CD PROJECTION RED has released Hotfix 1.21 for the PC, console and Stadia versions of its controversial sci-fi role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. The latest patches fix nearly 30 quest-related bugs, including more serious progress blocking issues like black screens and stuck enemies in some missions. Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.21 also includes general stability improvements, user interface changes, and various visual and gameplay fixes (for example, NCPD agents no longer suddenly pop up behind the player when a crime is committed on the roof of a building).

Hotfix 1.21 for #Cyberpunk2077 live on PC, consoles and Stages!

In this update, we focused on further improving the overall stability of the game and fixing the most common issues that can block progress.

Here’s what changed:

– Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame) 14. April 2021

Hot Info 1.21 Patch Notes

Quests and open world

  • The issue was addressed in Gig: It’s warmer… if the player hasn’t lowered 8ug8ear’s body temperature.
  • Fixed an issue where a shard could not be saved Send command to Cyberpsycho Sighting : Discount Doc can block progress. Reading the shard is now an optional task.
  • Fixed a bug in Down on the Street where Takemura was stuck in the Japantown harbor after the player decided to go to Wakako alone and left the area too early.
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips in Cyberpsycho Sighting: A blood ritual would not count if the player scanned them before speaking to the injured NPC.
  • If the player now approaches Brendan, the paint spray should work well.
  • Fixed an issue in Play it Safe where the screen could go black when connected to an access point, blocking further progress.
  • Problem solved with reporting a crime: The excavation is not completed if the player opens the container before scanning the blood trail.
  • Fixed an issue where a Maelstrom could appear in an area inaccessible to the player, blocking progress in Lose My Religion/Sacrum Profanum.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented progress on one of Japantown’s attacks.
  • Fixed the problem of the game crashing during the concert: The Hippocratic Oath when a player jumped out of a window after breaking it.
  • Solved several problems with enemies cutting objects and floating in the air when suspected of organized criminal activity: Violation of Privacy Policy.
  • Problem solved with suspected organized crime activity: Violation of privacy when progress can be blocked because opponents are stuck in a shed.
  • Holo calls from Mitch should no longer be suspended and repeated if the call was previously aborted.
  • Johnny’s appearance in various quests resolved.
  • Dennis’ car should now appear correctly in the Big One in Japan.
  • Players can now get into Dennis’ car in Big in Japan from the right side.
  • The windows in the cabin should no longer break when you open the container in Big in Japan.
  • The big game in Japan now fails when the player leaves Haruyoshi behind after opening the container instead of taking him to safety.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could no longer use weapons and consumables after leaving Takemura’s van in Downing Street.
  • The player can no longer summon Takemura while meeting Oda on the street in Down.
  • Fixed issue where Oda could be found on the bridge between Watson and Westbrook before going to Takemura’s hideout in Search and Destroy.
  • Fixed a bug in Down on the Street where Oda could crash into a player’s car if it was in the way.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck waiting for a call from a disturbed person after failing a quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the door to Cassius Ryder’s Ripperdock shop would not open, preventing the player from completing the concert.
  • Saul will no longer follow the player around the world when he leaves the quest area after being released in Rider of the Storm.
  • Fixed an issue where a sandstorm could be present in a city if the player moved through it quickly during Kill in Name or Rider in Storm.
  • Rider in the Storm now fails if the player leaves the Wraith camp before Saul is rescued.
  • Model: The starting bonus should now activate correctly after approaching the search area.


  • Fixed an issue where National Police officers could appear behind the player’s back after committing a crime on the roof of a building.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from pulling the ladder out of the water.


  • Fixed several issues with cutting out NPC clothing.


  • Added an icon on NPCs that are under the effect of the Quick Hack Distract Enemies.
  • Scanning the user interface is now less cluttered.
  • Fixed bug where Japanese/Traditional Chinese text could disappear if the player changed the interface language from English to one of those languages.

Stability and performance

  • Various improvements in memory management (fewer crashes).

Console side

  • Players should now be able to select stickers in photo mode with the circle button in the Japanese version of the game on PlayStation 4.

Specific stadium

  • Fixed some graphical issues with Mikoshi’s deck in Belly Of The Beast/Changes.


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