As much as we love our four-legged furry friends, most of us don’t have the space or money to provide them with an elaborate house or kennel. This is especially true for dog owners with smaller homes. Thankfully, there are some companies that specialize in creating pet beds and dog houses of all kinds. There are also some that make more general dog accessories, such as doggy treats and toys. If you have a pooch, check out these 15 wonderful dog beds, houses and accessories.

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that having a dog is a lot like having a child. That cute bundle of fur needs constant care and attention. You have to clean up its messes, train it, and feed it. At the end of the day, it’s human nature to give even the smallest creatures the best life you possibly can. That means you’re constantly looking for ways to make them happy and healthy—and that includes making sure they have comfortable beds to nap in.

Here’s one for all the puppies!

We all love The Sims for different reasons. But one of the main things I like about this game is the realism it can give.

When the Cats and Dogs package came out, it really added the realism I need as a sailor. EA has done a fantastic job of incorporating so many race options and a fantastic CAS area for pets, as well as a great selection of items to build/buy.

But CC only makes it better, right?

Whether it’s a collar or a pet bed, all these items are made with love for all good little dogs.

1. RavasheenMuttropolitan Dog equipment

Check out this AC.

We’ve all been through it, I’m sure.

His Sims mind their own business when his dirty dog runs into the house and acts like they’ve done something great. Your Sim must stop all activities to bathe the dog, but wait …… They only have one shower!

CC creator Ravasheen comes to the rescue with this impressive ensemble.

They have developed a nice little dog washing station, small enough to fit in most homes. The bathtub comes with a new set of bowls, training utensils and even a cute little door for the little dog.

All the elements in this set add a lot to your game!

2. Leo Sims Closet Pet Bed

word image 13489

Check out this AC.

Oh, this is great!

I know I’ve personally had problems integrating pets into some of my builds, either due to lack of space or lack of simoleons.

But this Leo Sims bed can change all that.

This is a fully functional animal bed integrated into the side table.

As long as you have room for one or the other, you don’t have to choose.

It comes in six beautiful patterns, so the design possibilities are almost endless.

3. BrazenLotusDog collar condition

word image 13490

Check out this AC.

If you’re looking for durable decorative or organizational items for your pet-friendly home, keep this in mind.

BrazenLotus has put together a comprehensive mess kit from Cats & Dogs with two hook collars and a black hook leash.

They look great on the front door and add realistic elements to the pet owner’s home.

4. Emoji Ball from Kliekie

word image 13491

Check out this AC.

It’s probably one of my favorite CCs to date.

Kliekie has designed the cutest dog toys with emoji faces!

The ball is available in twenty-five variations with the most common emoji, so your four-legged friends can also express their feelings while playing ball.

I mean, is this really a cool set?

5. Oakstar Service Animal Accessories519

word image 13492

Check out this AC.

One of the many reasons The Sims is (and always has been) my favorite game is the level of inclusivity it brings.

EA has already done a fantastic job. But CC manufacturers are always on a whole new level, and it never ceases to amaze me!

With this accessory set from Oakstar519, your Sims can have assistance animals with these cute vests and collars.

And let me tell you, the attention to detail on something as simple as this is just perfect.

6. Rainbow Necklace by Blahberry_Pancake

word image 13493

Check out this AC.

Guys, I can’t go with this necklace. It is the perfect combination of softness and durability.

And all your dogs will look great in it!

The designs include four colors of the national pride flag and ten other colors. And each of the models is so cute!

The necklace itself looks like black leather and is connected in the middle by a metal heart. I can’t believe how good he is.

7. Fancy Pet by Simtographics

word image 13494

Check out this AC.

I can’t be the only one who has always wanted a niche like this, can I?

Simtographics has taken the architecture of Cats & Dogs and made it the perfect niche for your game.

It acts as a pet bed, so it’s fully functional and comes in three varieties.

Your dogs will certainly live luxuriously in this home.

8. Studio K-CreationRug for small dogs

word image 13495

Check out this AC.

There are so many clothing options for dogs in The Sims 4.

But this one really caught my attention.

There are two versions here, but unfortunately they are only suitable for small dog breeds. That’s really something!

As well as a large number of different patterns.

At first glance, there is an option for a full dress and then an option that is just a skirt. And they’re all equally cute.

Trust me, your smart dogs will love it.

9. PinofurudeFood pot for pets (+symbolic names)

word image 13496

Check out this AC.

Now, the simple feeder may not seem so special.

But it’s the floral motifs that really take it to the extreme, in my opinion.

The bright and colorful bowls are available in one color and labeled with the name of the sim. And there’s something about that little detail that I really appreciate.

Your beloved pet can rest easy knowing that he is represented in your home with his own personalized feeding bowl.

10. Nolan-Sims garland of flowers

word image 13497

Check out this AC.

Did I save my favorite CC for last? Absolutely.

Nolan-Sims makes some of the best CCs for The Sims 4. But this dog product (and the cat product too!) is my favorite of all the products they’ve made.

This wreath is a real eye-catcher for your pets, isn’t it?

The crown is suitable for small and large pets and is available in sixteen varieties.

This option can definitely be used for an evening outfit for your pooches. Can you imagine them wearing that to a wedding?

Or, if you have nothing too formal, this can work as a casual look for your four-legged virtual best friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bedding to put in a dog house?

If you’re a dog owner, you know that outdoor living isn’t always the best option for your pooch. Not only can the weather extremes be hard on him or her, but you have to worry about your furry friend being attacked by predators or spreading fleas and ticks to your other pets. If you’re tired of worrying about your dog’s safety and are looking for a way to both protect your pet and provide him or her with more room to move around, there are a lot of options. A dog’s bedding is as important as any other item in its environment. If you don’t have the right kind of bedding, your dog may not be able to rest comfortably, leading to issues with its coat, skin and mood. Of course, the best bedding will depend on your dog’s individual needs. Larger dogs, for example, should have larger beds to accommodate their size, while smaller dogs can get by with something smaller. With that said, here are a few of the best bedding materials for your dog.

How can I make a dog house warm in the winter?

The weather can get cold when winter rolls around, and you’ll want to make sure that your dog is warm and comfortable. The best way to do that is with a heated dog house that you can set to the perfect temperature to keep your furry friend toasty. If you’re wondering how to make a dog house warm in the winter, we’ll take you through the process. If you live in a cold climate, you know that keeping your dog warm in the winter is a serious challenge. If you live in MN, you probably also know that there are few things worse than those icy, frozen dog paws on the kitchen tile in the morning. So, what can you do to make sure your dog is warm—and toasty—all winter?

Are dog beds bad for dogs?

In the wild, dogs do not spend their days lying in a bed, but rather roaming around when they do not have to hunt for food. In fact, most do not even sleep lying down. However, once inside the home, especially during winter months, your dog may spend most of the day in a cozy dog bed because the weather is cold. Although there are many different dog beds, these are not always good for your pet. A dog owner’s worst nightmare is a bed-ridden pooch. Ironically, a dog bed can do more harm than good. Most dogs prefer sleeping on the floor. Sure, your dog may roll around in his bed, but you’ll rarely find him sleeping there. Dogs like to sleep on the floor because it gives them a full 360-degree view of their surroundings. And they can sleep in a number of positions that are impossible to achieve while curled up in a cozy bed. If your dog stays in his dog bed, make sure it’s not on the floor, but on a medium-sized platform.

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