Another MHP monster that won’t go down. Nargakuga this time. In the temple ruins and in the flooded forest, you will meet the Flying Wyvern. She’s a sight to behold. With his terrifying red eyes and jet black fur that smells of chaos, this is no easy task. But in this guide, we’ve listed everything you need to know about how to kill the final boss Nargakugi in Rise of the Monster Hunters. This will not only give you a glimpse of this great monster, but also help you develop the perfect strategy to destroy it.

How to defeat and kill Nargakuga in Monster Rising.

You can kill the final boss Nargakugi in Monster Hunter Rise by learning his attacks and developing the attack strategy below.

Know thy enemy

First you must get to know this wild monster. He is known for his speed and will jump on you in the blink of an eye. The animal is resistant to water and ice. His weaknesses are thunder and fire. Nargakuga in MHP is a shadow monster and has clear hearing.

Increase Nargakuga Monster Hunter attack

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Nargakuga in MHP has a normal state and a state of anger. The latter is obvious, as his eyes are red in this state, while under normal circumstances they are simply black. She uses her tail to attack all the time.

Here’s a list of their attacks:

Individual attacks

  • Tail Spin Moves – Close the center circle around you.
  • Wadding type 1 – the wadding once on the floor.
  • Type 2 Tailspin – Hits the ground twice with the tail.
  • Tail spines – Shoot tail spines that make the tail bleed on impact.

Combined attacks

  • Rapid biting attack.
  • Forward jump and backward somersault.
  • He jumps.

The strategy of playerto kill the boss Nargakugi in MPH

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General advice : She’s most vulnerable with blunt head damage, which gives you 70 damage. Use sound bombs and sometimes traffic traps. Remember, she is immune to falling unless she is angry. Keep dodging the attacks. Most attacks can be deflected sideways, as the player’s speed does not allow enough time to move forward or backward.

Now, starting with the tail turn, this move is fast but covers a relatively small area around it, so just keep your distance from it. Both tails can dodge, as can most of their attacks. It should be noted that the tail remains attached to the ground for a short time after hitting the ground. Take the opportunity while she’s stuck to attack her.

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Tail Spike is the only remote attack. Again, keep your distance because this attack is causing bleeding. Tail stings stay on the ground for a while, so avoid those too, as they are always active on the ground and will cause bleeding if they come into contact with your hunter. Because the monster is fast, it will jump in an arc and land behind you with its forward jump and backflip, blinding you. This is a disadvantage because you can’t see it on the screen, so turn the camera quickly.

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Hints and directions on how to attack the boss

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There are several beeps before she attacks. So with a little concentration it is very easy to recognize the signal and act accordingly. For example, it makes a rattling sound at the back before the back closes. She also has a pause where she changes her attack, and this applies to all of her attacks. So, while she reacts quickly to attacks, you usually see them coming.

With all these factors combined, it should be relatively easy to beat our lady here. Their movements, once learned, are predictable. So much for our guide on how to kill Nargakuga in Monster Rising Hunt. For more information on the MHR, see our guides at .


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