Papetura is a unique puzzle game where you play as Tiana, a girl who has been sent to the magical town of Papetura where she will find and collect the most beautiful creatures in order to restore the colours of her world.

Welcome to the Papetura Achievements and Walkthrough Guide! Papetura, a new game by the makers of the award winning game Paperidoo, has finally been released. Papetura is an extremely simple puzzle game where you create a path by tracing along a line. The goal of the game is to connect all of the stars to each other, with no two stars connected to each other twice. The game starts out with a simple path and a single star, and progresses to puzzles where you have to guide a rocket ship through space and connect a house to the power grid.

This guide will show you the complete process and steps to get all the achievements in the game Papetura. If you are one of those players trying to achieve 100% success in Papetura, then this is the game for you.

Before you begin, keep in mind that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. If you’re looking for an exact guide to a particular achievement, you can browse this page.

Papetura Achievement Walkthrough Guide

There are a total of 10 achievements in the game Papetura. All of these benefits are hidden or secret. The following steps describe how to unlock all these achievements.


GET UP power activated

  • Press the capsule the fly is in.
  • Take a small cup with a small fly in it.
  • Click on the other two pods at the bottom to make them light up.
  • Use the rocket launcher to hit the other pods in the room so they all light up.
  • Get out of the room.
  • Hit a prickly seed with a fly swatter and the fly will stick to it.
  • Touch the creature under the seed to wake it up, and it will expand the deck.
  • Go to the other side and climb the spiked seed pole.
  • Talk to the creature on the right.

The FLYTRAP performance is released

  • Go back down and push the creature to the left in the starting room to eat a large fly.
  • Push him into the room where he was and go up the stairs.
  • Climb sharp objects by hitting the top, so that the first 5 have a pulsating glow and the last 5 do not.
  • Go back down and push the creature further to the right through the new opening on the right and continue until the bridge connects and you can go to the other side. If you pushed it too far, just slide it a little to the left.

Performance of the BRANCHES unlocked

  • Jump through the opening on the right and continue to the left until the scene appears.

LIGHT current unlocked

  • Keep running to the left and avoid the burning meteorites.
  • After this section, go down and turn right.
  • Battle the two creatures to bring down the bridge.
  • Go down the stairs and remove all the seeds from right to left.
  • Now cross the bridge to the other side.
  • Under the bridge, you’ll see a cat-like creature under some debris.
  • Get that shit out and deal with it.

Switching on TAPEWORM

  • Interact with the seed to pick it up.
  • You can now start sowing the seeds.
  • Hit the creature on the left sleeping in the water with your seed launcher.
  • The creature will follow you. The goal is to keep it close to the center and let the big seed fall on it.
  • When it’s out, climb on it and swim to the left.
  • Touch the creature on the left and it will wake up.
  • If the creature is too scared, move to the right and slowly go to him without letting him get all the way up.
  • If you manage to approach him and clear the blockage, ask him to empty the water and go left.
  • In the new area, touch the seed on the vine and quickly move to the next area.

KEY power unlocked

  • Go left twice and wake up the creature with the rocket launcher.
  • Go back to the previous room, up the stairs and through the door on the right.
  • Stand on the platform with the ladder and use the rocket launcher to hit 3 points to lower the ladder.
  • Go up the stairs and talk to the creature.
  • Now hit the 9 spheres with the rocket launcher to make them glow. They have to bump into each other to get better scores.

Activation of the BRAIN service

  • Leave the room and go right past the bridge into the next room.
  • Get to work with the worm to get bait for the fish.
  • The challenge now is to try to catch the jellyfish and one of the larger fish at the bottom of the pond while avoiding the smaller fish, so try to use your bait when all the smaller fish are gone.
  • After catching a jellyfish and a big fish, leave the room and go left.
  • Talk to the bartender and you’ll trade the jellyfish for a bottle.
  • Talk to the creature reading the book and you’ll trade your fish for the book.
  • Go down the stairs to the room with the vines.
  • Shoot all the vines with the rocket launcher and move quickly to the right before the vines get lower.
  • In this space you can interact with the image.
  • Now close the left window and you will see the image where the picture was.
  • The goal is to press the buttons in order, starting with the mouth and ending with the tail.
  • Take the points and go back to the area with the light puzzle.
  • Talk to the creature and bring it all the items it asked for.
  • You are now playing the role of a cat.
  • The goal is to light all the capsules to open the exit.

BUGS performance unlocked

  • Take the key and avoid the other bugs until the exit opens, then leave.
  • Go back to the area where the creature that drained the water is located.
  • Interact with the creature and ask it to fill the water twice, then go right with the key on the door.
  • Use the caster on the red area when the creature inhales, and it should push you out.

Achieved BALLOON

  • Go up the stairs and into the orb.
  • Keep flying, scatter the creatures by throwing seeds when they open their mouths.
  • When you get to the top, go to the hole where the steam comes out.
  • Drop the seed to block the steam outlet and act on the hole below it.

The VICTORY achievement is unlocked

Congratulations! You have completed and received all achievements in the game Papetura. We would like to thank Marklar and Bunny for this performance guide. Do you have a suggestion to improve this guide? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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