Recently, I went my first Hollister CC and it is an amazing experience. I got the #CK16 (Canada) and it is an amazing experience! The only negative thing I have to say is the service was horrible. I recieved the Hollister CC a day late, and I wasn’t able to get into contact with the Hollister CC customer service team because of the language barrier. I only got my code after contacting them the second time.

I love to modify every single aspect of my games. I love to mod my games, but I have to admit that I have a hard time doing so. I think it is because my brain gets stuck on the fact that I have to go back to the old version. It is hard to learn from mistakes because I know that the new version is better. And it is impossible to not get frustrated because I have to start all over again.

Have you ever gone out shopping, found the perfect outfit, only to be disappointed that you can’t wear it? Hollister is the perfect fix for that. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite pieces that are available in women’s and men’s styles.

Did you know Hollister made up its own origin story? The brand was founded in 2000, but the geniuses behind it decided they would sell more clothing. It all started with a Pacific store in Southern California, run by one J.M. Hollister. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that it worked. People love a good success story. Add a vintage and local vibe, and you have one of the most iconic brands in the history of fast-fashion. What better way for a brand with a fictional origin story to get it out than in a fictional simulation? That’s why we’ve listed some of the best Hollister clothing and outfits especially for The Sims 4.

Hollister Sweater

Check out this AC. Nothing like a classic. Especially when it comes to this Hollister CC sweater. Perfect for your Sim’s everyday look for literally any occasion. This model has more than 12 different colors so you can easily combine it with everything. Add this essential piece to your Sim’s wardrobe, it’s perfect for those cold winter nights.


word-image-6693 Check out this AC. Anyone who has ever worn a Hollister hoodie knows it’s as comfortable as a mom’s hug. It doesn’t matter if they’re torn, have coffee stains or haven’t gone through the washing machine since you ripped the label off. They’re always waiting in the back of your closet, ready to warm you up. Let your Sims feel the same sense of security with these Hollister hoodies, available in 8 colors.

Hollister Women’s Short

word-image-6694 Check out this AC. The best thing about a lazy weekend at home is that you can wear whatever you want and relax. To make your Sim’s well-earned solitude as comfortable as possible, buy these Hollister shorts from Remaron. And thanks to the 9 options, you can choose the shirt that best matches your sim lady’s favorite shirt.

Hollister Boxer Briefs

word-image-6695 Check out this AC. We all know that WooHoos in The Sims are much faster than in real life. So every second counts. To make it even hotter, try these Hollister boxer shorts for men designed by littledica. The 14 options to choose from seem boring compared to the fact that this CC also gives your Sims (ahem) upgrades. If this is what you need, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Realistic jogging pants

word-image-6696 Check out this AC. People have found a way to make wearing pajamas outside socially acceptable by designing joggers. Pinkzombiecupcakes takes it a step further by adding kneecaps, creating a vibe that I don’t like and that suits lazy sims. So make sure you get them a comfortable pair of these Hollister joggers that they can get through the daily routine in. Please note that you need to install the Spa Day pack first before you can add them to the game.

Hollister Shirts 1922

word-image-6697 Check out this AC. Fake origin story aside, it’s impossible to resist the simple elegance of these Hollister 1922 shirts. With the iconic seagull logo in the middle and a year under the wing, this design also shows how far the brand has come. One look and you know right away it’s Hollister. Get these shirts for your sim, long or short sleeve, with four color options.Since we are in the middle of NCAA March Madness, we should go over the best women’s college basketball teams. First off, we will start with the number one seed, the UCLA Bruins. UCLA was the only team they won’t have to play in the championship game. The Bruins are currently undefeated and on top of the PAC 12. They have one of the best players in the country in their starting point guard. They have also won three straight PAC 12 titles.  Next up is the Ohio State Buckeyes. They are the number two seed and have a great chance at winning it all.  The Buckeyes have one of the best players in the country in center, Carley-Rae Weems. The Buckeyes also. Read more about hollister jeans and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 12 year olds shop at Hollister?

In the last month, the online fashion retailer H&M has released a slew of their own exclusive clothing styles, including a black and white striped hoodie and a sharp checkerboard shirt. Meanwhile, the clothing brand known for its Americana— and now preppy— style, Hollister, is also releasing some exclusive clothing that’s more and more becoming a style staple for younger consumers. A few days ago, the Internet went rather crazy over a picture of a 12 year old boy wearing a shirt from Hollister, a clothing store that specializes in board shorts and hoodies for men and women. The 12 year old in question, named Drew, has been working at Hollister for a year, where his job includes helping other children and teenagers pick out the clothes they want. There was a lot of speculation over whether the boy was “too young” to work at Hollister, but the store has a zero-tolerance policy against anyone under the age of 14. According to the store’s website, “Hollister is geared toward a more mature audience. We do not welcome children and our stores are not designed for

Is Hollister good quality?

Hollister is known for its very cheap clothes and accessories. However, do you think the quality of their clothes and accessories are good? The Hollister clothing brand was founded in California in the early 1900’s and has grown to be one of the most iconic fashion brands ever since. The brand has become particularly popular with teens and young adults, thanks to its suave California style.

Does Hollister clothes run small?

Hollister has been my favorite brand for a few years now, and I love the way that they designs their clothes. As a student, I found that Hollister is one of the few brands that still understand that college students don’t have to wear complete frat-boy uniforms: light durable material, easy to wash, stylish… Ever wondered if Hollister clothes run small? Here is a sizing chart of the Hollister lines available in the UK! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!

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