One of the most important things to any gamer is to be able to play with their friends and win. When popular games are released, people want to play with their friends as well as be able to kick the a** of their friends. In this article I am going to go through some of the top rated multiplayer games and give a brief overview of what the game plays like, some background information on the games, and what your reward system is.

While War Thunder is a free-to-play game that requires only a download and a free account, it does offer a number of microtransactions.

Hello all, with the upcoming reward change in SL, I decided to take a look at the evolution of multiplayer vehicle rewards (MRV).

What is VRM?

All vehicles have a multiplier of reward, this multiplier is quite simple: Available SL = Earned SL * RM. You can see this on the maps for each vehicle.

What did you do?

I have change planned in

April 2020 and April 2021. You will see that there are columns called Age Multiplier (A/R/SB). I took the old multiplier for April 2020 (to have more history) and the new multiplier for April 2021.

How do you do that?

You can see the dates in the sheet (sheet 2020, 2021). I then removed the cars that were not included in the 2020 data. Why? Because otherwise I have no change and the result will be distorted.

The analysis sheet is where you will have differences:

  • Δ A/R/SB VRM 2021-2020: absolute change in RM. If the MR was 1 in 2020 and is now 0.5 in 2021 : You have -5*.
  • Δ% A/R/SB VRM 2021-2020: You will receive the percentage of the change.

I’ll have to explain. The absolute change doesn’t make much sense, the percentage change is more understandable. Formula: (1SL * old MR)/(1SL * new MR)-1.

  • 1SL * old RM: for 1 SL, how much does the car actually give me with the old RM.
  • 1SL * new RM: for 1 SL how much do I actually get a car with the new RM.

To take the two extreme examples of SB, let’s say we win 1SL.

  • M8 HMC :
    • Former SB VRM = 0,9
    • New SB VRM = 0,2

I’ll buy a 900 SL in 2020 and a 200 SL in 2021. So the difference is – 78% (900/200 – 1)!

  • Ki-27 otsu
    • Former SB VRM = 0,7
    • New SB VRM = 3.1

I get 700 SL in 2020 and 3,100 in 2021. So the difference is +343%!

What are the limits?

  • I tried to compare it to the cost of the repair, but I wouldn’t give it much credit. The problem is that direct comparison is always difficult without additional data. And the Gaijin use this to balance things out. For example, if the cost of repairing a car has gone up and the price has gone down, that doesn’t mean it’s worse, it could be that the ER is lower so the profit is greater and therefore the SL is greater (the profit is greater than everything else).
  • I don’t have all the data, of course. It will be interesting to see how it develops in a year. And also compare it to the cost of repairs (like I said).
  • I don’t have any BR/Tier vehicles, and I’m honestly too tired to get them, but if anyone wants to join, let me know. So you only get an average gross value. I have truly shared the forces of difference.

Here’s the summary: I suggest you look at this picture
, the color makes it clearer.

Type Δ AB Repair 21-20 Δ Repair RB 21-20 Δ SB repair 21-20 Δ AB VRM 21-20 Δ RB VRM 21-20 Δ IEM VRM 21-20
AF 19% 20% 33% -14% -16% -1%
GF 24% 17% 17% -6% -4% -5%
HF -7% 5% 26% 11% -9% -5%
NF 48% 24% 46% 41% 78% 1%


Overall, we can say that we have more repair costs and less SL rewards.

Two cases are exotic:

  • HAB (Heli AB): there was a decrease in repairs (-7%) and an increase in MR (+11%).
  • NRB (Naval RB): the increase of repairs (+24%) is compensated by a better MR (+78%)

For the rest of us the situation is pretty bleak, we have an increase in repairs and a decrease in rewards.

  • AF: the most successful worldwide. A strong increase in repairs (from 19% to 33%!) and the biggest decrease in expenses are expected for SB, which remain stable (-1%). WRA was hit hard: +20% repairs and -16% RM. That’s almost double the fine, you get 20% of the repairs and lose 16% of the reward.
  • GF global gets higher recovery (+24% ~ +17%) and little reduction in rewards (-6, 4, 5%). AB increases the cost of repairs.
  • HF: Overall, the decline is not very large. The VA has really improved. But
  • NF: the only way to make a positive difference worldwide. It’s just because of the sharp increase in the price of RB. However, we see that SB got a surprising reduction (+46% repair, +1% reward), in absolute terms this is the worst change. AB is fairly stable.


More repair costs, less pay. Air Force has taken a big hit since April 2020, most mods got both reduced repairs and rewards, only SB avoided the smaller reward.

I must repeat: Watch this with caution, it’s far from perfect, and frankly, a little witchcraft works. I’m not so sure about my method, feel free to give me your opinion.

Sheet in presentation mode

Sheet for uploading data and comments

Source: Original link

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Post Vehicle Reward Multiplayer Analysis for the game War Thunder.

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This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about war thunder tanks and let us know what you think.

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