Rhodey’s Call of Wrath is the second half of Genshin’s Wish Drop event. Once you’ve 100% mastered the first part of Endora (the first half of the event), you can challenge Rodea for a large amount of character experience. This Genshin Impact Guide for Rogue’s Wrath covers the best characters to use, what to expect in battle, and how to get valuable rewards.

Shock Genshin Rodea Fury Leadership

Before activating the fight, consider adding one of the characters below, who will receive a buff during this event. All of these characters would be good choices, of course, if you can use them.

In addition to the above, we highly recommend having at least one archer that can be your main source of damage. Ganyu is our choice for the best character to use in the Oceanid boss fight. Also a reminder that characters like Albedo and Zhongli lose their power here because their geoconstructs don’t stay on the field.

Rhodeia Removals and phone lines

Here’s a look at the battle you’ll face in Roday’s Wrath, and what you’ll need to do to win!

  • Rodea attack: Rhodeia is quick to accuse. Use the shield to block or jump to the side. Direction of speech: Rising tide!
  • Rodea Bubble Bomb Attack: They are followed by a large water bubble that bursts after a few seconds. Direction of speech: Dirt must be rinsed off!
  • It’s up to you: After the big bubble bursts, you have 5 seconds to attack Rhodeia. After this time, it comes at your character again, crashes into the water and eventually swims away from the edge of the arena. Use this time to regenerate your stamina and get ready to dodge!
  • Rodea’s water attack: Two (or more) quick shots are fired at your characters. Direction of speech: You can’t go anywhere! Try to stay as far away from the shots as possible.
  • Rodea’s back door: After creating another large water bubble, she leaves herself vulnerable for another short time. Try to keep your distance though, because after that time he will do a backwards somersault and hit the ground with his tail (which can cause a lot of damage).

Message: Rodeya goes from one move to another (Charge, Bubble Bomb, Water Shots and Backlash) in time!

Rhodeia Special Measurement Clock

After about a quarter of her HP (or when you hear her shout in the vocal line, In the image of nature!), she will unleash water creatures that will attack you. Ignore Rhodeia for now and defeat the water creatures. These creatures will be boars (yes, they will attack you), squirrels and crabs.

After she defeats the water creatures, Rhodea returns to the field and screams in song: Give the Torah. Three sections of the field are flooded with swirls of noxious water at this location. It’s best to stay out of the way and attack Rhodeia from a distance.

When you hear Rhodeia say the words River Carving Thresholds or Vengeance Splash, she starts charging a powerful wave. Run quickly to the Restless Rapids, which appear as glowing blue blobs somewhere in the arena, and wait for them to rise up to dodge a barrage of Rhodeia attacks. This is the time when you can do real damage, as long as you have a bow.

Be careful, because once the rapids are over, you may be attacked by aquatic animals and/or Rhodeia that come storming towards you. It’s best to try to skip rapids as soon as they start to end.

From now on, Rhodeia and her aquatic creations will perform increasingly powerful versions of their previous attacks. Do your best to learn the attack patterns described above so that you can attack and dodge Rhodeia as often as possible. Message: You don’t have to beat the water creatures, as long as you beat Rhodeia. But if you leave them on the field, it gets harder.

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