Friday, February 3, 2023

Best Garage Storage Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)


Since the release of Farming Simulator 19, the game has been improved greatly and the latest update is particularly interesting and unique. However, fans of the game may not have the opportunity to see all the improvements in the course of the game, and this is because many changes require the installation of accessories that can be bought in the game or in the mods section in Steam.

Remember that this game can be enjoyed with a controller, but it is more enjoyable by playing with a joystick or a steering wheel. A few weeks ago I got the chance to visit the offices of the renowned game company, Giants Software. Here I saw a giant-sized version of the game I am about to discuss. I was excited by the opportunity to show the public what is

After building a garage, you will need to stock it with tools, spare parts, and other stuff to maintain your farm. You will also need a place to store your tools and parts, and that can get pretty cluttered if not organized.

I know you are excited to start playing Farming Simulator 19. But once your game is installed you realize there is very little room in your garage to store all your equipment. We have compiled a list of some great free garage storage mods which will provide you with more space to store your vehicles and other farming equipment.

Tractors, tractors and maybe even some trucks! You are finally a farmer and can afford every tractor available in Farming Simulator 19 (or even some custom tractors). But what will you do with them once they are on your farm? It’s time to find a place to store the tractors. This list will help you find great garage conversions to keep your tractors out of sight and out of the rain!

Moreover, these garages are not only suitable for tractors. Garages for storing logs and bales are also mentioned. And every mod on this list is supported on both PC and console.

Best Garage Storage Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

10. Old building


Look at this model Let’s start with a simple barn. This old building is an open barn with three parking spaces. This building is smaller, but it can store most tractors in the game. The open design is convenient because you can see at a glance what you have stored inside. Of course, it’s also an old-style building, but I think that gives it an old farmhouse feel if that’s what you’re looking for. It also looks great with the house included in the base maps. And this mod is ready for the season, but unfortunately has no lid.

9. Garage for cars


Look at this model Here we have a more modern brick garage. This custom design features functional doors for all three compartments, keeping your belongings well hidden from prying eyes. And it’s a mid-sized garage with decent storage space. It doesn’t match the combines, but it does match all the other equipment in the game. Not to mention that this model looks very streamlined and also has a backlight and seasonal support. It’s available for a pretty low price in the game, so even if it doesn’t meet everything you’re looking for, it’s worth a try.

8. Alpine barn


Look at this model This is a unique barn with an exposed wood structure and a rusty metal roof. A unique feature of this barn is the drainage system that will keep your crops dry if you choose to store bulk products in the barn. It has no doors, but it does have four large compartments, big enough to hold small combines. And this barn is very well built, and it has full lighting and seasonal support. Note that it’s a little more expensive than the others, but it’s really nice. The wooden style barn has a fantastic design and will be a great addition to your farm.

7. Modern Red Barn


Look at this model The garage for this conversion is an American-style metal shed. It is made of red and white metal and is actually quite large. It also has functional doors in two of its three compartments. A set of French doors and a large sliding door that opens onto the side of the barn. This is a very modern barn, and our American readers will immediately recognize this architectural style. Like the other mods mentioned, this mod has full support for lighting and seasons. It’s a little high and can get a little noticeable on the farm, but that’s the American way, right?

6. Small shelter


Look at this model You may be wondering what you can do with a small shelter with no doors or side walls. This means it’s ideal for small machines, a few bales or storing accessories. It’s not big enough for big tractors or combines, but it’s still a nice little hideaway. The rear elevation is a short brick wall with a metal roof and posts supporting the front of the attached building. So this small building is an ideal place to store some bales and a tractor next to the barn.

5. Maintenance building


Look at this model In front of you is a mod that functions as a multi-purpose building. It is ideal for the storage and safekeeping of equipment, but also serves as a maintenance building. This allows you to customize your vehicles without additional cost at the dealer. It has three bays, with an additional bay in the adjacent porch at the end. It is a brick building with a metal roof. The brick has an aged look, as does the metal, giving this barn a vintage, lived-in look. Not to mention that there are also solar panels on the roof of this barn that offset the maintenance costs.

4. Small shelter


Look at this model Here we have another small barn that has no doors. This is the smallest shelter on this list and can only be used for small tractors, bale storage or accessories. It is a brown wooden building on the outside and a metal roof on top. It’s closed on three sides and hides everything you can’t see unless you look right into it. There is no lighting in this building, but there is support for seasonal mode. This small canopy is a very good option for storing the jets, as it hides them well and nothing prevents you from putting them back in place.

3. Large room

word-image-6603 Look at this model This is one of the biggest barns you can find on modhub, you can store any car or truck from the game in it. It is a very large metal building with three bays on each long side and one at each end for long equipment. This barn is so big it almost looks like a chicken coop, it’s that long. So, if you’re serious about memory, you should definitely give this mod a try and see what you think.

2. Room package


Look at this model This package contains three very large canopies. You will find a long one with an L-shaped canopy on the side. The second is a larger garage with no doors or sides. And the last one is a big hall with a lot of garage boxes. This is by far the best model for a large operation with many storage facilities.

1. EasyShed Set


Look at this model Now we come to our top picks, and if you’ve made it this far, you may like the variety you find here. This mod pack contains 26 different garages. This means that there is a shelter for every occasion and type of business. Each barn is equipped with lighting, has full seasonal support, and most have functional entertainment. The only stables that don’t have animation don’t need it.

So take a look at this range of garage modules – you’re sure to find something to your liking. By now, you will have been using mods in Farming Simulator 19 to expand your options on how you play the game. What you want is a garage mod that allows you to store all of your vehicles and all of your farming mods in one spot. But don’t worry because you can find all of that and more in this guide. Read more about fs19 building materials and let us know what you think.