Unlimited Rifts And Bleak Watchers With No Kills

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How to unlock bleak watchers is a question that has been asked many times. The problem with this quest, is there are no kills. Instead of killing the enemies, you must find a way to move them so they don’t kill you.

Unlimited Rifts And Bleak Watchers With No Kills

The article’s substance

https://youtu.be/BEwirhvx3ew (video version)

Walkthrough of a Quick Build (TLDR)

I designed this construct with Grandmasters and Master Vault of Glass in mind, as well as two specific objectives. Provide a brainless method to maintain as high a level of survival as possible, as well as crowd management and assistance for your fireteam. Here’s what I came up with as a result of my brainstorming.

  • Stasis/Bleak Watcher/Grim Harvest/Conduction/Torment/Refraction/Durance are subclasses of the Stasis/Bleak Watcher/Grim Harvest/Conduction/Torment/Refraction/Durance.
  • Weapons of any kind
  • The Stag’s Exotic Armor
  • Dynamo/Protective Light Helm (Void)
  • Bolstering Detonation x2/ Elemental Charge (Void) Gloves
  • Resistance Mods/Firepower Chest (Solar)
  • Recuperation/Firepower (Solar Legs)
  • Utility Kickstart x2/Elemental Shards (Stasis) Item of Class

Glacial Harvest and Elemental Shards work together to fund CWL for Firepower and Protective Light.

To stay alive, put rifts and gloomy observers on cooldown.


We’re going to use stasis for this construction. This provides us with crowd control in addition to your survivability, resulting in a fantastic synergy that can be used everywhere in the game. I’m going to start breaking into the class more now.

  • Shade Binder is the super here, and it’s a fantastic PvE super. With the heavy strike, you may shatter all foes within 30 meters, while the light attack produces four orbs that immediately freeze targets. By freezing and shattering back and forth, you may stagger lock opponents.
  • Our initial aspect is the bleak observer. Shade Binder has another ridiculously strong feature that continuously slows opponents till they are immobilized for 25 or 30 seconds with whisper of durance.
  • The second aspect is Glacial Harvest. While I think Iceflare bolts are more powerful on their own, Glacial Harvest provides excellent mod and team synergy. When you freeze an opponent, stasis shards appear, with the quantity varying depending on the adversary’s strength. Minors and Players spawn one, Majors and Players spawn two, and Bosses spawn three.
  • If shards are within 15 meters of us, Whisper of Conduction enables them to follow us. To put it another way, we don’t have to walk into the midst of live ads to collect our shards.
  • Every time we take damage, Whisper of Torment grants us 4% grenade energy with a 1 second cooldown.
  • Based on the opponents’ rank, Whisper of Refraction provides us 5-25 percent class ability energy.
  • Our sluggish can continue a little longer, and our gloomy watcher can remain up for another 5 seconds thanks to Whisper of Durance.


Each stat’s minimum and maximum values are shown below. The most essential factors here are recovery and discipline.

  • 2–10 mobility
  • 3–10 Resilience
  • 10 points for recovery
  • 7–10 years of discipline
  • 3–10 Intellect
  • Strength:3-10

Overview of the Exotic

The stag is a world-drop exotic that has received a significant boost in season of the lost. We’ve broken it down for you.

  • Dearly Departed: Increases the resistance of any guardians within your rift by x2 and reduces their damage by 25%. You receive 55 percent class ability energy when you reach critical health, and when you die, you create a healing rift on your body.



  • When you cast your rift inside 15 meters of opponents, Dynamo grants you 5% more super energy. With two modifications, it’s 8%.


  • With a 7 second cooldown, Bolstering Detonation grants 25% class ability energy whenever your grenade does damage. With two modifications, it’s 35%.


  • Resistance Mods: Provides a 25% resistance to the selected kind of damage. With two of the same mod, you may get 40%.


  • When you pick up an orb of power, it gives you health.

Class Item

  • When a class ability is completely spent, Utility Kickstart grants 15% class ability energy. With two modifications, you can get a quarter of a percent.

Combat Techniques

  • Elemental Shards: With a 7 second cooldown, allows stasis shards to function as elemental wells.
  • When you pick up an elemental well, you get energized with light. If it fits your subclass, you’ll get two stacks.
  • When your shields are destroyed while charged with light, you receive 50% damage resistance for 5-10 seconds, depending on how many stacks you have.
  • Throwing your grenade while charged with light gives you 15% more grenade energy each mod and consumes a stack of charged with light. GRENADE KICKSTART DOES NOT COMBINE WITH THIS.

Playing Instructions

  • With 2x utility kickstart, the Rift cooldown is effectively 30.75 seconds. Every 7 seconds, a detonation can occur, with bleak watcher providing an additional 35 percent class ability energy. This implies you may potentially reclaim your rift in as little as 7-8 seconds. In practice, I was able to get my rift back in 11-12 seconds. That’s assuming you don’t get any kills. You can’t chain as effectively without kills if you just have one of each mod, but it’s still doable.
  • This may also prolong the duration of protecting light, enabling you to have damage resistance of x4, 50% if you can remain in your rift. I’d want to point out that the buffs I’ve seen have been problematic, and the resist hasn’t always shown up. But when I exited, I still had 7 seconds of resistance multiplied by 4.
  • By canceling the second set of orbs and immediately holding down shatter after casting freeze, the shade binder super may persist longer. Chain freezing barrier champions may also be used to solo them. Even in the Vault of Glass’ main vault.
  • You may swiftly and easily reclaim your grenade by tanking damage in a rift. Allowing you to set up 1-2 gloomy observers without the requirement for kills.
  • A screeb will still one shoot you in a rift on GMs, even if you’re a tanky son of a gun. You are not invincible. You can tank one at Resist x3, but this needs whisper of chains. Durance is more helpful in general, although Chains may be used instead.



  • It’s possible to chain rifts with little to no kills.
  • It’s usually a good idea to have a few of gloomy observers on hand.
  • In a rift, stag makes you more difficult to kill.
  • Stag with Protective Light enables you to maintain the 4x resistance for a longer period of time.
  • CWL setup that doesn’t need any killing
  • champions of the super can solo barrier


  • There are no iceflare bolts.
  • For lesser activities, survivability and crowd control are overkill.
  • It’s possible that bolstering detonation will have to be swapped out for two champion modifications, which would break rift chaining.

Areas that are beneficial:

  • VoG Master
  • Grandmasters
  • Raids
  • Dungeons


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WaxvbLx7UoSZaBqdFr1u32F2uWVLo-CJunJB4nlGUE4/edit#gid=284387382 Pipin’s Data Compendium (where I get my numbers): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WaxvbLx

Corrections have been made. Cloaks are not worn by warlocks.

Original source: link

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The bleak watcher build season of the lost is a game that has no kills. You can play this game in rifts mode, which is where your character will die after every death.

  • bleak watcher disabled
  • bleak watcher aspect not working
  • bleak watcher build
  • bleak watcher build fragments
  • verity’s brow stasis turret
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