Valorant’s “Duality” Cinematic hints at possible multiverse


When playing through the game’s story on your first play through, you might think that every step you take is preordained by the game’s story. But as you play through the game again, you may find that you’re actually going in a different direction. In the Valorant game’s cinematic, you see the main character, Valorian, get pulled into a different dimension by a mysterious force. While the cinematic is done in a very simple fashion, and doesn’t really give you any indication at all that this is a different dimension, the little things that happen in the cinematic hint at this being the case. For instance, the good guys are being attacked by a giant bat-like creature, but the main character is not harmed

Valorant’s “Duality” Cinematic hints at possible multiverse

Games, like movies, have their source material from outside media. In the case of games, the source material is the plot, story, dialogue, and characters that make up the narrative of the videogame. As a result, there have been a number of video games which have been said to have hints or spoilers about the outcome of the story and characters within the game. While these are usually referred to as “spoilers”, there is a distinction between spoilers and leaked content.

A rebellious game Valorant has released a new movie called Duality, and it’s full of action and story for interested fans.  Released during the grand finale of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2, Riot Games presents a kind of multiverse on the scale of Avengers or Spider-Man.

Radianite – final raw material

Previous trailers explained that Radianite is a substance that plays a role in Valorant’s story in many ways.  This film highlighted the role of Radianite; Kingdom is a company that produces 75% of the world’s energy and uses Radianite as the source for this activity.  The Breeze trailer showed an above-ground factory, and the crates of radiantite were in an underground lab that may have been part of Kingdom’s production line.


Image: YouTube/Valorant Radianite can also give certain individuals special abilities, such as Phoenix’s ability to manipulate fire or Jett’s mystical telepathy that makes knives float.  Radianite can also be used as fuel for unstable bombs, as we know from the Valorant gameplay and earlier movies.  In this situation, Killjoy is given the task of scattering the cob after Bindu puts it down.  During the broadcast, the objects around them, Phoenix and Viper, begin to float due to the unstable gravitational environment created by Radianite’s absorption peak.

Twice the worlds, twice the fun!

The key moment in Valorant is the iconic scene in which Phoenix… Phoenix?  The good Phoenix, along with Killjoy and Viper, stands stunned at his doppelganger, who only laughs back. As confusing as this is, it becomes even more confusing when Earth splits in two at the end of the film, leading the viewer to believe that there are two groups of Valorant emitters (a term used to describe those who have been exposed to radionite and acquired special gifts).