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Soul of the Crafter is a crafting-focused site that explores the many ways you can use craft to make your life and working life easier. One of the ways we look at this is by listing crafting-related jobs. In the spirit of what is here, we are starting our “jobs” posts with a top 10 list of what we believe are the most common (and often overlooked) crafting jobs.

This year I was asked to host the next Soul of the Crafter, which is a festival put on by the Blizzard Entertainment team for a group of independent game developers. You may be wondering what the Soul of the Crafter is all about. You can check out the official site HERE .

Crafters may acquire or trade crafter soul crystals using the Soul of the Crafter item in Final Fantasy XIV. These gems may be utilized to “specialize” in a certain crafting profession, giving them a special skill and stat increases.

XIV offers a plethora of professions to choose from, and due to the game’s user-friendly job system, you won’t need an army of alts to try them all out.

In fact, if you’re serious about crafting, you should ultimately level up all of the Disciples of the Land/Hand jobs.

Sure, it’s a significant time commitment.

But, if you play it correctly, it essentially means free resources and lots of gil.

So, sure, we have the ability to be a jack of all crafts.

If we want to be successful, we practically have to be a jack of all crafts.

However, much like the fighting classes, you’ll almost certainly have a favorite. Soul of the Crafter is essentially a method for you to choose your preferred crafting professions while also receiving a few bonuses.


What is the best way to get Soul of the Crafter?

Head to Revenant’s Toll and accept the quest “Beloved of the Builder” after you’ve reached level 55 in any Disciple of the Hand job.

Lydirlona sees your potential as a craftswoman/man and believes you might benefit from becoming a specialty.

This is a straightforward journey to Ishgard for the purpose of delivering a letter to Alderan (nothing to do with the destroyed Star Wars planet, unfortunately).

Alderan will give you three Soul of the Crafter after he gets Lydirlona’s approval.

These are used to determine which crafts you want to specialize in, according to his directions.


All Rights Reserved. Image source: Mithrie / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


No longer a jack of all trades!

There are three crafting occupations you may specialize in at once, so there’s enough to go around.

Crafting jobs have no negative impact on your non-crafting responsibilities, and this choice isn’t permanent.

So don’t get too worked up over the first option.

There are no secret recipes behind your specialty, and nothing you can completely overlook – so simply choose what you want right now.

It is simple to change and may be done at any moment.


What Benefits Do I Get From Specialization?

Specialist crystals will allow your selected three professions to take the action “Careful Observation,” which enables you to do nothing for a step while keeping any existing actions in effect.

It also gives you a modest stat boost, which is arguably the more valuable benefit of the two.

You should essentially add them to the crafting tasks that you believe you’ll utilize the most.

Is this a necessary element of XIV’s crafting? Most likely not.

However, unlocking it takes no time at all, and you receive a nice small stat increase as a result.


I’ve changed my mind; is it possible for me to specialize on anything else?

Yes, as long as you have additional Crafter’s Souls.

These may be obtained by taking part in The Firmament or using crafters’ Scrips.

You can gather as many Souls of the Crafter as you like, but you can only carry three specialized crystals at a time. In order to get a new one from Alderan, you’ll have to give up one of your existing crystals.

You may switch specialty as many times as you want as long as you have the Souls to do so!

You may trade a lot of Souls to Alderan in Ishgard for 480 Yellow Scrips if you don’t want to switch specializations.

In all honesty, having the money is probably more helpful since you won’t need to switch specialities very frequently.

Soul of the Crafter is a wooden board game designed for adults and children, with a simple rule set that encourages creative thinking and problem solving. Its unique shape and design has been inspired by the shape of a wooden spoon, with the goal of encouraging games to be played in short bursts. Players will use the spoon in different ways to guide their little wooden characters through the game board, and to solve puzzles and complete tasks on their way to the finish line.. Read more about soul of the crafter ffxiv reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Crafter soul?

Crafter soul is the currency used to buy items in Beat Saber. You get it by completing levels and beating songs.

What does Soul of the Crafter do ff14?

Soul of the Crafter is a relic that can be equipped to increase your crafting speed.

How do you get crafters scrip?

You can get crafters scrip by completing quests.

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