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The basic idea behind Lost Sectors is the same as Destiny 1: it’s a series of shorter, repeating missions that you can repeat for loot. Some of the loot is standard Destiny fare (rare and legendary engrams), but some of it is new to the game, such as weapons and armor. Each sector is part of an overarching Lost Sector theme, and each will have a random “boss” like the “Lost Sector” mission from Destiny 1.

Nessus is, without a doubt, the most beautiful planet in Destiny 2 right now. It’s a massive, verdant jungle planet with mysterious ruins, hidden secrets, and plenty of enemies to kill.

Nessus is an asteroid occupied by various factions, but primarily remaining in the hands of the Vex, and known as the planet where the black Exodus ship crashed.

Currently, most players reach Nessus during the Crash Exodus attack, but others can explore it on their own if all necessary conditions are met.

Players can explore and find up to five different lost areas in Nessus, including Orreri, Rift, Carrion Pit, Conflux and Ghost of the Ancients.

Nessus is a great place to kill different factions, as there are three different factions in the lost sectors: The Fallen, Vex and Cabal.

The Orrery (seat required in Tyrrone)

  • Leader: Required: Tyrdron
  • Elite: A nightmarish harpy.
  • Group : Vex
  • Area: The edge of the artifact

If you go to Artifact’s Edge, you’ll see a large circular room off to the side, with the entrance to the Orrery at the bottom right.

As you make your way through this mechanical construct, you’ll encounter mostly goblins and hobgoblins, until you encounter the Wanted: Tyrdron.

Make sure you destroy Vex enemies nearby, as they have a habit of attacking you at long range, which can make it difficult to survive in combat.

Required: Tyrdron fights alongside nightmarish harpies that you may want to destroy before turning to attack the final boss.

Rift (wanted)

  • Leader: Required: Captain Twilight.
  • Elite: Nightmare Shaft.
  • Group : Like
  • Area:  Exodus black

The Lost Sector Rift is easily found in Exodus Black by moving left after a quick move, where you will see pipes, one of which has a Lost Sector marker.

Behind the pipes is a passage and you can sneak inside, where you will have to fight the traps.

After fighting a medium-sized group, you must cross the gorge to an area that the Fallen have converted into a makeshift hideout.

When you reach the other side, several traps will engage you in combat: Captain Torn Twilight and some nightmarish anecdotes.

Carrion Pit (the place where the reincarnated Narcissus is sought)

  • Leader: Required: The Nariks are reborn
  • Elite: Nightmarish and smelly.
  • Group : Like
  • Area:  The elucidation of echoes

The Carrion Pit is a lost area that appears to be the remains of a mining facility, located in the Echo Glade.

The entrance is next to the pile of rubble in the middle of Glade Echo, from where you descend into the shelter.

This lost area is quite small, and once you have eliminated the first area where the trap enemies are scattered, you will reach a higher area and encounter the Wanted: Nariks Reborn.

Required: Nariks Reborn is a minion boss who constantly spews nightmarish bastards and other enemies to fight against you.

The conflict (requires place for Chayote supporter)

  • Leader: Required: Partisan Coyote
  • Elite: Nightmare beast.
  • Group : Company
  • Area:  Tanker

The confluence is in the cistern, behind the large creek lake, and the entrance is by the tree next to the waterfall.

When you enter this lost area, instead of fighting the Cabal one by one until you get to the final boss, you will fight most of the enemies at once, including him.

When you reach the main area after a short walk from the entrance, you will encounter Cabal enemies as well as the Boss Wanted: Shayote Partisan.

The Shayote follower fights alongside nightmare beasts, who can be quite deadly due to their high health and ability to knock you back with their deadly melee attacks.

Ghost of the Ancients (Wanted location Pakrion)

  • Leader: Required: Packrion
  • Elite: A nightmarish harpy.
  • Group : Vex
  • Area:  The radius

The lost area of Ancient’s Haunt is a small underground cave that looks like a forest occupied by the Vex faction.

Once you’re through the cave, you’ll encounter a small team of Vex enemies and soon a final boss.

In Ancient’s Haunt, you will find Wanted: Pakrion, the Hydra’s boss variant, accompanied by squadrons of nightmare harpies.

Pacrion will try to retire if his health declines or he doesn’t have reinforcements. Even if you kill him early, there will still be enemies waiting for you at the end of the cave.


  • Goblins and hobgoblins can attack you from a certain distance. B. at Orreri, where they are strategically positioned to overwhelm you with fire.
  • The Carrion Pit is one of the best places to collect traps, as you’ll find plenty of crushed trap powers when you encounter Nariks Reborn.
  • When you’re not breeding fallen assassins, you can use excessive powers, such as a powerful ability or weapon, to quickly take out wanted men: Nariks Reborn to stop the spread of enemies.
  • The Warbeasts in the Lost Sector of Conflux can be dangerous if you don’t stop them, and after defeating them, it’s best to finish the final boss quickly.


On Nessus, you can not only loop back lost sectors, but also grow microphase data grids.

The bait pit is a popular place to kill Fallers, as the enemies are easy to kill and cluster in a small space.

Most lost areas on Nessus are small and can be easily completed, allowing players to mine for gear, XP, and mica.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lost sectors on Nessus in Destiny 2?

The lost sectors of Nessus are hidden areas filled with powerful enemies, bonus missions, and other secrets. Thirteen of them are scattered around the planet, and discovering them all earns you a sweet emblem. But, what if you find a lost sector that’s not on the map, and doesn’t appear to be on the map? That’s where this guide comes in. It’s a comprehensive list of the known lost sectors, along with info on where we think the missing ones might be located. Each week, the Destiny 2 community finds new lost sectors and they all appear on a website called reddit. Just like the first Destiny, these lost sectors are hidden areas on the game map, and they contain treasures and powerful enemies, but not all lost sectors are the same. There are different types of lost sectors to explore in the game map, and this guide will tell you about each lost sector and what you can find there.

Where are the lost sectors on Nessus?

As you may already know, one of the locations in the Nessus Strike is an unaligned city called “The Cesspool”, where the Fallen House of Winter have a strong presence. The Cesspool is a dark and dirty place, full of Fallen and their Servitors. To make things worse, the area is totally infested with Taken and Vex. Ever since the release of the Golden Chest series of adventure areas, players have been asking where the lost sectors – the mysterious bonus levels that appear after you beat the boss of the zone – are. Unfortunately, the devs have been mum on the subject, leaving players to wonder if the lost sector idea was scrapped, or if they’ve been moved to a later zone. All we know for sure is that they’ve never been added to the zones as they were originally planned. It’s a mystery.

How do I find lost sectors?

A sector is a part of a world which contains resources for players to mine.   A sector will contain a small amount of ore or gems .   Finding a lost sector means you have found a sector which hasn’t been explored before.  The chance to find a lost sector on a planet is random, but it can be increased by visiting the planet more and also by using specialized equipment such as a discovery scanner. It’s never fun when you lose a sector, but it is part of the game. Thankfully, when you place your colony on a planet with a fissure, you can get a notification if you are facing a lost sector. If you are lucky, you can even get a notification when you enter a lost sector. The game is pretty generous with these notifications, so if you are facing a lost sector, it’s worth your time to check the colony map to see if it appears as a red flash.

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