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Powerwash Simulator Guide | Gaming Tier List


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Powerwash Simulator is the latest game in the ever-growing niche of regular work simulators, but this game is definitely a little more fun than some of the others. You have the familiar scrubber drier and the ability to change the nozzle with a simple click, to clean dirty areas and remove graffiti. Here are some interesting tips to speed up the washing process, but a word of caution: Power Wash Simulator is more of a relaxing cleaning tutorial than a goal-oriented game. There’s no pressure to clean faster, and there’s nothing too obvious about spraying water to get the most out of this game. It’s a rare title, I would say that slow, methodical washing is more fun than spraying with water, but let’s look at a few ways that will really improve your washing skills.

In the late 90s, the PC gaming scene was at its prime. Developers were producing large games like No One Lives Forever, Duke Nukem, and Half Life, and even more ambitious titles like the Wing Commander series. Building on these games, new genres began to emerge: first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and role-playing games.

One of the most popular was the powerwash simulator, a brand of games where players could step into the shoes of cleaning professionals and take on jobs like window washing, floor washing, and more.

Correct nozzle for proper operation

They are equipped with 4 main nozzles as standard: 0 degrees: This is the strongest option for removing all types of dirt, graffiti and sediment. 15 and 25 degrees: Both models are very similar and give a wider beam with less power, depending on the width of the beam. They can handle both types of dirt very well and will be the main nozzles you use. 40 degrees: It only removes the top part of the dirt, which is ideal for removing all the dirt, then it comes back with smaller attachments and penetrates deeper.

As you progress through the game, you will be unlocked: 0 degree of rotation: This increases the range by 0 degrees. It’s cheap to start with and handy for clearing high spots off the ground. Soap: Soap is expensive and is of little use except for quick cleaning of large areas (e.g. fire station). I would avoid soap in the beginning of the game and only use it when you have enough money.

Save and unlock

The store has more pressure washers, sprayers, and you can buy soap. The soap needs to be refilled (standard is R when the soap is on the nozzle) and is expensive. All other updates are permanent. The nozzle heads and rotary nozzle/soap dispenser must be purchased new for each pressure washer purchased. It’s best to upgrade your pressure washer so that the 15- and 25-degree jets are more powerful, and you can use the 25-degree jet more often than the 15-degree jet. Update your game to fix a bug with classic cars When washing a classic car, it can happen that a tire is not clean.

There are some helpful hints on how to soap up the entire area and attack the rear passenger’s tire from a distance, but an update to the game on Steam will fix that for you. You can also check the developer patch if you are stuck with an older version. Objects have a health meter In the top left corner you will see a bar indicating the amount of dirt present on a particular item, as well as the type of item (for optimal use of the soap). Use it to determine if an item is already clean or if you need to find hidden dirt.


Crouch, Crouch and Crouch

There is no better way to fight dirt than to squat. Many windows, stairs and other facades of houses require you to squat down to get underneath and remove dirt. Most sites do not require complete success, but many do require that you remove at least some of the dirt from the floor. So watch out for the crack, the standard CTRL key.

Where the rover’s hatch is located

Just follow the tracks.

powerwash simulator

Tips for making money

There is a certain amount of money that you earn in each level. Unfortunately, there is no way to grow the money. All you can do is save money and not spend money on soap. You make money while you clean, and that’s it! You can wash everything in the game with the standard set, but you’ll definitely want to save your money and use the soap later in the game, in larger levels, after you get all the upgrades.