult game with a lot of moving parts. On a regular basis, new codexes, campaign books, White Dwarf articles, and other materials are released, all of which affect the meta and balance. Nonetheless, the rules team is committed to making the game pleasant for everyone, regardless of which army they choose to play. This is especially important in matched play, where the concept of fairness is key to the format – not least since it is where so many players first meet, in clubs and tournaments.

The “Balance Dataslate,” which will be updated every three months, has started to be released by Game Workshop as a monthly balancing update. The main idea is to keep the competitive environment fresh and the top dogs guessing. Let’s go right to the highlights of the update!

New Regulations for Flyers

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Although Flyers are not available to every faction in the game, aircraft-heavy armies have been on the rise in recent tournaments, and have even begun to dominate them. Because Warhammer 40,000 isn’t supposed to be a game dominated by battling aircraft (we already have one in Aeronautica Imperialis! ), the rules team devised a change to ensure that planes serve as support rather than spearheads.

As a consequence, depending on the size of the game, the number of Aircraft units you may deploy in a matched play army is now restricted to one to three.

The Night’s Team’s Aircraft Review:

The GT conundrum of three, four, and six aircraft has been simplified to only two aircraft at 2,000 locations. This limits the amount of flyers accessible and drastically affects the game at GTs, limiting the number of air vehicles that players may use at the table. Several super major champions have beaten their opponents with powerful fliers.

New Regulations for Buggies

40k BalanceDataslate Nov9 Image3

To combat the developing trend of’spamming’ several Buggies of the same kind, the rules team has now imposed a limit of one of each Buggy unit (which can, of course, include up to three models). This means that your army can only have three Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies, which should be more than enough to fulfill anyone’s mobile squig-firepower needs!

The Night’s Team comments on Buggie’s Changes:

At any one moment, only one buggie may be taken. We’d seen 7, 8, and 9 Squig Buggies all over the place before. Instead of modifying the speed wall, three distinct buggies will collaborate to make waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Unless you have a lot of two-up armor saves, you’ve been tabled if you haven’t played against this lineup previously. As a consequence of this, that should substantially change!

Changes to the Drukhari Points and the Adeptus Mechanicus!

While the majority of quarterly balancing updates are unlikely to affect point values, the rules team has decided to make the future Adeptus Mechanicus and Drukhari point alterations from the Chapter Approved 2022 pack public ahead of schedule. These two factions have long controlled the Warhammer 40,000 meta, therefore these point adjustments are being implemented now to help them reclaim dominance.

Changes in Admech for the Night’s Team

The Marshall now has more points, and the infantry squad’s basic combat gear no longer ignores cover. Additionally, the Enhanced Data Tether, which enables you to broadcast orders across the table, has been increased from five to 10 points! The fact is that at 5 points, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be included. You must pick “Which one will I include?” at 10 points. This is another another strategy for limiting the number of models on the board. There are other 10 point climbs on Admech that are similar and will force you to make the same decision.

Regrettably, they also increased the points of the Iron Strider. The Iron Strider has already lost its major keyword, thus a nerf wasn’t necessary, especially given how well it’s been doing lately in competitive play. In comparison to their heyday, when they might run ten or even twelve characters, most Iron Strider lists have dwindled to three or four characters.

The Night Team of Drukhari

The Succubus can kill any unit in the game if all of her strikes deliver lethal wounds, and even if she doesn’t give damage, she may still cause harm by executing another hit. Both the succubus and raiders’ point costs were increased. Raiders may only have a hardness of 6 and a save of 5, but they were unpleasant due to their ability to move rapidly and leap over barriers. You’ll see that certain things have increased in price dramatically.

The Necrons have undergone several changes.

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The Core keyword has been granted to a huge number of Necron troops, letting them to utilise various synergies and aura abilities that were previously unavailable to them. It also has an impact on the amount of effective soldiers you can send out. This benefits Flayed Ones, Canoptek soldiers, and Destroyers alike.

The Night’s Team and the Necrons’ Changes

In addition to the built-in rerolls, all Necron soldiers that are granted Core now get additional advantages that are only accessible with Core. The Reanimator could only bring back core units, but many more have been changed to become core units, enabling a vast number of soldiers to return. Many of the products that were brought to Core are still expensive, but you may now bring them back!

Astra Militarum has undergone certain changes.

The Astra Militarum’s commanders will have a bigger influence on the battlefield due to a useful boost to their commands, and their mainline battle tanks will be more resilient thanks to an enhanced Save feature, making it far more difficult to silence the Imperial Guard’s heaviest cannons.

The Night’s Guard has seen certain changes:

Previously, a single infantry officer would give an order to an infantry regiment. Depending on how many soldiers you have, you may carry out various commands throughout the board. You could only give two orders as a company commander, and if you didn’t have the necessary men around, you were out of luck.

The infantry squad may now be ordered by the company commander, and if it is near the special weapons squad, they will all get the same order! These aren’t any special orders; they’re just ordinary orders.

On the other side, the Leman Russ Tank Commander may now issue orders to any regiment vehicle units. These aren’t only confined to certain fundamental orders. This is crucial because you can reroll the number of bullets fired with a Cadian tank command, enabling you to deploy any number of tanks to fire their maximum number of projectiles!

Another good example is giving orders to soldiers who need line of sight to shoot. They used to have to go forward, then take their shot, which exposed them to danger. These forces may now advance, shoot, and then be ordered to retire in order to avoid being exposed!

All Leman Russ Tanks’ armor has been improved. They were supposed to be one of the game’s most powerful tanks, and this upgrade will help them reclaim their previous glory.

The Chaos Space Marines have seen several changes.

The Chaos Space Marines are angered at the universe and everything within it. The fact that they may now make additional attacks against ANY opponent (not just Imperium forces) shows their rage while also giving them a nice melee benefit.

The Imperial Knights have seen several changes.

Meanwhile, Knights now count as many models while battling for objectives, and Armigers in all-Knight armies get Objective Secured. This will have a significant impact in matched play, since capturing both main and secondary objectives is the only way to win — though blasting, immolating, and squishing your opponent with your giant war machines certainly helps…

The Night’s Team comments on Knight’s Changes:

When Knights tried to hold an objective with their 400+ point Knights, little units could simply grab it from under them. Under the new regulation, a Knight now counts as 5 units. If it’s a Titanic unit, it’s suddenly worth 10! This will make it much easier for the Knights to stay in the game by enabling them to keep their goals.

Big changes are afoot in the competitive Warhammer 40k realm.

You can find detailed information on all of the balance update adjustments on Games Workshop’s website.

How do you feel about the changes?

What do you think this means in terms of keeping play synchronized with frequent updates?

Please share your thoughts in the space below!

The “warhammer 40k faq 2021” is a breaking news article that has been published by the Warhammer 40,000 community. The article explains the new rules for the game and how they affect gameplay.

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