It’s difficult to play World of Tanks as a Russian player, since the vehicles in the Russian tech tree are among the most expensive in the game. (The Strv m/42-57 is the most expensive vehicle in the game at the moment, with a cost of about $19 million.) But don’t let that scare you off: there are several good tanks to keep in the Russian tree. For example, the LTTB is a speedy little light tank that does well in most matches, while the KV-2 is a massive, powerful tank that can keep pace with medium tanks, making it a great choice for a support tank. The IS-8 is also worth a look, since it has impressive speed and firepower for just

Some tanks are good. Some tanks are bad. But what tanks are the best? There are several tanks that are especially good at a specific role, and if you want to succeed in that role, it might be worth purchasing one of those tanks. (Remember, though, that in order for a tank to be good, it needs to be well-researched and well-crewed. Otherwise, it will be useless.) The IS-3 is famous for being a top tier tank, and its popularity is well-deserved. The IS-3 might not be the fastest or most maneuverable medium tank, but its armor allows it to shrug off numerous enemy shots, giving it a 60% chance of bouncing shots that would penetrate

I’m a bit bored and don’t feel like getting the last 3% dmg on my E5, so here are the tanks I recommend in the Russian tech tree from level 5 onwards.

Level 5:

  • T34 : A formidable DPM brute who does more damage in a short time than almost any other carrier of his class (or two levels higher). Combine that with excellent mobility and the ability to destroy the board, and you have a nasty little tank. (Use 57mm)
  • KV-1 : They have good armor, specifically 75mm on the front and sides of the hull and 110mm on the perimeter of the turret. You have a choice between a 57mm dpm dozer and a 122mm derp trading monster. Either way, this thing will not disappoint you.

Level 6:

  • T-150 : Take everything I said about the KV-1 and turn it up two notches. The dimensions of the cabinet increase from 75 mm to 90 mm. The gun will be… between 180mm and 200mm effective across the entire front, except for a few weak points. Give him 107mm and you have all the ingredients for a great brawler. Just improve your weapon skills and your survival abilities, and you’ll be a monster even if you’re a level down.
  • KV-2: Need I say why? 152mm of Soviet glory coming out of this cannon. HE’s charging. In step 8, remind them that the steps are just small numbers.
  • SU-100: Your first consistent taste of a 122mm high speed gun. That’s what Russian tanks are for. High damage, random, all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, they also gave this puppy excellent mobility and camouflage. Use it and abuse it.

Level 7:

  • IS: At last! A heavyweight frame that wipes out the competition with a 122mm stick. Sure, you had such a weapon on the KV-85, but it was a cheap platform that relied solely on the alpha of the glorious 122. The IC is better armed, more mobile, and DPM. This gives you a stable platform on which to negotiate and defeat your strongest opponents.
  • SU-152: Holy mother of the DPM! What you lose in accuracy and penetration, you more than make up for in alpha damage and DPM. The base DPM of this device is 3162 times 122. Orientation: The highest DPM in the game is 3380. It’s a level 7 with almost as much DPM and good stealth. CONSUMPTION!

Level 8:

  • ISU-152: 750 alpha damage at level 8 with enough penetration to survive to level 10 is very respectable. No other TD at this level is doing as well as this one. An added benefit is that you can use this enormous… cough gun on levels 6 and 7. Go unnoticed and hit anyone who comes into your line of sight. Enough said.
  • IS-3 : The original big bad mofugga that nobody wanted to have anything to do with. Probably the best heavy platform on floor 8 for a 122mm boom. A decent pike that can sometimes fend off level 10 strikes. Mobility to get you where you need to go. Controlling the pages. Solid weapon for a .122. This wolf may be old, but she is still the leader of the pack.
  • LTTB: The ultimate anti-intellectual on his level. Very fast, good DPM for the lantern, good initial speed and troll armor that deflects random shots make killing enemy lanterns an easy task. When that’s done, you’re still a fantastic scout with good stealth and range.

Level 9:

  • T-54 : One of the most popular tanks for experienced players. This tank has mobility, armor, DPM, and lolp HEAT grenades that make any armor look like cheese. It’s hot. This is a true level 9 hovermade that many people underestimate.
  • T-10 : It is a heavy tank that is only fit for purpose. It’s basically a medium tank with good armor and a 440 alpha. Take an aggressive stance from the start, something other heavyweights can only dream of. Use your weapon mastery and battle skills to strike back at the heavyweights and mid-rangers who are trying to do the same as you. If you can get a bonus hull discount? Oh, my…
  • T-54 ltwt : Same situation as with LTTB. They are armored enough to occasionally bounce off projectiles and have the speed to outrun other hunters. It turns out your weapon is perfect for working with them. Endgame kills are also not out of the question for this stealthy snake.

Level 10:

  • IS-7 : The IS-3 is a great tank, but they didn’t know it would produce a gypsy nose, a 130mm cannon and a level 10 demon. It’s mobile. He has the best pin in the game. And those 122 have now become an even more menacing 130. The skill level of this tank is very low, but the skill ceiling is quite high. This makes the tank easy to handle.
  • Obj 277 : The T-10 is a lighter version of this tank. Take all the good things I said about the T-10 and give it 130mm plus weapons suppression. How on earth can anyone not like this heaviness?
  • Obj 268 : One of the level 10 tank destroyers, with a monstrous 850 alpha damage. This thing shoots 152mm holes into any tank that carelessly or stupidly crosses its line of sight. Plus, it can be built to be invisible, and has enough armor to repel some projectiles. In my humble opinion, this is the best of the 10 Soviet TDs.
  • T-100 LT : We went from one of the best to literally the best light tank vs scout in the game. Not only that, but it’s the best scout in the game. This thing, in the right hands, can win more games in the opponent’s favor than not. This tank is also the reason I’m hesitant about the look of the wheel lights on the console. God help us all.
  • Obj. 140 : The Hovermed that everyone wants. A fast, sneaky, armored, RBRT monster with a high DPM that anyone can pilot. Who wouldn’t want this tank in their garage?

Wow. It took longer than expected. Honorable mentions of almost all tanks of the Russian vehicle boom. Each tank has strengths and weaknesses that can be judged too subjectively to be included in this list. I tried to pick tanks that I think are superior to their counterparts in terms of level and class, and I didn’t want to saturate this article with tanks that I like or think are good. I might be tempted to do it for other nations if I ever get bored enough. Lol. I hope it was a good read.

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Hey WG, you really have made a lot of mistakes over the last few years. You did something good recently – you released a premium version of KV-2 and Firefly. Why not do the same for levels 5 to 7? Not everyone can afford level 8 bonuses. Not everyone wants to play at level 8…… play.

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