Far Cry 6 – Best Weapons You Need To Get Hands-On Quick

Far Cry 6 is one of the most expansive games ever released for consoles. Here are some of the best weapons you need to get your hands on quick.

Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game has been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the New Nintendo Switch.

Far Cry 6 – Best Weapons You Need To Get Hands-On Quick

There are many weapons in Far Cry 6, and since you and your fellow revolutionary armies are waging a hard battle, it’s not uncommon for you to have some extraordinary weaponry that may completely destroy your opponents in no time. There are a total of 8-9 types of weapons, but we’ll concentrate on sidearms, submachine guns, rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns since we use them often. In this guide, we believe these are the endgame weapons that you can unlock and customize with modifications to make them more lethal.

The Best Weapons in Far Cry 6 That You Should Get Your Hands On Right Away


far cry 6 best weapons pistols

In some situations or circumstances, the Sidearm or Pistol “The Autocrat” acquired during the primary quest DU Or DIE is very helpful. The Damage and Velocity may not appeal to you, but if you look through the Attachment Mods, you’ll find Armor Piercing Rounds, which simply enable you to penetrate armor and helmets. Hitting regular opponents with this handgun is pointless since the amount of damage you can do with another weapon will be more beneficial. When battling armored opponents with this sidearm, when its impact may be maximized, the narrative shifts.

However, it may simply be replaced with the finest Sidearm or Tier 4 Pistol, such as the “Desert Eagle” with Armor Piercing Mods and Silencer, to kill an opponent with one round in a stealthy and easy manner with headshots. After finishing the Treasure Hunt “The Last One To Leave,” Desert Eagle will appear as a prize.

Another Tier 4 Pistol worth mentioning is the “Pistola Sportiva,” which can be located in Esperanza, West Lado, above and outside of El Presidente Square, as seen on the map. What makes it more interesting are the Attachment Mods. The Blast Rounds Mods do serious damage to cars and can even shatter bulletproof windshields.



Early on, the greatest SMG to find is “MP40” in Lozania, Monjas Valley. You can run and gun since your hip rate is high and you have superior accuracy from near to medium range. It may later be changed with other one-of-a-kind SMG guns like “DIY Death” or “Streamline Moderne.” It may be aggravating, but as a non-SMG user, MP40 seems to be more attractive.



Tier 4 LMG “Crackle And Pop” is far and away the best LMG you can get from the chest. We anticipate LMG clearing out the enemy swarm or destroying big vehicles or aircraft. This pistol can do all of the tricks that the Attachment Mods currently installed can, such as “Blast Rounds” which may cause basic pandemonium with fast firing. It’s on one of the roofs near Esperanza, West Lado, and North of Torre Del Leon, where you’re hiding.



Tier 4 rifle “Urushi” with Tier 4 Large Cylindrical Suppressor, Tier 1 Armor Piercing, and Tier 4 Vampiric Triada connected or installed may be discovered in Esperanza, Barrio Antiguo below the town settlement near the dockyard.

Another Tier 4 rifle discovered in FND Case at Esperanza is “SKS.” Install the modifications and use the suppressor to hit headshot. You won’t be seen until the whole army has died.

Sniper Rifle is a weapon used by snipers.

As I am a sucker for snipers, there are many snipers who may clash with my interest. There are two snipers that make my list of “greatest shooters in the game.” Because the Attachment Mods already have Small Advanced Sniper Scope (Tier 4) loaded, it’s called “El Tirano.” It may be located on top of the lighthouse in Barrial, Ventosa Peninsula, north of the Escila Fort.

Tier 4 sniper rifle “MBP.50” that can be modified at Workbench to install the finest modifications, but it will take longer than the pre-installed mods offered by unique and signature weapons. Installing the finest modifications available in this beast, on the other hand, is a game-changer.



There are a lot of shotguns in the game, but they’re doing their job if we’re doing damage in close quarters and my shotgun is killing opponents in one shot. The shotgun includes a suppressor, which allows you to kill opponents or groups of adversaries from behind without alerting them. By far the finest two endgame shotguns that fully fit and will fit in your profile are the “RMS-18” and “Supercharger.”

The RMS-18 shotgun may be discovered in the FND Case at Esperanza, while the Supercharger can be obtained during the Diesel Daisy mission or where the FND Base “GDP Oil Platform” is located.

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