Call of Duty Zombies is one of the most popular zombie-based first-person shooter games. In case you’ve never heard of it, the series is based on the World War II-era zombie outbreak in the Pacific Theater. Gamers control a soldier codenamed “Zombie” in the game, and use him to take down Nazi zombies. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the character Samantha Maxis and explain what her role is in Call of Duty Zombies.

Some of us may have heard of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but some of us may not be familiar with the developer of the Call of Duty Zombie game mode Robert, known to the community as “Black Ops 4” or “Sam” from the game. I have been a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise ever since I started playing Modern Warfare in 2007. Zombies has always been my favorite, even though I didn’t play it during the series’ heyday. However, Sam has become a major part of the franchise, especially since Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was announced. As a result, I felt that it was necessary to inform people about who she is.

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Call of Duty Zombies has been around for a long time, and it has developed a number of iconic elements along the way. This includes features like as upgrading your weapon at the Pack-a-Punch machine or purchasing perks with Perk-a-Colas, but it also contains people that make the complex narrative succeed.

Samantha Maxis is as associated with Zombies as any other feature, despite the fact that she has never been a playable character (outside of being an operator in Cold War Black Ops). If you’re curious about Samantha Maxis from Call of Duty Zombies, here’s all you need to know about her.

To make things easy, we’ll go through Sam’s narrative in the sequence in which the games were released. Keep in mind that we’re talking about different versions of the same characters across the games, so we’ll try to keep these descriptions as simple as possible.


Samantha Maxis is the daughter of Ludvig Maxis, the head of Organization 935, a clandestine German group that experimented with Element 115, Zombies, teleporters, and a variety of other weapons during World War II. She has had a unique relationship with the Zombies throughout the games, occasionally taking control of them. Fluffy, her dog, was transformed into the first Hellhound. Julie Nathanson provides her voice in all versions.

Samantha will now be referred to as Sam or Samantha from now on. As is customary in the games, Maxis will be used to depict her father.

The plot of Ultimis Aether (Call of Duty: The World is at War-Black Ops II is a sequel to Black Ops.)

Samantha’s involvement in the Ultimis Aether narrative is mainly seen in the World at War and Black Ops Zombies versions. She is referenced in Black Ops II prior to the map Origins, although she does not play a significant role.

World at War

To begin Samantha’s tale, Edward Richtofen, a close associate of Maxis, conducts experiments on Sam’s dog, Fluffy, in a teleporter at Group 935’s Der Riese weapons facility (The Giant in German). Fluffy is transformed into a Hellhound as a result of the events. Sam is furious and goes to the teleporter to see her puppy. Maxis chases her down, and Richtofen locks them all within, sending them off as if they were dead. Samantha is instead transported to the Moon’s Griffin Station.

Sam gets into touch with the Moon Pyramid Device while on Griffin Station (M.P.D.). She takes full control of the undead when she hides within the M.P.D. Richtofen sends Maxis to Griffin Station in the hopes of calming Samantha and luring her away from the M.P.D. Instead, Maxis tells her to murder them all before taking her own life. His soul, on the other hand, lives on, and he has a greater effect on the narrative. She releases the zombies on Griffin Station, murdering everyone save Richtofen, enraged by the sight of her dead father.

Black Ops

While Sam is in charge of the zombies for the majority of World at War and Black Ops, she has a little role in the plot. She is constantly there as the game’s in-game announcer, calling out “Fetch me their souls” during Hellhound rounds and announcing power-ups upon pickup, although she has no direct effect until Moon.

Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki, members of the Ultimis crew, take Samantha out of the M.P.D. and compel her to exchange bodies with him so that he can control the zombies. Samantha then persuades Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai to assist her in preventing Richtofen from seizing control of the world by firing three missiles at Earth, thereby killing everything and leaving the globe in shambles. Rather than leaving Samantha imprisoned on the Moon in Richtofen’s body, Maxis has her spirit transported to a realm known as Agartha.

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Black Ops II

Samantha isn’t actively involved in the Zombies narrative in Black Ops II until Origins, which takes place in a separate timeframe. The Victis team is fixing Polarization Devices on previous maps so that Maxis can reach Samantha in Agartha. Samantha, on the other hand, understands that her father has been corrupted by the Dark Aether and starts to communicate with a different version of Maxis in a parallel reality, which leads us to the Primis narrative.

The tale of Primis Aether (Call of Duty: Black Ops II-Black Ops IV is a fourth-person shooter.)

Black Ops II is a sequel to Black Ops (Origins only)

While Origins was Black Ops II’s last Zombies level, it marked the start of a new narrative set in a different realm than we were accustomed to.

Samantha contacts another version of Maxis in another realm after discovering her father has been corrupted by the Dark Aether and is imprisoned in Agartha. Along with a new Richtofen, this version of Maxis is working at an excavation site in Northern France for Group 935. This version of Maxis has never had a daughter, yet she believes Samantha is the key to uncovering Element 115’s mysteries. Following a zombie apocalypse, Richtofen removes Maxis’ brain and implants it into a drone to save him from dying completely from a zombie bite. Alternate versions of Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo come at this time to assassinate Richtofen, but Samantha intervenes and begs them to free her from Agartha.

Black Ops III is a third-person shooter that was released

Samantha takes a backseat in Black Ops III’s Zombies narrative, which focuses on the Primis crew. She is there in the background, but that is the extent of her involvement.

After the Primis crew has freed Samantha from Agartha, she is taken to “The House,” the residence of Dr. Monty, whom we shall refer to as a deity to make things simple.

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Monty transfers Maxis’ brain to a new body and erases the corrupted Maxis from existence in the early days of Sam’s stay at The House. He also discovers that Sam has been corrupted, whisks her away for an unknown period of time, and returns her with her “innocence restored.” This implies she is no longer controlled by the Dark Aether, and she no longer acts aggressively or violently against others. Surprisingly, she begins to talk with an American accent rather than a German one as a result of this.

Samantha is presented to Eddie after a short time, a different version of Richtofen as a kid who has likewise regained his innocence. The Primis team gathers the souls of alternative Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai for Monty to cleanse and turn into child forms so they may join Sam and Eddie in The House as time goes on.

Samantha’s tale comes to an end in the cyclic loop, where all of the characters are trapped. She lives there until the Shadowman strikes in Revelations, when the Primis crew is transported back in time to complete the cycle.

Black Ops IV

During the events of Black Ops IV’s Blood of the Dead, the above-mentioned cycle is interrupted, and the Primis crew deviates from their planned routes to battle Monty, who is the story’s antagonist. Samantha is completely recognized for the first time in the fourth map, Alpha Omega.

Maxis sends Sam and Eddie to the Primis and Ultimis crews in Nuketown via a teleporter to prevent Monty from killing them. Samantha sees Monty murder Maxis a half second before getting transported. On the other hand, she is enraged, demonstrating that she still has some Dark Aether strength from her past.

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Primis Nikolai later takes everyone into the woods to celebrate their impending triumph against Monty. He murders the remainder of the Primis crew and the Ultimis crew when the Victis crew builds an Agarthan Device to destroy the Summoning Key. Nikolai gives Samantha a pistol so she may murder him since he is the only one remaining and knows he must die to end the present condition of the universe. The multiverse may now reset without the continuous danger of the Dark Aether and Agartha, thanks to the deaths of all versions of the Primis and Ultimis crew. She then goes into a new world with Eddie, bringing us back to the Dark Aether narrative from Black Ops Cold War.

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The plot of Dark Aether (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War)

Black Ops Cold War

Samantha lost all memory of her previous life after landing in a new world after the multiverse’s collapse, and she was raised in an orphanage. Now that she is an adult, she works as a super spy with her buddy Weaver, one of Requiem’s leaders. Samantha Maxis has gotten a lot more attention now that Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai are no longer in the picture.

Samantha informs Weaver about Omega Group uncovering an ancient Nazi research location named Project Endstation after receiving information from a K.G.B. source. Dark Aether portals emerge as a result of Omega’s tampering, and zombies enter the planet. The events of the map Die Maschine begin here.

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Sam travels to Firebase Z after alerting Requiem about Endstation, where she encounters Sergei Ravenov, an Omega defector. After entering the facility, she is caught and tortured by William Peck, an American scientist collaborating with the Russians. He throws her through a vortex to the Dark Aether, thinking she would perish there. Requiem, on the other hand, appears and creates a fresh gateway to bring her back. She was only there for a few of days in actual time, but she felt like she had been there for months since time there is different. Samantha shows that she is a survivor and is only little damaged by the Dark Aether’s effects on the human mind, despite spending a lengthy time there.

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Samantha is quarantined upon her return to Requiem, and Weaver provides her with a rottweiler to keep her company. Samantha slips in a mission for Requiem agents in Outbreak, where they meet up with Ravenov and destroy several Omega warheads, despite the imposed quarantine. Tempests have sprayed them with Aetherium Crystals, which may generate enormous Dark Aether gateways wherever they fire them. She instructs Ravenov to send Omega and Requiem into the Pacific Ocean to keep this power away from them.

Samantha is put into a harsher quarantine and testing after going under Weaver and Requiem’s backs, which is supervised directly by the Requiem Director, whose name we do not know as of this writing. To compel her to release her abilities, he tortures her and toys with her emotions.

Weaver appears to her at some time and asks her to build a gateway in West Berlin to save the Requiem group that saved her before. The Director notices this and sends a message to a group, warning them that her abilities are increasing and that she is a problem that has to be addressed.

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That’s all you need to know about Samantha Maxis from Call of Duty Zombies as of this writing. We’ll keep this article updated with any new details from Black Ops Cold War’s last Zombies map, such as the Director’s name and Eddie’s location after Black Ops IV. In addition, if Vanguard has any Maxis stories, we will put them here as well.

The title of this blog post comes from a common question asked in Call of Duty: World at War Zombies, the popular Zombie-themed Call of Duty: World at War-derived multiplayer mode, in which players have to find the person known as “Samantha Maxis” in order to rescue her baby. The goal of this blog post is to answer that question, or at least provide a general background to what the some of the answers may be.. Read more about samantha maxis cold war operator and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Samantha in Call of Duty Zombies?

Samantha is a playable character in the Call of Duty Zombies game mode.

Who is Samantha in Cold War Zombies?

Samantha is a character in the game Cold War Zombies.

Who is Maxis in Zombies?

Maxis is the main protagonist of The Sims series.

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