There have been some new mobile games coming out in the last couple of months; however, the new big thing is the “Warpips” games. Available on iOS and Android, the Warpips games are a spinoff of a previous game on Facebook, which has come to be known as “Angry Birds.” The games are free to play with a single exception where players can purchase items with real money to help them get ahead in the game.

This is a review of a game called Warpips and it is a puzzle game where you must guide your penguin through a series of obstacles, collecting coins along the way.

A game of this variety is incredibly fun, and the fact that it is so easy to play makes it a good choice for beginners. There’s also something to be said for retro style, and the fact that this game is based on the same engine that created the classic Chrono Trigger makes it all the more appealing to a nostalgic fan.

Warpips offers a unique approach to the RTS genre, with a tug-of-war system that can be both exciting and frustrating, but in a good way. Having never heard of Warpips before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was asked to write a review of Warpips, but I’m glad I was asked, because Warpips is a game I will return to again and again.

How do warpips work?

Instead of the usual format of building a few buildings, deploying troops and destroying the enemy, Warpips has taken a new direction from the usual RTS where players must choose a combat unit before going into battle. When you go into battle, you’ll face short battles of 10 to 20 minutes. With command centers on both sides of the map, you must destroy enemies and make sure your own people stay safe. Keeping the advantage in battle in my favor is harder than it looks, during my battles I was often in the enemy command center shooting at them when a sudden wave of enemies came in and destroyed me, or an air strike destroyed my command center when I thought I was close to victory. That’s where the anti-poverty mechanisms come into play. No matter how close you think you are to victory – this game has taught me from personal experience that the tide can turn at any time.

Build your own army

Each battle you win gives you more troops, missiles and other tools for your arsenal to use against the enemy to pull the strings on your side. Not only can you unlock a number of powerful vehicles, but you can also launch air strikes, rocket attacks and drone strikes. There are also buildings you can place to help you win the battle, such as. B. Oil rigs that regularly bring in money, or barbed wire to slow down or kill enemies. Warpips is the perfect strategy game, with fast-paced battles, each unique depending on the opponent’s strength and inventory, I can’t get enough.

Upgrading your equipment

My biggest mistake was using all my assets in the first few fights. Once used, they disappear, so start small and make sure you save your best troops or weapons for the tougher battles. You can unlock new assets and customize and upgrade your equipment, which you must do at the beginning of the game to stand a chance. word-image-18015 The game encourages smart play, so using your available resources wisely can mean the difference between winning and losing. I lost a lot of fights before I realized that playing smart is not my forte. word-image-18016 word-image-18017 word-image-18018 word-image-18019 word-image-18020 word-image-18021 word-image-18022 word-image-18023   Previous Go to

Warpips Graphics & Audio

You may have seen on the screenshots that the game is pixelated. While I care a lot about graphics, there are games that can handle pixelated graphics and whose gameplay forgives it, Warpips is definitely one of those games. The graphics are generally not bad, I think the pixelation is intentional, in some scenes the game looks great. The sound in Warpips reminds me of Command & Conquer, it has the same driving style that makes you want to do more in battle.


Warpips has managed to capture the essence of the old RTS games I grew up with and take the genre to something new and exciting. While I love games where you don’t have to think and where you can relax, on the other hand it’s nice to immerse yourself in a strategy game where the player actually has to think about their actions while playing, and in that respect Warpips has managed to fill the void. The developers wanted to create a truly unique experience, and they succeeded. They have created a tactical game that is fun, tactically intelligent, but never boring. Warpips is still in early access, but make no mistake, the game is perfectly playable in its current state, with no bugs or issues. word-image-18024 Warpips Price: $11.99 Buy now Game name: Warpips Game description: Warpips is an RTS with a strategy similar to that of a tug-of-war game. It is heavily focused on tactical play and can lead to defeat if players are careless with deployable resources. Reviews of Unboxed

  • Graphics


  • Audio


  • Gameplay


  • Lifetime


  • Unique gameplay
  • Tactics
  • Every battle is unique.
  • Wide range of vehicles and units
Bad (and ugly)
  • The AI could be better.

7.5 3.7625 5 Review of Unboxed ReviewsWarpips is a new game that’s just released on the AppStore. It’s got a cute little story about a little girl who must collect her father’s lost balls before they roll off the top screen of her room and out of sight. You have to grab your balls, but you can only hold one at a time, and you’ll have to throw them at the other balls, in order to grab them, but once they’ve been thrown and are out of your reach, they’ll roll off and you’ll have to try again, until you finally grab them all. It’s a fun little game, and it’s got a great little story.. Read more about warpips free and let us know what you think.

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