When you first start out in the Assassin’s Creed series you’re treated to a lush, forested area with the sounds of a bustling city in the distance. As you near the first town you come across a dilapidated ruin covered in vines and overgrown with plants. You get the sense that this place is not only dangerous but also abandoned due to it’s shabby appearance.

As with the entire game, the final area (The Rot in the Slums) of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is incredibly linear and can be completed in a single visit on the hardest difficulty. Despite this, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Firstly, you can skip the third mission if you so desire and start from the first mission, which is practically identical to the third mission. Secondly, you can use the daily bonus from the mission’s first phase to unlock the second phase of the mission. This means you won’t have to spend any money or time on the mission. Finally, you can use the “mark” skill, which marks enemies for the rest of the level. This can be used to kill the

Sigfred is eager to meet those who have harmed him. Francia is expelled from those kingdoms and turns to Eivor for help in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. To cleanse them from the site and make your way up to their monarch, Charles the Fat, you’ll have to kill many nobles in the game. This tutorial will show you how to finish The Rot in the Slums and pursue Engelwin in order to meet with the king.

To begin the quest, go to the south of Paris and look for Sigfred. You’ll locate him amid a rat swarm beneath. You must talk with him and accompany him to the next section, which will include a cutscene. After the sequence, you’ll be free to complete the task in whatever way you choose, with the main objective of assassinating Engelwin. This is the first infiltration operation, and you have the option of going for Engelwin right away or gathering information.

If you want to learn more about Engelwin, go visit the Boatmen Baths Tavern, which is located in the south of Paris. Another cutscene awaits you inside the bar, where you’ll get two close: a drunk complains about the bishop, and the soldiers in the tavern know where the bishop’s scribe is. You have the option of following both hints, choosing one, or going straight for the bishop.

Speak with the alcoholic at the bar, and you’ll find out that the bishop had his daughter jailed. Let’s say you’d want to follow the soldier’s lead. In such scenario, a letter beside the troops stationed in the tavern’s center reveals that the scribe has been stealing from the bishop and that he has a password that allows him to access the church Engelwind is now occupying.

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rescuing the drunken woman’s daughter

You’ll have to go to the northeastern part of Paris, to the Flooded Slums, to rescue the drunk’s daughter. There, you’ll discover she’s been kidnapped by a swarm of guards.

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If you defeat the guards, the lady will take you to a different place. When the two of you are able to communicate, she explains that she was jailed because she stole a church key from Engelwin. Unfortunately, she has already sold it to bandits who have fled to the sewers, which you must clear out in order to get the key. You won’t have to go far to locate the sewers since they’re just adjacent to where she brought you.

As you go further into the sewers, you’ll come across different rat swarms that you’ll have to avoid. There are a few bandits down below, but they aren’t as numerous as the guards. You deal with them quite quickly. The key will be on the table in the corner when you approach the second set of bandits, and you will be able to enter the church without being stopped at the front entrance.

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Keeping the scribe alive

If you save the scribe, you’ll have to look for him in the Plague District, which is located in the northwest corner of Paris. Go to the site first, and then use your raven to locate the approximate region mentioned in the guard’s note regarding where he may be.

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One of the local beggars will provide you with information and direct you to a nun. The nun will tell you that several soldiers took the bishop away to a sewer on her right. Go right through the sewer and follow the route. You’ll reach a point when you won’t be able to use a boat anymore, and you’ll have to walk. You’ll come across corpses along the route that you may interact with to verify that individuals are put here after they die and allowed to decay. You’ll eventually come upon a large stack of notes used by the scribe, indicating that you’re on the correct road. You’ll eventually reach the end of the tunnel, at which point you’ll have to plunge into the water to continue.

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Engelwin’s assassination

You’ll be able to pursue Engelwin after finishing those two side activities. These two optional activities aren’t necessary, but they will make it simpler to enter Engelwin’s church. If you tracked down the writer and discovered his watchword, you’ll be allowed to enter via the front door. You could use the key you got from the bandits to go through the western gate if you rescued the drunk’s daughter.

You’ll be entering the infiltration area as soon as you enter the church, and Bishop Engelwin may be anywhere within. There are a few assassination scenarios you may employ to eliminate him that are more spectacular than the usual fight or stealth kill process.

Engelwin is located on the lower level. You may attempt to find a way down there to directly pursue Engelwin, but a decent method to do it without having to go through the assassination event is to enter the church and talk to the guy strolling at the top of the platform. He’ll be the one to perform the ceremony next, but he’s having second thoughts. Eivor persuades him to switch places, but he must first put on the proper garments before proceeding downstairs.

Finding the guard banging on the door below and stealing the key from him is the fastest method to get the robes. The key will unlock a chest adjacent to the guy who wants to exchange places with you, containing the robe you’ll need.


You may go downstairs while wearing the robe to talk with the guy guarding the entrance and obtain entry to the ritual room. Inside, you’ll meet a nun who will need you to light two braziers before proceeding. When you arrive, the room will be packed with guards, and if you go too near to them, they will be able to see through your disguise. The best thing to do is wait until the guard closest to the entrance passes by it before descending and proceeding to Engelwin. A cutscene will play if you interact with the two in the middle of the room. Make sure Eivor disrobes to ensure you can carry out the event.

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