How to Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread

In the first Metroid game, Kraid is a giant space pirate who you have to fight. However, he has a lot of health and it can be difficult to beat him. Here are some tips for how to defeat him.

Kraid is one of the most intimidating enemies in video game history. However, if you are able to beat him, it will be a great accomplishment.

How to Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread
How to Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread 3

People usually say that Ridley is the baddest character in Metroid, but I’ve always preferred Kraid. He’s simply a huge, nasty dragon with strange spiky things shooting from his belly. In his simplicity, he’s sort of elegant, don’t you think? I was glad to see Kraid again in Metroid Dread, but I suppose he doesn’t feel the same way, since he’s grumpy when Samus finds him tied up in a stuffy cellar. In Metroid Dread, here’s how you defeat Kraid.

In Metroid Dread, how do you beat Kraid?

This is a two-part battle, with the first phase taking place on a platform at Kraid’s shoulder height, and the second phase taking place in the lava near his belly. To keep things simple, here’s a short walkthrough on how to defeat Kraid in Metroid Dread: Resurrection.

  1. To make Kraid roar, shoot him in the mouth with a missile or charged beam. Fire constantly into his mouth while it is open.
  2. Fire missiles and charged beams into Kraid’s center abdominal hole, the one glowing pink, when he breaches the platform. When you do enough damage to Kraid, a Spider Magnet panel will appear, which you may ride up to continue firing at his face.
  3. You’ll get an opportunity to counter Kraid and remain on the panel longer if he rears back with his left arm. Continue in this cycle until Kraid is defeated.

In the first phase, you’ll come face to face with Kraid, who will hurl nails and fireballs at you. Although Kraid’s armor is indestructible, his mouth is soft and squishy, so fire a missile or charged beam at his face to make him growl at you. Pump as many missiles and charged shoots into his mouth as you believe you can while avoiding all of his projectiles while he’s screaming.

Kraid will release his arms and crush the platform, pushing you down to his belly, once you have dealt enough damage. His center belly button glows pink, indicating that it is a target. Continuously fire at the hole, but be aware of the pink slime wave you’ll have to leap over, as well as the tiny, bouncing missiles you’ll have to destroy or slip beneath. Kraid will also use his trademark move, shooting strange spiky objects from his belly holes, which you may avoid by crouching or utilizing your Morph Ball. When you hit Kraid’s belly hard enough, he’ll grip it in agony and unleash three spikes at once, which you may duck beneath. The spikes will knock a Spider Magnet panel free on the left wall, which you may ride back up to Kraid’s field of vision.

It’s business as usual up here. To remain on the panel as long as possible, shoot Kraid’s face to make him growl anew and continue pouring missiles and charge beams into his mouth, all while firing down the nails he throws at you. If he rears back with his left arm after he stops firing, you’ll have a chance to retaliate and remain on the panel. If his eyes shine, he’ll rush you, which you won’t be able to stop, so dive back to the belly to prevent being hurt. If you keep repeating the cycle, Kraid will die, leaving you free to flee the jail and claim the Diffusion Beam.

In addition, there is a hidden method to defeat Kraid in his second phase if you’ve broken a specific sequence and acquired the Morph Ball Bomb sooner than you were meant to. Bomb the panel on the bottom of the left wall to expose a Morph Ball Launcher as you descend down to his belly. Activate the launcher to throw yourself straight into Kraid’s belly hole, then explode explosives repeatedly to kill him immediately, with a somewhat altered cinematic as a consequence.

How to Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread is a guide that will help you beat the game. Reference: metroid dread kraid too hard.

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