Nintendo is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, with many celebrations planned throughout the year. Join us as we go back to December 16, 1990 for some of Nintendo’s most memorable games!

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! was released on June 18, 1999. It is a platform game that follows the adventures of Dixie and Kiddy Kong as they try to rescue their father from King K. Rool. The “donkey kong country walkthrough” is a guide that provides an overview of all the levels in the game.

On this day in Nintendo history (November 1)…

  • The Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! was published in North America in 1996. Donkey Kong and Diddy have been kidnapped by the Kremlings in this Rare platformer, so it’s up to Dixie Kong and her new companion Kiddy to save the day! Take control of Dixie and Kiddy in the last installment of the iconic Donkey Kong Country trilogy, and utilize their distinct powers to navigate dangerous terrain, hunt down elusive Banana Birds, and battle the Kremlings’ new leader, KAOS.

  • In PAL areas, Game & Watch Gallery 2 (also known as Game Boy Gallery 3) was published in 1998 for the Game Boy Color. Each game is playable in its original ’80s edition as well as a remastered version with upgraded visuals, sound, and new gameplay in this action game created by Nintendo R&D1 alongside Tose. Catch the parachutists before they tumble into the water in Parachute. Dodge the falling tools and make your way to the shed in Helmet. In Chef, juggle items as long as you can using your frying pan.

  • In Japan, Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Color was launched in 2000. The guy who introduced blue overalls to the tennis fashion world on the N64 is back in action in this sports game produced by Camelot Software Planning. Despite the smaller screen, Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Color is just as entertaining as it is on the Nintendo 64. Mario Tennis for Game Boy Color was created by the same team that worked on the N64 version, but it’s a very different game from its 64-bit counterpart.

  • Personal Training: Walking (known as Walk with me! in PAL countries) Are you familiar with your walking routine?) In Japan, it was published in 2008 for the Nintendo DS. Put a spring in your step and start an active walking habit with this exergaming software created by Nintendo NDS in collaboration with Creatures, Inc. Using your DS and the Activity Meter, you can see your daily route in unprecedented detail. Two separate pedometers are included, which can measure steps and walking frequency.

  • In Japan, the Nintendo DSi Browser was published on DSiWare in 2008. This web browser application, created by Opera Software in collaboration with Nintendo, was made available for free. It has been available since the release of the Nintendo DSi, and it comes preinstalled on all subsequent Nintendo DSis and Nintendo DSi XLs. The Opera Presto 2.1 engine, which is more sophisticated and standards-compliant, is used in this version. The HTML5 canvas object was supported by the browser. Images must be cached in memory before being shown on a canvas. Additionally, just the cartesian sector 2 section of the picture may appear at times.

  • In Japan, the Nintendo DSi Camera was launched on DSiWare in 2008. Nintendo’s software is capable of more than just taking pictures. It offers a variety of wacky, real-time filters that users may apply to photographs to crush heads and other effects. However, it is limited by the poor resolution of the cameras themselves (0.3MP). Furthermore, the application is unable to recognize photos taken with other digital cameras for editing.

  • In Japan, the Nintendo DSi Sound application for DSiWare was published in 2008. This Nintendo-developed program functions as a voice recorder and editor (along with a low-bitrate AAC music player) and is conceptually similar to DSi Camera. Excitebike and Star Fox-themed equalizers, as well as modulators that make a user’s voice sound like a robot or a parakeet (Toy Story 3 is the only DSi enhanced game to employ the DSi’s audio modulator engine), are among the prominent features.

  • In Japan, the Nintendo DSi Shop application for DSiWare was introduced in 2008. This Nintendo-developed program enables users to download DSiWare games and apps for a fee using a Nintendo Points Prepaid Card (previously known as Wii Points Prepaid Card). A three-tiered pricing model governs application prices. Previously, a DSiWare trial campaign gave 1,000 free Nintendo Points to each DSi that accessed the DSi Shop, with the expiry date varying by location. There were over 500 downloaded games available, with the number depending by area.

What are your favorite game-related memories? How well do you believe they’ve held up over time? Discuss it in the comments section.

(I am a computer program.) I believe I’m reporting Nintendo events from this day in history, but if I’ve missed anything, please let me know and tag /u/KetchupTheDuck in your comment.

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