20 Junglecore Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Watch out for the tree!

We head to the Animal Crossing jungle to check out some of Junglecore’s coolest ideas.

With so many natural features in the game, it can be hard to know what to do with your island. In this post, we share – 20 Junglecore Island ideas for Animal crossing 2021

So why not turn it into a tropical paradise? You know, the jungle theme, full of trees, flowers, waterfalls and beautiful creatures.

If you need some inspiration, here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Top 20 Junglecore Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

20. Rustic jungle huts

image source by @Bunnycrossing1

20 Junglecore Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I love it when players give their villagers their own farm design.

It seems to me that every villager receives love in a different way.

Here’s a fun way to get your villagers involved in a jungle theme.

Start by moving your favorite villager through the lush jungle.

To turn your home into a jungle pavilion, install supports of a wooden straw pattern on the sides.

Next, place a few simple signs with a similar pattern in front of your villager’s house.

Make a simple forest road and you, the farmer, will have your own piece of paradise.

19. Bamboo bath

image source by @acnhsteph

word image 8366

Bring the jungle inside and relax in a hot spring bath with this hot model.

Start with botanical checkered wallpaper, stone tiles and a straw rug in the corner for the bathroom.

Then make bamboo dividers. Genius, isn’t it?

Then you can decorate your bathroom outside and buy items like bath towel racks and rattan towel baskets.

Also pack twelve bowls of grapes so you can have a nice snack while relaxing in the soothing water.

18. Custom Bamboo Bridge

image source from @acnh.hylia

word image 8367

Maybe you want to cross a body of water on your island, but it’s too big to build an official bridge.

With this idea, you can easily form one from the ground up.

And you can put specially designed jungle paths on your land deck to match your jungle trees.

I also love the addition of the bamboo dividers on each side of this deck. Allows you to hide the rock walls and still maintain a beautiful aesthetic.

17. Picnic in the rainforest

Source of the image on the x-axis

word image 8368

There are many types of jungle. So if dark, wooded areas aren’t your cup of tea, you can try a colorful tropical paradise.

The way this player has woven the islets into their waterfalls really gives the scene character, while still being beautiful.

On some of these islands you will want to plant coconut palms. Just to add to the aesthetic.

Surround the trees with your favorite tropical flowers. I think the orange slip helps set the mood.

All you need is a pillow and a picnic basket and you can enjoy a delicious meal by the waterfall.

16. Jungle canopy

Qualified Image Source.

word image 8369

Wouldn’t you like to swing from tree to tree with monkeys like Tarzan?

Even if it isn’t, this idea is pretty simple and seems very cool. So hey, try it.

The first step is to choose a spot on your island and surround it completely with all kinds of trees. Cedars, bamboo, hardwoods, palms. That’s it!

All that’s left to do is to build rocks that snake between the trees, and specially designed paths that look like jungle bridges.

Life sure is fun when you live in the treetops.

15. Wildlife sanctuary

image source @mikewazowskyzhp

word image 8370

Animals are an essential part of any natural way of life.

We must do everything in our power to protect animals!

So try to create this protected area by building a small jungle of trees around your camping island.

You can also make custom mud trails, and even designs that look like fossils.

You also need to buy search instruments. So don’t forget to bring a microscope, a homework kit and a toolbox.

You can also make things like workbenches and iron shelves to help you with your work.

The last thing you need is a wilderness area.

So put paper tigers, little pandas, dinosaur toys and even pink flamingos!

14. Garden Cascade

image source by @munbrigtisel

word image 8372

The waterfalls are beautiful. And there are many ways to make beautiful jungle-themed waterfalls.

Start by making one waterfall to make several if you like.

They can be as small as the picture or as big as Niagara Falls. This part is really up to you.

What you want to do is fill the area with trees and flowers that complement each other.

This player played with bamboo, purple hyacinths, purple and green chrysanthemums.

The colors go really well together here. And I’m sure you can think of other striking combinations to bring your scraps to life!

13. Flamingo Paradise

Image Source @mush_umbrella

word image 8374

Flamingos are cool.

That’s why I really want to take Flora to my island.

But aside from my goals, you can create such a flamingo paradise in a few simple steps.

Start with landscaping to create rocks, rivers and waterfalls.

Then buy a bunch of flamingos, sir and madam, and place them all over your waterfall.

I love how this player used pink azalea bushes and pink lilies to match the pink flamingos.

Finally, build some bamboo speakers and play those wild tunes. I would recommend K.K. Safari to others!

12. Rainforest market

image source from @tossakan.cross

word image 8375

With such breathtaking scenery, the jungle can be a great place to live.

If you want such a jungle market, start by setting up a large area on your island.

If you want to build a large market, you need to create cliffs for multi-story buildings.

Install simple supports and panels that you set up to resemble wooden buildings.

For example, you can put some of the items you sell on the counters. B. a bonsai pine, a happy cat, or hats that look like different confectionery items.

On the right you will see a small market canteen.

Remember that you will need imperial tables, wooden chairs and even partitions made of bamboo to decorate the space.

And I must say that using wooden planks as walls is a brilliant idea to finish the page!

11. Ritual Stone Circle

Image source by @pios.acnh

word image 8377

Stonehenge is one of the world’s greatest monumental mysteries. So why not throw him in the jungle?

Choose a secluded, wooded area on your island to place your rocks.

When you have obtained Gulliver’s Stonehenge model, go straight ahead and place it in the tree circle.

You can also add custom stone paths leading to the stage if you want a walking path to take someone there.

Otherwise, it could be a secret of the island that only you know!

10. Warm Spring Buffer

Image source: @hyrulebotw_acnh

word image 8379

Here we have a player who modeled his design after the Spring of Courage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which happens to be my favorite video game of all time).

If you want to do it yourself, set up your museum in an area surrounded by cliffs.

Plant lots of palm trees and bamboo.

There should also be weeds growing in the area.

You can now decorate the area with other stone structures such as the Stonehenge, high garden stone, high lantern and normal garden stone.

Don’t forget to erect a beautiful statue as a tribute to Helia!

9. Inside drum circle

Image source by @juz1992

word image 8380

If you need a break from the outdoors, come inside and enjoy a drum circle with this jungle idea!

To install this simple but fun design, start with a jungle wallpaper.

I love that this player has put walls around the room to give the impression that you are in a jungle cabin overlooking the rainforest.

But the star of the show must be a tool.

You’ll need party drums, pots, pans, tambourines, maracas and even an ocarina if you want.

And don’t forget a few pillows for everyone to sit on.

8. Jungle Island Camping

Image source for thirty-two ads

word image 8381

I know. I had to look twice too.

It’s a legitimate part of someone’s island that looks like a small island.

Let’s say there is a very liberal use of the drainage tool at the mouth of the river. The rest you can figure out for yourself.

As for real camping, plant lots of coconut palms and flowers. Green mums always do well in the jungle.

Then all you need is a baby tent and a campfire, and you’re ready to live on an island…. again.

7. Jungle Fountain entrance

image source from PewPewPop

word image 8382

It is possible to create more modern scenes and still keep the jungle theme, and I think this idea accomplishes that (and more!).

Start by making a small clearing in front of the entrance to the island, surrounded by all kinds of trees.

Create several paths in the clearing.

I love terracotta tiles, so I highly recommend them.

Then create a fountain and some wooden deck chairs to sit on and enjoy the view.

If you’ve decorated the area with street lights, garden lanterns and biotope installations, everyone who enters will have a lot to see!

6. Prehistoric rainforest

image source @lena.honolulu

word image 8383

I mean, didn’t everyone love dinosaurs as a kid?

If you’re not past the dinosaur stage yet, this is the jungle idea you’ve been waiting for.

Most of the ideas I’ve already mentioned in this list are used here, such as. B. the creation of heavily forested areas, the construction of adaptable land bridges and the use of bamboo walls.

You’ll want to do all those things anyway – but there’s something else you’ll want to do.

Put dinosaurs in the jungle!

I really like that you don’t see the whole picture with the fossils. It is hidden among the trees, as if the Spinosaurus were really walking around.

5. Jungle Bungalow

Image Source by @femur_crossing

word image 8384

During your stay in the jungle, you might want to rent a nice bungalow with lots of nice decorations, like this one.

To create this design yourself, start with a bamboo wallpaper and jungle floor that creates the illusion of being in a hut on a jungle floor.

You also need to get a few statues with stone heads and place them on either side of the room.

Add a bamboo wall between the sculptures and some bamboo wall decorations.

It takes a lot of bamboo to make them, and you can even customize them.

And I should note that holiday decorations go well with the theme, so turn on the lights and beat the drums to a tropical rhythm.

4. Tropical Beach

image source @ac.pandora

word image 8385

Total disclosure, I never know what to do with the beaches on my island.

If you’re like me, something simple like a small tropical beach might be enough.

Obviously, you want palm trees here. And don’t forget to build a swivel bench to sit in the shade.

Then place a few pillows in front of the couch – now you have a place to rest your coconut juice.

Finally, add some of your favorite plants.

Personally, I like monsters, but if you want fan palms, cacao trees or bonsai trees, go ahead.

3. Village camping

image source by @acnh_nooksle

word image 8386

Honestly, I have almost no creativity when it comes to crossing animals.

That’s why I’m always surprised when people do things like set up their camping island in a tree house!

To tackle this idea, create a high level where you will place your camp.

Install wooden walkways all around and build a wooden staircase to this level.

Around the rocks, you need to place raised beds and bamboo partitions to make wooden treehouse walls.

Just make sure you surround the site with plenty of trees so that visitors can enjoy a spectacular tree holiday!

2. Rainforest camp

image source with @phase cross section.

word image 8387

Talk about camp: It fits a van, a dining table and more!

For a real van of this idea, you need custom shelving that looks like the outside, and shelving to go behind it.

The counters accommodate various plants, books or even stuffed animals that can be seen through the windows.

Next to it is the dining area, with a wooden table and some cushions.

Set your table with a wedding cake, tea set and unglazed ceramic dinnerware at the campsite.

Oh, and don’t forget the baby tent for a sleeping place outside!

1. Secret Temple

Image Source: @RubyRumKey

word image 8388

I recently discovered that Legends of the Hidden Temple is on Paramount+.

So I’m on a big temple kick right now.

With this idea I could satisfy my desires.

To do this, you need to create different height levels, with the main temple being one level above sea level.

Start by making custom paths between the stone arches to begin your quest.

Then you come to somersaulting over small cliffs, surrounded by deadly nail barriers below.

Once you take the leap, nothing stands between you and the treasure.

You can even add a golden seat and a lucky cat as loot.

And now that you’ve found the treasure in the jungle, what are you going to do with all that wealth?

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