Kingdom Hearts has a long history that goes back to the PlayStation 2 days. There are many versions of the game that came out since that time, and there are many different abilities to use in the game. Some are better than others, but the player can decide what is best for him/her. There are many different builds, and some are better than others, but the player can decide what is best for them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing soon and it will be the final game in the series for some time. In this post, we will be providing you with a list of the best abilities to use in Kingdom Hearts 3. There’s always a few abilities that are not seen in a game for a long time, and when they do come back, they are so powerful that they immediately get picked up. So, which ones are the best?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now just 16 months away from release, in terms of its development cycle. For better or for worse, Square Enix will likely not be providing any more lengthy updates to the console version until the game is nearing its final release. However, based on recent trailers, we have a good idea of what types of abilities we can expect from the game.. Read more about kingdom hearts 3 best abilities and let us know what you think.

The broad spectrum of abilities in Kingdom Hearts 3 allows for a wide variety of playstyles and setups.

There are skills for combo players, defensive players, and everyone in between. So, if you’re not sure which skills are more important than others, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest to keep an eye on.

Of course, the greatest skills are determined by you, your preferences, and your general playstyle.

If you don’t like any of the abilities in this list, attempt to come up with a new one to fill in the gaps.

Note that skills introduced in the Re:Mind DLC will not be included in this list. However, those skills are very helpful and powerful, so if you have the DLC, don’t be scared to try them out.


15. Block

First and foremost, we have a skill that no player should ever be without.

Block is very helpful.

It may be the difference between surviving an assault and dying immediately (or taking lots of damage).

To be able to stand against the powers of evil you’ll encounter on your KH3 adventure, all you need is a single well-timed button click.

Not only that, but Block also unlocks a slew of Counter skills and other helpful assaults, which we’ll see later in this list.

So, regardless of your build, this is the one ability you don’t want to be seen without.


14. Recovery from the Air

Sora using Aerial Recovery in KH3

Aerial Recovery is another important skill for every player.

When a large Heartless yeets Sora into the sky, he usually takes a long time to descend back down.

Take use of this opportunity to fight back instead of waiting for Sora to get thrown about like a bean ball.

Sora may recover consciousness in mid-air after being struck with this ability.

This is an excellent set-up for aerial combinations and strikes, particularly in later boss battles. No more waiting for the monster to recuperate as you maintain the fight’s momentum and overwhelm him.


13. Retaliation Strike

Payback Strike in KH3

The follow-up assault, Payback Strike, goes hand in hand with Aerial Recovery.

This is when Sora seeks vengeance against whomever threw him into the sky, as the name suggests.

Pressing the attack button after utilizing your recuperation will bring Sora right into his assault, ready to beat them into oblivion with a barrage of strikes.

This will be a lifesaver in a one-on-one battle. However, it may be aggravating in a group setting.

When you’re surrounded, Sora will attack the first opponent that attacks him, rather than the locked-on target, which may be dangerous in certain circumstances.


12. Reverse Kick

Counter Kick Ability in KH3

We have the yin to Block’s yang to complete our tiny triad.

Counter Impact will strike after a successful Block, much like Payback Strike does after a successful recovery.

If you schedule your blocks properly, you’ll probably utilize this one more frequently.

There are a few other retribution abilities you can use in place of Kick, but I like it.

During the animation phase, this move will send nearby opponents flying and give immunity.

This is ideal for fights in groups. Other retaliation methods, though, may be preferable in one-on-one battles (as we’ll see later).


11. Glide

Sora Gliding in Pirates of the Caribbean World

Sora has kept the Pixie Dust he received from Neverland in Kingdom Hearts 1 after all these years.

As a result, Sora can now fly! (again)

Glide is more important than anything else for mobility. If you’re in a hurry or simply want to cruise about, it’ll bring you from one place on the map to the next quickly.

With the addition of open world-like regions in KH3, this ability becomes even more enjoyable.

You may now glide across a large metropolis like San Francisco or down mountains in Arendelle.

It may be employed in battle to escape out of hazardous circumstances and as a warm-up for ground-based strikes.

As you glide to the earth, the flight time provides you a chance to plan your next move.


Counter Slash is ten.

Counter Slash Ability in KH3

This ability, like Counter Impact, enables Sora to attack after a successful block.

This technique, unlike Impact, is ideal for one-on-one confrontations such as boss bouts and Data Organization conflicts.

This is due to the fact that Sora strikes fast and may use it many times in a row.

This enables for a steady stream of strikes to keep the opponent off balance.

It’s also simpler to target and concentrate this strike on a single opponent rather than a bunch of them.

Of course, each retaliation is a matter of personal choice. So, if one of them suits you more than the other, go for it.


9. Auto-Complete

Auto Finish Move in KH3

This is a more optional ability that depends on your response speed and concentration throughout a fight.

You may use the “finish” response to perform a highly strong last attack with whatever you’re using while you’re in a scenario command like a shape change, a ride attraction, or a summon.

You may lose your opportunity to use the last attack if you are not paying attention to the command menu and are only focused on the battle at hand.

It’s possible that you’ll strike the finish line by mistake and end the attack too soon.

When the countdown on Auto-Finish runs out, it automatically triggers the last blow.

Even if you forget to press the command, it’s good to have it.


8. Spiral Upwards

Rising Spiral Ability in KH3

Do you like doing aerial combinations but can’t seem to master them?

The adversary is well aware that he has the upper hand on the ground. So what makes him think he won’t want to remain there?

It’s time to throw a Rising Spiral into his day.

Sora will use this ability to initiate a combination and lift the opponent straight into the air, ready for a pounding.

Because most opponents don’t like being thrown 40 feet in the air, they’ll be susceptible to hacking and slashing.

This ability, when coupled with a number of air combo-related strikes, is guaranteed to put a damper on the Heartless’ celebrations.


7. Haste, MP

MP Haste after casting magic in KH3

Wizards are always in need of a mana boost. Constantly casting spells is exhausting.

MP orbs never seem to appear when you need them, and the mana bar never seems to fill back up quickly enough.

It’s time to put an end to the waiting and get back to casting with MP Haste!

Each MP Haste you have equipped will speed up the recharging of your MP by 10%. You may stack this as a skill, with equipment, with weapons, and so on.

The quicker it goes, the more MP Haste powers you have.

So if you’re trying to become a more magical Sora, this is a skill you’ll want to stockpile.


6. Combo Plus/Boost (Aerial)

Aerial Combo Plus in KH3

Here’s where we get into our combo necessities.

Combining strikes into a series of strong combos is essential if you want to be a successful Kingdom Hearts player. You won’t be able to get away with just a few slashes here and there.

There are various powers to add to the string of assaults to assist your strategic button mashing.

You’ll begin with the Combo/Aerial Combo, as well as certain skills.

These will enhance your combinations by one additional attack, and each time you equip more (or manage to acquire more of this ability via equipment/weapons), you will receive another one added to your combo.

As a result, having a large number of them will turn you become a fighting game champion.

Combination Boost, on the other hand, will increase the power of your strikes as the combo progresses.

In other words, the more you fight, the more terrified they will get.


Master Treasure Magnet No. 5

Master Treasure Magnet Ability in KH3

When you can’t get to MP Orbs in time, MP Haste comes to your rescue, but what about HP?


Are there any more bright orbs or objects strewn about?

I believe it is past time for you to transform into a walking, talking vacuum sweeper.

Master Treasure Magnet is a stunning talent in Kingdom Hearts 3. Any orbs and rewards will come flying directly towards you, no matter how far away you are!

No more frantically scooping up the shards of health that have been left behind.

No, the orbs will not rush at you like a maniac.

It’s especially useful in group settings and against opponents who keep their distance. Slurp up the treats and prepare to fight the good battle again.


Leaf Bracer No. 4

Leaf Bracer after Curaga in KH3

No matter what game you’re playing, you’ll need to heal.

This is true for KH3 as well, particularly when it comes to the optional boss battles.

Cure is a very helpful spell that will most likely be used often.

It does, however, have one significant flaw:

It will fail if you are assaulted while casting it.

Leaf Bracer excels in this area.

When you equip it, you’ll be able to recover with Cure even if you’re struck, effectively giving you a second shot at life.

This is a no-brainer for any ability set-up that only uses one AP.


3. Another Chance

Second Chance Ability in KH3

The Kingdom Hearts games are known for their use of the second chance mechanic.

It’s in every game, even the mobile app, and for good cause.

It will be your saving grace in a variety of situations. Let’s suppose the fight is heating up and you don’t able to cast a Cure in time to avoid the boss’s huge, hefty strike.

You believe it’s over, but Sora is still down to one life.

This is Second Chance’s work.

Its purpose is to ensure that Sora survives a severe assault. Just don’t put too much faith in it since it can only absorb so much damage in a single fight.


2. Combo of Withstand

Star Medal Equipment with Withstand Combo Ability / KH3 Screenshot

Second Chance may come in in if you’re dealing with a single powerful blow. But what if your opponent prefers fast combos?

You can take a single hit, but not ten in a row.

Withstand Combo provides Second Chance with the support he needs.

This ability is similar to Second Chance, except it works with combinations instead.

With 1 HP, you’ll be shielded for the duration of the combo, allowing you a time to breathe and recover after a barrage of attacks.

Just hope the opponent doesn’t decide to go for round 2 right away.


1. The Master of Combination

Combo Master in Toy Story World / KH3 Screenshot

You may withstand an enemy’s assault, heal yourself in the process, and end up with a long combo.

Everything seems to be in order.

But wait, Sora’s combination misses halfway through, and you’re cut in half!

Now you’re sitting there thinking about how much easier life would be if Sora’s keyblade didn’t slide off like butter – and if the opponent wasn’t so good at evading.

By becoming a Combo Master, you can put your sorrows behind you and stop spoiling wonderful combinations.

If you equip Combo Master, your combo meter will not reset if you miss or are interrupted.

Use this ability to ensure that your opponent receives the full power of your assault and is sent back into the darkness.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long time coming, and we’ve long predicted which Keyblades Sora will wield in his adventure. This time, we’ve thrown the Sixteen rules of the Keyblade into the mix to rank our favorite abilities to use in Kingdom Hearts 3.. Read more about kh3 remind best abilities and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The strongest weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Keyblade.

What is the best summon in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The best summon in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Gummi Ship.

What is the most powerful keyblade in kh3?

The most powerful keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Ultima Weapon.

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