IO Interactive is no stranger to adding references and Easter eggs to its Hitman games. Shortly before the launch of Hitman 3, a secret exit from the Berlin mission was discovered. It’s a direct reference to the movie Fire in the Sky. Months later, a community of dedicated Assassins found another secret Easter egg exit on the same map, referring to one of the most popular movies of the 1980s. That’s how you get out of the secret exit in Berlin.

First, you don’t necessarily need special gear to load. Do not select a bus stop or director’s comment under Start Location, as this selection forces you to be at the same location. You will also need a pistol for this, so take a pistol with a silencer with you or borrow one from a guard at a certain point in the level.

There are four eggs hidden on the map that you must find and collect. Be careful not to drop them before the end of the level, otherwise you won’t be able to unlock the secret exit.

The first egg is in the wooded area near the entrance to the clubhouse along the side path.

Screenshot of

word image 8460

The second egg is in a nest in a tree near the water channel. Pull the nest so the egg falls to the ground and you can pick it up.

Screenshot of

word image 8461 word image 8462

The third egg lies in a nest on the ground after passing through concrete pipes.

Screenshot of

word image 8463 word image 8464

The last egg requires some work if you haven’t already cleared the shortcut to the back entrance. If you have one, enter it and go up the stairs to level 2 where you will find an open skylight. On the bottom, the egg is in the corner.

Screenshot Screenshot

Now that you have the four eggs, you must kill the five CIA members who are hunting Agent 47 to complete the mission. When you’re done, go to the roof of the Biker Sanctuary. You can get there quickly by taking a shortcut through the door of the engine basement.

When you get to the top, you’ll see a graffiti of a bird holding a frying pan in the location of our screenshot. If the graffiti in your game does not appear as in ours, do not worry, it will still work.

Screenshot of

word image 8465 word image 8466

Throw an egg into the graffiti bin (or where we throw it in the screenshot) and you’ll see a flash on the screen and the graffiti will disappear.

The graffiti has moved to the middle of the roof and there is now an egg on it. Throw another egg at it to get another rocket.


word image 8467

The third is at one of the messy entrances in the neighborhood.


word image 8468

The last one at the other walled door.


word image 8470

When the four graffiti birds get eggs, turn to the corner of the roof with the ramp and the bike. Our cook has prepared an omelette and to thank him for providing you with eggs, you can take a bike ride through the night sky.


word image 8471

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