The long-awaited Breeze map finally has a release date, thanks to hints of Valorant patch 2.08. Streamers and wellies have had access to the Tropical Battle Zone for most of the past week, and soon the general public will finally be able to explore every corner of it.

The biggest change in this update is the Breeze-Only queue. For a long time, players complained that with RNG cards, they felt like they were constantly being pushed to one or two cards, even when there were five in the pool. Players can now queue only on Breeze, so their experience isn’t ruined by constantly having to choose between Haven and Bind. Be quick – this queue is only available for two weeks.

In the last two major updates, the patch notes only included minor updates like bug fixes and game system updates. Good luck to all the brave officers, and see you in the Breeze!

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Valorant 2.08 Patch Notes


This is the latest addition to the VALORANT card collection. Located on a remote island, Breeze is a vibrant, playful and colorful environment with large open spaces and opportunities for distant meetings.

  • Breeze will launch simultaneously with an unregulated queue reserved for Breeze, which will remain active for two weeks.
    • For more information on this queue, see the Competition Updates section below.


  • Added a queue for unclassified breezes, just for those who want to grind our new map.
    • Breeze will also be available in the standard queues Deathmatch, Spike Rush and Escalation, and in custom games.
    • This queue will only be active for two weeks. During this two-week period, Breeze will not be available in standard rows with no ranking or competitive rows. After this period, the Breeze-only queue will be deactivated and Breeze will become available in the existing unranked and competitive queues.
  • A memory! This is the last act by which you can achieve your rank, which you receive at the end of Act III.


  • Coach slots have been added to the custom tournament mode games.
    • We are very excited about the introduction of training slots into tournament mode games! This is just the beginning of our work on coaches, and while the functionality will be limited before kickoff, we plan to expand the features available to coaches during the game. We look forward to developing the role of coaches and working with the coaches in the VCT ecosystem regarding this functionality.
  • Disk Slots Current Functionality :
    • Coaches can view matches in tournament format and are required to view the selected team in the custom match lobby.
    • Coaches may not use Card Ping, Team Chat or Voice Chat in the game.
    • Coaches can use All Chat and Party Chat for those occasions when they need to communicate with the tournament director.
    • Coaches can pause a game if this feature is allowed for players.



  • We heard your requests (and where they came from)! HRTF added sounds of gun discharges.


  • A feedback feature for journalists has been added to the game.
    • Those of you who post against disruptive players will now be warned.
    • Thanks for your help in making VALORANT a better place for everyone and for keeping these reports alive.
  • Warnings are now given to offenders who need to learn the game’s code of conduct for the first time. No more excuses for bad behavior!
  • Wild Rift players are now shown in the social section.



  • Fixed a bug where the Tower and Alarbot Killjoy icons would disappear when turned off.
  • Astra and Brimstone smoke no longer blocks flares, even if you’re not quite in them.
  • Viper’s poison screen took longer than expected when he went through the teleporter on the link.
  • The firing range of the poison cloud ladder has been adjusted to 200 instead of the expected 400.
  • Improved performance of Astra’s visual fog effects in low settings.


  • Fixed a bug where in Spike Rush when circling a weapon upgrade with an equipped operator, you lost the operator and got nothing as a replacement.
    • Now keep the operator and get a random second weapon.


  • Fixed bug that caused rank icons to disappear while playing.
  • Fixed bug that caused act rank icons to appear on map loading screens in non-competitive modes.

You can check out the official Valorant patches and details on their website.

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