It’s very easy to write off grass Pokémon.

While Fire-types can shoot flames at you and Water-types carry the power of the sea, Grass-types use the power of the sea to make you… Leaves?

But grass Pokémon are much tougher than you think.

Despite their 5 weaknesses, they can hit some of the most common guys with super effective damage.

Unfortunately, you see the same Grassmen over and over again.

Ferrotorn. Venus. Rillaboom. What other options can we try that might be just as effective? We’ll see about that!

15. Appleton

In a new Pokémon game with new creatures, newcomers sometimes have a hard time standing out from the classic favorites – even if they have a great grass/dragon keyboard.

An Apple Tree is literally a cake dragon.

And, like most cakes, it’s very filling.

This means that the Appletun has a whopping 110 horsepower. With its decent defensive stats and great special base attack of 100, Appletun is capable of being a great tank.

What makes it really effective is the Move Apple Acid, owned by Appletun. This is an attack that is guaranteed to reduce your opponent’s special defense, meaning your next bet will be even stronger!

Appletown may look a little ridiculous, but there’s a lot of power under that ridiculous hat.

14. Gourmet

word image 12535

With Gourgeist, we begin the trend of a number of Pokémon with dual Herb/Spirit typing.

Gourgeist is on this list just because of its unique gimmick that gives it a lot of variety.

As with pumpkin selection, the gourmet is as big as its size.

Each has a different set of stats, with all 4 sizes having different attack, speed and HP values.

This means they can range from quick sweepers to bulky physical walls.

They are all backed up by excellent moves like Leech, Will-O-Snake and Phantom Force.

So Gourgeist may not be the most effective Pokémon on this list, but it’s certainly the most fun.

13. Dgelmise

word image 12536

It’s time for another herbal drink!

Dhelmise is perhaps one of the coolest designs in all of Pokémon.

An anchor overgrown with algae and a ship’s wheel behind it? I’m going to get a barrel of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dhelmise also stands out for its unique ability.

The metallurgist gives a 1.5x damage bonus to all steely moves. Actually, Dhelmise has 3 STAB attacks.

This means Shelmiz hits much harder with all of his shots, especially when attacking the 131 base!

Combine that with excellent defense, and it’s clear that Dhelmise can be an anchor for your team.

12. Exegulator

word image 12537

Exeggutor was once one of the greatest Pokémon and threatened every trainer in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Nevertheless, he fell from grace and could only be defeated by the likes of Tauros.

However, this does not mean that the Exeggutor is useless.

She can harvest, which gives her the ability to recover the berry after she eats from it. This means that the Exeggutor has the ability to pamper itself with citrus berries at any time.

Some kind of residue on steroids!

Combine that with Leech, Sleep Powder, and Giga Drain, and you can build a stable of Pokémon like most trainers have never seen.

And why don’t you take a look at his alolan form?

This thing is really stupid and I love it!

11. Parasect

word image 12538

It’s very easy to hate Parasecta.

Scary, terrible double attack and incredibly slow.

But I put this little guy in here because he could be an asset.

Trick Space is a fantastic move that changes the battle order of Pokémon. This means that Pokémon will get through it more slowly at first.

And with the 95th. On a basic attack, you don’t want Parasect to go first.

The best thing Parasect has to offer is access to the Spore movement.

This is the only move in all of Pokémon that can put an opponent to sleep and has an accuracy of 100.

So if Parasect goes first, your opponent goes to sleep.

I realize that’s a bit much for a Pokémon, but imagine what your opponent looks like when you hit him with a Parasect.

10. Rotomotor

word image 12539

Each of the rotomes is intriguing, with interesting typography and powerful attacks.

And Rothom Maw is no different.

The Rotom-Mow is the most mowed lawn mower you’ve ever seen – and a water nightmare.

He has a unique grass/electric pressure that allows you to use moves like lightning and leaf storm.

But I always have more fun when I throw Trick on Roth-Moe.

A trick is a movement in which the user exchanges objects with an opponent.

It’s great if you give Rotom-Mow some sort of scarf or selection.

Both can block an opponent for a turn and cripple defensive walls like Ferrotorn or Karmor.

I will admit that Rotom Maw may not be the best of Rotom. But he certainly deserves to be in the conversation.

9. Wicktrebel

word image 12540

Although some fans recognize Victreebel for the many times he tried to eat James’ face, he is never really used in the game by the players.

Which is a shame, because Victribel is an excellent cleanser.

While this may be shocking for a Pokémon with a base speed of only 70, Victreebel’s Chlorophyll ability doubles the Pokémon’s speed in sunlight.

So if you teach Victreebel Sun Day (or pair it with Pokemon like Torkoal), you suddenly have a Solar Harvester.

But what makes Victreebel really cool is that he can be a physical or special attacker.

Although his attack is higher than his special attack, I would still recommend choosing the special route because Victreebel explores Sunbeam, a powerful grass move that is even better in the sun.

If you go with Victreebel, the victories will follow quickly!

8. Slide

word image 12541

I’m not going to lie: I didn’t think I’d see Shiftree on this list.

He has pretty good stats, but nothing that really surprised me.

But then I realized it’s probably the best physical sunscreen on the market.

Yes, Shiftree is another Pokémon with chlorophyll. But there is no real physical skill when it comes to this kind of ability.

And Shiftry is the perfect Pokémon to take advantage of this, with moves like Growth, STAB Knock Off, and Sun Blade.

And Sunblade is the perfect move for Shiftree.

Actually, it’s a physical ray of sunshine.

Normally it needs two strokes to work, but in the case of sunshine, only one is needed. And since Shiftree is in the sun anyway, take the 125. On the base!

The only thing that frustrates Shiftree is that it’s a Wikid Pokémon. Is it a spelling error, or did I miss something?

7. Abomasnov

word image 12542

We go from talking about the sun to talking about Ava.

Glory is very cool weather, which is disadvantageous for Pokémon without Vizetype.

And while most trainers focus on Pokémon like Alolan-Ninetal and Vanillux, they forget the Pokémon it all started with.

Abomasnow is a fearsome looking Pokémon that unfortunately has perhaps the worst defensive dual typing in the game.

Ice/grass has some weaknesses, and fire is particularly strong.

But that doesn’t change the fact that this thing can hit like a truck!

Abomasnov has good offensive stats. This means he can hit Wooden Hammer and Blizzard particularly hard, and they never miss because Abomasnow caused the hail.

Add Earthquake and you get 64% of all Pokémon for super effective damage.

With Abomasnoff, there’s a big risk at this price.

Oh, but what a reward it is.

6. Tangrove

word image 12543

Tangroot is one of the many new evolutions we’ve added to existing Pokémon in the fourth generation.

And while Electivire and Gliscor get the most attention, Tangrowth deserves to be on the same level as them.

With a great base defense of 125 and 100 HP, Tangrowth is simply one of the best physical walls out there (at least for the underrated weed guys).

He could have easily survived Sinderas’ fireball.

And if you use its regenerative powers, you can survive even more.

Regenerator is an ability that allows a Pokémon to heal itself each time it transforms. Combine that with Leftovers and Tangroot, and you’ll have Pokémon that sleep for the duration of your adventure.

5. Flowering time

word image 12544

Breloom is honestly one of my favorite fights of all time.

That’s because Breloom has two equally useful sets that take advantage of its amazing capabilities.

The first is Poison Healing, which uses poison to heal the Pokémon instead of harming it – essentially acting as leftover food.

Breloom now becomes a decent wall that can do a lot of damage with replace and focus strike.

But the other useful skill is that of a technician.

The technician increases the force of movements below the base force of 60 by a factor of 1.5. This means Mach Punch is now at 60 and Bullet Seed becomes a 37 multihit, which means it can go from 74 to 185!

Each of these strategies combined with Spore makes Breloom a very good grass Pokémon.

But if he’s so good, why is he undervalued?

That’s because it’s not in Sword and Shield. Once Breloom is available, I’m sure he’ll be back on top.

4. Skeptile

word image 12545

When people talk about herbal snacks, they are usually talking about the same thing.

Venus, Rillaboom and Serperior are all fantastic.

I would even add Chesnut.

But personally, I think Skeptil deserves to be mentioned among them all.

Sceptile is the fastest of all the starters and has a massive base speed of 120. Combine that with a decent 105 special attack and you have a dangerous special sweeper.

But what really makes Skeptil great is its mega-evolution.

This gives him a second Dragon Sense and the ability to lightning. Moreover, his speed and special attack increase to 145!

This is great and makes Mega Sceptile a very powerful Pokémon.

And need I mention he looks like a fucking dragon slayer?

3. Lourentis

word image 12546

One of the most interesting skills in Pokémon is Contrary.

That is, any decrease in statistics actually becomes an increase.

Serperior uses it with leaf storm, and Malamar does the same with super strength….. But is there a Pokémon that can do both?

Come on in to the Laurentis!

Lurantis learns both techniques, allowing him to increase his attack, defense, and special attack while attacking alone.

And because he has a decent defense, he can heal himself with synthesis, so he can last long in battle.

Additionally, Lurantis is even more useful because he has access to Defog and Aromatherapy, meaning he can sweep and support your team members!

Lurantis can do anything.

2. Czarina

word image 12547

From one Alolan Pokémon to another, Tsarina really surprised me with her quality.

Statistically, it works the same way as Lurantis. But for the better!

He has better HP, offense, defense, special defense and speed.

And what really makes the Czarina great are her regal and majestic talents.

This prevents a priority attack on Zarin or his allies. This can be huge in a game full of strong attacking priorities like Incineroar and Rillaboom.

Zarin also has incredible cover with Power Whip, Hi Jump Kick, Triple Axel and U-Turn.

In fact, the Czarina is queen for a reason.

1. Tangela

word image 12548

While this isn’t the first time I’ve rated a basic Pokémon higher than its evolved form, it is the first time I’ve rated it first.

But what can I say?

Tangela is just underrated.

This is thanks to Eviolite, which strengthens both sides of the defense of a Pokémon that has not yet fully evolved.

This means that Tangela with Eviolite has more defense and special defense than Tangrowth.

Very much so.

And I know Tangela can’t use the leftovers, but she has a bunch of other recovery options.

Giga drainage, Leech seed, and Fusion are all good choices. But the best part is his regeneration ability, just like Tangroot.

Yeah, Tangela can’t hit that hard.

But when your defense is so high and you can recover HP so easily, you don’t need to hit so hard.

Tangela is a formidable physical wall and perhaps the most underrated turf player of all time.

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