In Far Cry 6, the player has to complete a quest called “Triada Blessings” which is located in the game’s main menu. This guide will help you on how to accomplish this task.

The far cry 6 triada blessings location is a quest that can be found in Far Cry 6. This quest will lead you to the final stage of the game, which is where the Triada Blessings are located.

The Triada Blessings mission in Far Cry 6 is a Treasure Hunt that will bring you to one of the game’s finest stealth armor, weapon, and Amigo combos. This tutorial will show you how to finish the mission so you may claim everything and begin killing Castillo’s troops without them seeing you.

Step 1: Look for Oluwa Cave.

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First and foremost, you must locate Oluwa Cave. On Isla Santuario, Far Cry 6’s starting island, this eerie cave is believed to be haunted by spirits. We learned about it through a guerilla at Carla’s camp, but there’s no assurance that will be the case for you. Instead, trace out the cave’s location using the map reference below.

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To begin the quest, walk inside the cave and read the paper after you’ve discovered it. Three Treasure Hunt markers will be added to your map as a result of your action. We began this quest before unlocking the rest of Yara and finished it before completing any of the big mainland objectives, giving us an overpowering loadout that made the rest of the game a breeze. Even if you’ve already been wreaking havoc throughout Yara, this gear may still be useful.

Step 2: Relic of Ida’s Triada

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You must now gather three Triada Relics and bring them back to Oluwa Cave. Ida’s Triada Relic is the first we suggest obtaining since it’s the simplest to get to if you’ve just recently unlocked the rest of Yara.

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The site is easy to find and goes straight to a cave with ziplines. To reach solid ground surrounding the cave, you’ll need to ride one zipline and then drop onto another a couple times. It’s not difficult, and you should be able to do it quickly. You’ll know you’ve discovered the Relic when you fly into a region drenched in purple light. Pick it up and read the message for additional information on the ceremony you’re doing.

Step 3: Relic of Oku’s Triada

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The centerpiece of this Treasure Hunt is Oku’s Relic, which is also one of the most fascinating things to do in Far Cry 6. This Relic is housed in a spooky home that has been abandoned for decades. You can’t enter until it’s midnight, so if you arrive during the day, you’ll have to go on to the third Relic and return later.

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Inside the house, you’ll have to solve a number of intriguing yet straightforward riddles. The first is a mirror-filled chamber. The mirrors begin to shatter as soon as you enter the chamber. Circumambulate the room until all but one of the mirrors have broken. After that, melee assault the mirror and push the button behind it to unlock a new room’s entrance.

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A set of screens and three buttons on a table may be found in the new chamber. To turn off all of the displays, hit the buttons. The order was center, right, left for us, but it might be different for you. When you turn off all of the screens, a door to the first level will open.

You’ll be greeted with a piano in a room. There’s nothing difficult about this; just read the note on the piano and Dani will play the notes. This unlocks a door behind the piano, revealing a key that unlocks the basement door. It’s time to go down the cellar.

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You’ll go through a succession of rooms on the lower level where you can view the mansion’s outside. The Relic is housed in a well with a purple light streaming out of it, but you can’t get to it yet. You must bash your way down a hallway filled with scarecrows with fake guns that will pursue you wherever you go. A button may be found at the far end of the chamber, on the left. To blow up the well’s entrance, press the button.

From here, you’ll grapple your way to the top of the building and down to the well via a zipline. You’ll discover the second Relic for your collection if you descend down the well. Now there’s just one remaining.

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic is the fourth step.

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Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the Treasure Hunt is this Relic. The setting is a Castillo mine surrounded by mainly deceased people. There are a few troops in the area, but they’re simple to dispatch. The game will inform you that the mine’s entrance is locked if you go down to it, and a message will disclose that the key is in the office on the same location. We couldn’t locate the key no matter how hard we searched. Finally, we found that you can get inside by smashing the lock with a melee assault.

It’s a direct route to the Relic after you’ve entered the mine. When you pick up the mine, it will collapse, exposing a new outlet that goes into the hillside.

Return to Oluwa Cave in Step 5.

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You must now return to Oluwa Cave, or as near is feasible to it, and deposit the three Relics. A chest will appear, containing the Triado Stealth Supremo and the La Varita Resolver Weapon. The chamber will subsequently be invaded by ghost panthers who will attempt to murder you. Take them out and assassinate the head of the group. The leader may then be revived, and Oluso can be claimed as a new Amigo. You’ll now have the greatest stealth loadout in Far Cry 6 when you combine it with the armor you’ll get from each stage of the mission.

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